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  1. me1981

    It is all moral relatvisim. For me I would listen to an unreleased demo from 30 years ago but I did not listen to the RH demos for a number of reasons. I never judged anyone who did, just felt badly for her and more wanting to wait to hear what she wanted us to hear. I actually still have not listened to any of them as I still feel badly about the leak. This letter, or her garbage just isn't interesting to me, outside of hearing it exists, reading any of it just doesn't interest me, now getting my hands on her daily planners and seeing when she shot certain photoshoots, started working on certain productions and stuff, I would be very tempted to get my hands on, though I also feel badly as there would be non-work/personal stuff in there. The fact is we all draw our boundaries, and we can all be hypocrites at times about this sort of stuff.
  2. me1981

    Back in 2002/2003 just before the war, no one could criticise the president or the war without getting backlash. I remember Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt simply saying they were not sure the US should go to war and they were immediately labelled as anti-American and against the troops. France refused to go to war so French Fries were called Freedom Fries . The US was being childish and foolish at that time and Madonna was a victim of this stupidity. I think also if she played it safe it was because of her children more than anything. The tension and anger was high back then, if Madonna had been single and without kids, I think she would have weathered the storm more. She really didn't change her tune, she just took her social/political message and wrapped it in glitter to make it more palatable. I will say that I found her annoying during the AL era. Very preachy and arrogant, telling everyone to let go of material things, then taking private jets and wearing designer clothes and wasting tens of thousands on a bloody photo shoot. I think this attitude during that time turned a lot of people off. So I don't think AL was the only reason we got Confessions. A lot was going on in pop culture in the US. Madonna was being seen more and more as an intertnational dance artist, while the US was moving towards R&B/Hip Hop style music. Her relevancy was seen as slipping. Plus she had Britney to contend with. Everyone basically felt she was 'the new Queen of Pop' and Madonna was an old has been, then Mariah stormed back with Emancipation and J-Lo was doing well in the charts and in film and I feel Madonna probably wanted to step up her game.
  3. me1981

    This is Madonna taken Aug 13, just three days before the wedding. I know it is off topic, but it was an event at the time.
  4. me1981

    This is Sep 5th 1985 in West Hollywood, pretty sure this is the first time was seen publicly with the new blonde hair
  5. me1981

    Her hair at her wedding was a mix. She had started the process of the blonde streaks, but still had darker hair. It was mentioned a few times as looking almost green at the time. Pretty sure you can see the darker hair in the wedding photo of her and Sean. Most likely she went full bleach blonde pretty soon after.
  6. me1981

    Also here is a pic of Madonna in the recording studio with Jellybean from the March 1984 issue of Star Hits (so taken at least a month or so before). So possibly this was during the production for the Vision Quest songs, but may have also been for the single remixes he did for Lucky Star and Borderline or both.
  7. me1981

    Madonna shot Vision Quest Nov 22nd or 23rd 1983 in Spokane Washington. By that point Crazy for You, Gambler and Warning Signs were at least in rough form as she performed all three numbers in the film and stated in 1984 she wasn't sure which numbers were going to make it in. The movie was originally due for release in the summer of 1984, so I assume that all production would have been completed long before that. Like a Virgin started production March 5th 1984. It is possible she recorded Crazy For You and Gambler in their final forms during this period. Though it may have been done earlier. Since these were all Geffen Records productions and not WB.
  8. me1981

    Sean Penn got into an altercation with two photographers Jun 30th near Tennessee. Madonna was photographed with a hat on, but her hair was dark and long. So she seems to have had similar length to the pic above but in the darkish/red colour.
  9. @EnricoSo that gels with Madonna, as above she stated in 1990 she was writing songs for inclusion in the film, though she states she wanted some of the songs in the film, not all. Maybe they had so many numbers that were rejected that Madonna just decided to make an album out of them but she always considered it a soundtrack, as they were all written for the film initially. The only other difference being that Madonna stated it took a long time (at that point it was the longest she had worked on an album, about 8 months) to make this album, due mostly to the fact that she was consulting with Warren about what was appropriate. I just can't imagine Warren would have ever been okay with Hanky Panky in the film, so I do wonder when the shift occured from them writing for the film to it being more a tie in/concept project.
  10. Officially it is a soundtrack. I think the confusion is more what Madonna intended. That is not clear at all, neither Madonna, her team or WB ever made a point of calling it a soundtrack at the time. So my assumption is it was a concept album, but at the same time she would have never released such an album if she had not done the movie, so it is easy to call it a soundtrack, since some songs appear in the film and the rest were written to tie in with the film (except Vogue) I also assume since the album sold the kind of numbers a soundtrack would they just decided to label it that way. I think it can be seen as either, though technically I would not call it a soundtrack. She states specifically in the Jackie Brambles interview that was done around Feb/March 1990 and aired I think in July 1990, that she wanted some of the songs in the movie and she made alterations to certain songs as per Warren Beatty's request, something she would not have normally done, hence why the album took so long to put together. Madonna also stated that she wrote the songs during production of the movie. Except Vogue which I think was done well after shooting had finished and most likely after she had completed writing on all the I'm Breathless tracks. So it seems she never intended all songs to be part of the soundtrack, but wanted a tie in at the very least.
  11. me1981

    The videos were produced either by her own company or WB or both. So the film negatives would be safely stored as so much of her stuff is (as we have seen in her archives) I think she keeps most everything. WB would definitely have them if Madonna didn't. It is just standard practice these days in the industry, getting rid of or destorying such things is an exception to the rule since the late 70's. Doesn't mean it does not happen, but it is more rare these days. ETA: 35mm copies from the camera negative may exist with directors, producers and others. But it would be doubtful anyone but Madonna or WB would have the actual camera negative.
  12. me1981

    Most of her videos were shot on 35mm film (definitely not all of them). Depending on how well they were stored, they would look amazing. No different than an 80's/90's movie on blu ray. However they were all edited/remastered on video tape (hence the poorer quality) I believe the best quality versions out there are still the video tape masters. To get truly pristine quality someone would have to get all the camera negatives and re-edit each one, no way WB will do that. They can barely bring themselves to upload a crappy version on YT.
  13. I liked the rawness of Everybody, that was apparently Madonna's biggest gripe with Lucas' production. The songs lost the raw edge. She complained then that it was too polished. Rolling Stone did a 30th Anniversary of the album's production. Read here, has most of the main players talking in it.
  14. Except during the actual promotion of Hard Candy, when she looked more like a soccor mum at certain points or a Real Housewife. She was half M-Dolla and half in "I Am Because We Are" promo mode. I would say that persona took over more after IABWA was done. But yeah I agree that she took it past the Hard Candy era.
  15. @LiamVogue was done after Dick Tracy and during the production of I'm Breathless. She signed on to Dick Tracy in either Dec 88 or Jan 89 and filming began in Feb/Mar 89 until roughly June 89 (some of that may have been re-shots) She stated on the BBC Radio interview with Jackie Brambles that she started working on I'm Breathless during the filming and she spent about 8 months just writing it (at that point she stated it was the longest she worked on an album) recording/mixing was being done through the Fall/Autumn of 89. Vogue was to be separate from that project but I would say she was still in that mind frame when she wrote it, so inspiration may have been there. But who knows what state of mind she was in at the time. She didn't really like the song at the time she wrote it.