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  1. Dress you up (remix edit) can't be recreated fully from digital sources. The part during the fade out remains unreleased in digital.
  2. Does it go until the end and doesn't fade out during "turn the Keyyyyyyy" at the end of the album version ?
  3. Angelman60

    Yeah but i'm still waiting for someone to point a real difference between these 2 versions as I never heard one.
  4. Angelman60

    Are they supposed to be different ?
  5. Angelman60

    I think so too. Maybe we could use the button "like this" to unlock ?
  6. Like a prayer instrumental and the song from the Takara commercial.
  7. My mistake for "She's not me" I was making a confusion with another song. Can anyone share the 6'34 instru of material Girl please ?
  8. I think there are 2 different versions of this one : Borderline (Jellybean TV) - .wav Has this one leaked yet ? Material Girl (Remix TV 6'34) - .wav You probably mean "La Isla bonita" ? True Blue (7" Instrumental 4'24) - .wav (from vinyl) These 2 are exactly the same : She's Not Me (Instrumental) - .wav / She's Not Me (Mix 5 - TV) .wav
  9. The Stems are lossless but they are not exactly the stems of the album version are they ?
  10. Hung up and Isaac are not real wav's. they're mp3 reencoded.
  11. Angelman60

    The extended mix of Borderline, there is only one version we have it on "like a virgin and other big hits" on CD. But a few months ago DJPaulT posted a rip he did but he put the intro of the album on it instead.
  12. Angelman60

    No this was a DJPaulT montage if I'm not mistaking.
  13. Angelman60

    So I'm discovering the radio version, is it just an edit of the album version ? Maybe we could rebuild a digital version of it... edit : actually this sounds like the japanese box version to me, can't find any difference.
  14. Angelman60

    There is also a TV track that is different from the dub no?
  15. Angelman60

    Trying to give you some help here : 4. Edit (3:58) (It's That Girl Cassette) (Edit of New Mix) => Not the same as the Japanese CD Single Collection. It is a unique mix. 5. Remix Edit/Edit (Radio Version) (3:56) => to me this one is the real 7'' version. From the japanese box. 6. Edit (3:59) (CD Single Collection) => I don't see where is this from. 7. Fade (3:59) => from brazilian 7'' 16. Video Version (3:56) (The Immaculate Collection DVD) (Celebration DVD) => To me it's the same as 5