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  1. ChoirBoyHotel

    Terrible quality. Sounds like they've been rushed.
  2. ChoirBoyHotel

    Sounds exactly like mine, but a bit better - mine was in terrible condition!
  3. ChoirBoyHotel

    Quality control not what it used to be! Will do. I replied to them today.
  4. ChoirBoyHotel

    The records themselves are fine, it's just the sleeve unfortunately.
  5. ChoirBoyHotel

    Well, if they don't ask for the damaged one back, you're welcome to it once I have a replacement.
  6. ChoirBoyHotel

    Had a message from Dannii herself - I'll be getting a replacement :-)
  7. ChoirBoyHotel

    Well it's arrived. Opened it up to find it all damaged :( Gutted. What a mess. Where is there quality control?! LP sleeve dented and not sealed properly. Poster ripped and creased.
  8. ChoirBoyHotel

    I got a shipment e-mail on Wednesday so hoping it arrives tomorrow!
  9. AMAZING Sooooooo getting this printed!!! All I need now is the 3D
  10. ChoirBoyHotel

    I didn't say otherwise, i just asked a question
  11. ChoirBoyHotel

    Are these the bad rips that have been floating around?
  12. Cool, don't think I have these. Cheers