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  1. Maddyone

    I think if Erika Bell, Chris Ciccone, Maripol, Stephen, Gilroy Brothers, Jellybean, Debi Mazar, ect where behind the telling of the Madonna movie then I'd be all game for it. Madonna likes to twist/turn certain events in her history and I want the real real not what she is worried about being seen in a certain way. Her antics when she first started out is legendary, from Michael Musto claiming she stole another bands jacket, walking around music business parties in pajamas asking people if they knew who she was because she's going to be huge star, and local radio DJ here said that he went backstage to meet her for the Virgin tour and she was screaming about a missing hairbrush and wouldn't go on until it was found. That's what I want to see, the real human Madonna, who looked at the cute Puerto Rican guy across the street and wrote Into The Groove or sitting first class on an airplane and writes Vogue. Show me that not some Kabbalah lovefest movie
  2. Maddyone

    I think that Guy O has been pushy with her since the Live Nation deal to crack albums out. Confession was great Madonna written album, MDNA & Rebel Heart to me seem like rush jobs. There was glimmers of Madonna's writing but no full blown Madonna moments. I'm not by any terms knocking Madonna's talents, you don't stay famous this long without talent. Beyonce to me is overhyped, writes with numerous individuals, i want a solo written Beyonce album. Cutting credit goes back to Elvis days, that Elvis wouldn't cover a song unless he got rights to writing. Which is why Dolly Parton turned down him covering "I Will Always Love You", she refused Colonel Tom Parker half the publishing rights deal.
  3. Maddyone

    Justify My Love was originally written and recorded by Ingrid Chavez and Lenny Kravitz: he and producer André Betts composed the music while Chavez penned the lyrics based on a poem she had written for Kravitz, and read them aloud. Kravitz added the title hook and chorus to the demo while Madonna corrected one line. Chavez was not credited for the song and later sued Kravitz in 1992: she received an out-of-court settlement, and gained a co-writing credit for her work. P.S. it's already been made known the version on youtube is not the demo...see page 1 of this thread
  4. Maddyone

    If you change a word of a song you should get writing credit. I remember Cher saying she changed a few words on Believe but she is listed nowhere on the credits, it's truly a shame if that's true. I remember a quote from Stephen Bray on Madonna, that she wouldn't sing/record anything unless it had her name on it, he was talking about if that's Madonna singing on Lies In Your Eyes by Level 1 thats been passed around for years as her.
  5. Maddyone

    Yeah it was Lenny who added the music and turned the poem into the song which he then presented to Madonna, she had no idea about Ingrid until she was sued.
  6. Maddyone

    Everybody is half Stephen Bray half Madonna. They worked out a deal in which, M was given solo writing credit for Everybody & Stephen was given solo writing credit for Ain't No Big Deal. Madonna's name alone appears on the credits for Physical Attraction when first filed in 1982 but when re-filed Reggie Lucas was the only name that appeared.
  7. Maddyone

    Because from the start she was consider a flash in the pan, an act that wasn't going anywhere. Cyndi Lauper was consider the better of the two by critics and people in the industry as well, to the point of why Cyndi was asked to be in "We Are The World" and not Madonna. Madonna was made out to be talentless & just a great marketing of selling sex to stay popular especially after the PMRC made there list filthy fifteen. Even Madonna's breakout movie role in "Desperately Seeking Susan" was just Madonna playing Madonna and how her trailer was rocking (having sex) in between takes of the movie and how the cast & crew thought it was so funny since "Like A Virgin" was out at the time.
  8. Maddyone It's always been there - 1:03 same verse...when it was announced Madonna was picking up this demo 3 different ones leaked, two with just RaVaugh and one with Lil Wayne. Around 1:50 is unused lyrics that as far as I know Madonna didn't use.
  9. Maddyone

    Never a huge ABBA fan but Cher made me appreciate them. Great album start to finish...but the overly pitched vocals on "Dancing Queen" annoy me other than hat off to Cher
  10. Maddyone

    Winner Takes All (Snippet)
  11. Maddyone

    I don't have these (wish I did!): Guy Scheiman Anthem Remix Love To Infinity Insomniac Remix Love To Infinity Insomniac Radio Extended Mix (By Mark Taylor) Ralphi Rosario Mix Ralphi Rosario Radio Edit
  12. Maddyone

    S.O.S. that is released is pitched higher, the "real voice" is the lower key Cher would sing in. I upload a clip around 19 seconds the "real voice" comes on.
  13. Maddyone

    Peter Magennis (who I think is on this forum) did a great blog with two people who worked on the Paris filming: Lisa Hollingshead (Line producer of the Blond Ambition footage shot for TOD): Toby Phillips (Cinematographer):
  14. Bruce Baron who was lucky enough to visit the Library of Congress & listen to unreleased/early demo Madonna songs mentioned that Madonna is credited with sole writing of Physical Attraction 2 years before Reggie Lucas was unexplainably assigned sole credit. And to throw my hat into which demo(s) Madonna shopping I remember Stephen saying in a Vh1 special that Madonna was personally shopping the dance stuff that they recorded together while Camille Barbone was shopping the Pat Benatar-ish Gotham demo. Stephen had no clue any of this was going on until Madonna was signing with Sire had to name names of who she worked on the demo with, that's when he found out she had a deal. That's also how he learned about being snubbed for Mark Kamins…
  15. Maddyone