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  1. I just saw her Vegas show last week, it was great! I'm dying to find the version of "Waiting for Tonight" she does there. Was my favorite track by far that night.
  2. Awesome! I thought that might be it, since I watched their "Mamma Mia" video on YouTube recently and they were really into poses like this (these old videos really test one's ADHD).
  3. Love SOS. I love Cher's boisterous fabulousness. I don't care. Whenever I'm in a bad mood, Believe or Living Proof can make me happy again. That being said, what's up with the album cover? Why is blonde Cher up in black-haired Cher's face? Stand down girl. Agree with many of you that she should've covered some more obscure songs. Or better yet, just cover the Voulez-Vous album start finish. And "Eagle" as a bonus track. The cowboy vibes of that song would mesh well with her early work. ;-)
  4. schumakg86

    What are you jamming to in the shower lately? I'm always so curious about what her personal music life is like. Is singing just a job now, or something she likes to just do for fun?
  5. schumakg86

    I'm assuming Gypsy and Olga are her kids' dogs and happily cared for by a nanny somewhere!
  6. schumakg86

    What's fixed here? Curious to compare to the album version! Thanks for sharing!
  7. schumakg86

    "Wash all over me" missed body wash opportunity imho
  8. Unrelated, sort of: Has "Leader of the Gang" from Spice World ever properly leaked? I would kill to finally have that after 20 years...
  9. Thank you so much! I love love love the B-52s!
  10. This thread is exactly why I love Madonna fans. Imagine if we all worked in government, shit would get done.
  11. Ah yes, my mistake. "Never come down!" is what sounds like a male vocalist who has a bit of a cold, but could very well be gender-bending pitching down of someone else.
  12. So I’m a bit obsessed with this remix lately, included on the “Justify My Love” single. I think of it as “Shep’s Fun with Stems” remix. The more I listen to this epic version, the more questions I have: 1. What’s the story of this mix? Why such a crazy mix of it in 1990? Did they think Justify would sell better with a dancey throwback remix included? 2. What male vocalist is doing the “baby on your own” part? 3. Kind of an addendum to my first question, but maybe more technical. Were they using computers by this time to edit, or was this all still analog tape? I can’t imagine any PC in 89/90 being able to resist bursting into flames under the pressure this track would present, which I can only imagine was assembled in some sort of caffeine/cocaine-fueled all-nighter. Anyway, what other Express Yourself mixes do you love? I love the ones on the Like a Prayer single as well, but this one for sure takes the crown in my book.
  13. schumakg86

    I love reading about the technical stuff like this. All very interesting food for thought when listening! What mix is considered Diplo’s final say on BIM? I have some remix of his of it I think that was in a set of his, but it has this annoying filter that makes the whole song sound Iike it’s playing in a bathroom. That can’t be it, can it?
  14. Whatever this is, more please! Love Madonna doing spoken word. She’s got an amazing voice for it actually, like the Rumi poem and “The Beast Within” and the whole Secret Project thing. Oh, and “Future Lovers”! Hopefully this is a look for the new album. So bad ass.
  15. schumakg86

    No one would say anything if Bono was hawking a skin care line.