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  1. schumakg86

  2. schumakg86

    I can’t imagine showering without music jamming. I’ve got a whole playlist of Madonna’s more downtempo stuff for shower times. It’s fun to sing along to the live albums, especially Confessions. Adds a bit more drama to your day. Oh, and Evita....all the parts.
  3. schumakg86

    I was singing along to I Want You today (for like the billionth time hearing it) and I suddenly was taken aback by the perfect vocals and emotion she gets across. It’s a gem.
  4. schumakg86

    I've legit never thought of this! It is weird they aren't on there! haha
  5. schumakg86

    Currently in a Sticky & Sweet Tour mood--its color and energy is a good seasonal depression antidote! "This one's for the laaadiieeees..."
  6. schumakg86

    I hadn’t thought about Future Lovers again since how can you top CT? But would love to hear how it could be reimagined!
  7. schumakg86

    You can make a really good playlist of early 90s unreleased/b-side stuff. That's been my obsession lately. "You are the one" and "Shame" are big standouts.
  8. All the tours in the highest def, but this one especially!
  9. schumakg86

    Wait, where did Beautiful Game go?
  10. schumakg86

    *plays "Mer Girl"*
  11. schumakg86

    LAV “acapella” on the S&S DVD. But I love it anyway! Gotta love all the messy performances, otherwise she’d be annoyingly perfect.
  12. Just watched the video on YouTube where M details her daily skin care routine. Pretty funny and natural for her dive into (albeit very short) infomercials. Tell me I’m not the only one looking at the extravagant plastic packaging for the MDNA skin care line and praying, ‘Is that all recyclable!?’ It seems a bit excessive.