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  1. ChoirBoyHotel

    Follow this you bitches Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. ChoirBoyHotel

    She's also confirmed a Xmas album coming in 2019
  3. ChoirBoyHotel

    Love Ghosttown.
  4. ChoirBoyHotel

    I'd like to see Roxette's ... Have A Nice Day and Room Service albums released on Vinyl.
  5. ChoirBoyHotel

    Kylie Minogue

    Watching this I get you, however having attended in person - it was actually a pretty amazing show. One of her best I might add. Surprised me.
  6. ChoirBoyHotel

    Apparently...her shareholders/investors of the VB Brand have not approved her running off to be a Spice Girl, especially seeing as her brand is not performing as well as they'd expected.
  7. ChoirBoyHotel
  8. ChoirBoyHotel
  9. ChoirBoyHotel

  10. ChoirBoyHotel

    Erotica and Music released today. (Couldn't see another post, but delete if duplicated sorry)
  11. ChoirBoyHotel

    Kylie Minogue

    Love this song. Pleased it got the chance to be a single. Video pretty nice too.
  12. ChoirBoyHotel

    No one said it's a new single or the like. What I've read are people just discussing / sharing their opinion lol.
  13. ChoirBoyHotel

    Whilst I appreciate hearing new Madonna..... Oh my. I hope this isn't anything close to the new album. Shockingly bad. It sounds like an unfinished demo has leaked.
  14. ChoirBoyHotel

    Kylie Minogue

    Looks pretty cool, but not sure Red matches the whole feel / look of the album. They should have stuck to white (or clear), but obviously trying to generate more sales.
  15. ChoirBoyHotel

    Kylie Minogue