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  1. ChoirBoyHotel

    I think if it hadn't been signed I would haven't got it either.
  2. ChoirBoyHotel

    Just announced for you fellow Vinyl addicts... Limited Edition Pink Vinyl / Gatefold / Signed. Limited to 1,000.
  3. ChoirBoyHotel

    Vinyl now showing on Amazon to order £28.29
  4. Lost all my Safari Bookmarks.  Had a really good MP3 site that I've now lost and can't remember what its called.  It was MP3 something - black background.  Anyone know it?

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    2. discohub
    3. ChoirBoyHotel


      Nothing in the files metadata that I can see :-(

    4. Karma


      You can find complete discographies here

  5. ChoirBoyHotel

    Great album. Just invested in the vinyl.
  6. ChoirBoyHotel

    No bloomin' Vinyl either boooooo hiss boooooo
  7. ChoirBoyHotel

    I hate the cover. Always did. I'm sure there was a much better one at the time of release. Same with W.E.
  8. That's not the latest list
  9. The snippets are indeed out of this world amazing.
  10. ChoirBoyHotel

    Kylie Minogue

    Such a shame this has been proved to be a fake.... Can't wait to see the show again
  11. ChoirBoyHotel

    Technically Madonna-is, but I do listen to the W.E. Soundtrack a lot when I'm cooking. But I tend to default to Ray of Light.
  12. ChoirBoyHotel

    I'm sure Joyride will get the reissue treatment for it's 30th Anniversary like Look Sharp did last year.
  13. ChoirBoyHotel

    I believe it’s a normal release Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. For the Rox and Vinyl fans out there... Roxette's 1999 Have A Nice Day! album will finally see a Vinyl Release in April 2019. It will be released on 180g Double Yellow Limited Edition. It was posted initially at with Per confirming the release via the official Roxette media accounts.