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  1. This is an amazing gift I've been looking for this for ages, thanks
  2. thanks a lot, there are so many remixes for this period that are hard to get.
  3. Hello Do you guys have any maxi from Bob Sinclar ? I'm looking for Kiss My Eyes, The Beat Goes On, I Feel For You, A Far l'Amore...
  4. Angelman60

    I'd love Liberian Girl, Leave Me Alone and the full Ghosts too.
  5. Angelman60

    Yeah but i'm still waiting for someone to point a real difference between these 2 versions as I never heard one.
  6. Angelman60

    Are they supposed to be different ?
  7. What is the difference between this and the european 7'' beside the early fade ?
  8. Glad to see some love for Princess here. I just finished to rip the German 45 of "In The Heat Of A Passionate moment" with the never released on CD 7'' remix and instrumental. Here it is : [Hidden Content] Also looking for The Mid-nite Mix Long Version and radio version Has anyone noticed that all versions of "say i'm your number one" are not in SAW box ? (like tony king mix or a 5'38 12'' version I have also) I Wonder why...
  9. Yes I love her so much Thanks. I will post the last remix I bought from her in another post
  10. Angelman60

    I saw some in very low quality like "underneath your clothe" or "empire" but I'd love more in HQ especially from Laundry service.
  11. Hello Is there any Shakira instrumentals around in HQ ?