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  1. I don't have these (wish I did!): Guy Scheiman Anthem Remix Love To Infinity Insomniac Remix Love To Infinity Insomniac Radio Extended Mix (By Mark Taylor) Ralphi Rosario Mix Ralphi Rosario Radio Edit
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  4. S.O.S. that is released is pitched higher, the "real voice" is the lower key Cher would sing in. I upload a clip around 19 seconds the "real voice" comes on.
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    Peter Magennis (who I think is on this forum) did a great blog with two people who worked on the Paris filming: Lisa Hollingshead (Line producer of the Blond Ambition footage shot for TOD): Toby Phillips (Cinematographer):
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    Thanks@natalisI just saw Cher 2 weeks ago and I have rebuilding my collection
  7. Bruce Baron who was lucky enough to visit the Library of Congress & listen to unreleased/early demo Madonna songs mentioned that Madonna is credited with sole writing of Physical Attraction 2 years before Reggie Lucas was unexplainably assigned sole credit. And to throw my hat into which demo(s) Madonna shopping I remember Stephen saying in a Vh1 special that Madonna was personally shopping the dance stuff that they recorded together while Camille Barbone was shopping the Pat Benatar-ish Gotham demo. Stephen had no clue any of this was going on until Madonna was signing with Sire had to name names of who she worked on the demo with, that's when he found out she had a deal. That's also how he learned about being snubbed for Mark Kamins…
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    Thank You
  10. I second that! And if anyone knows a good forum/links for Cher audio/concerts!
  11. Thank You! Who doesn't love a little Miss Ross
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