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  1. stefo

    Madonna to chair the Montecarlo Gala for the Global Ocean on Wednesday September 26th
  2. Ray of Light - Drowned World/Swim/Skin Erotica - Where Life Begins/Waiting/Secret Garden Like a Prayer - Like a Prayer/Promise To Try Bedtime Stories - Secret/Inside of Me/Love Tried To Welcome Me Rebel Heart - Rebel Heart (especially the demo) Music - Music Madonna - Phisical Attraction/Borderline American Life - Mother and Father Like a Virgin - Stay True Blue - Live To Tell Confessions on a Dancefloor - Forbidden Love MDNA - Love Spent/Gang Bang Hard Candy - Candy Shop
  3. Mmm... something's gonna happen anyway. With all the attention she put this time her caption "Let the games begin", wich seems a reference to the "Beautiful Game" title, seems kind of explicit to me. Especially reading the Guy Oseary's comment "countdown". Wouldn't this look prep covering seem a little too much just for her birthday party? ... something's happening
  4. stefo

    F*CKING RUDE!! These people are so mean! What's the point, really?
  5. stefo

    The article confirms explicitly that the new album will be released by the end of this year
  6. stefo

    Ok if you're enjoying these pics be ready 'cause the rest of the shooting is just AWESOME!!! An italian newscast had a special preview of the entire work, that you will see watching the video above In the piece is also reported that, before Lisbon, she considered Barcelona and Turin and that Lisbon has been the muse of her next album.
  7. Dreaming to hear the ROL demo assembly tracks in full by the end of summer :pray:

    1. MadonnaXLB


      mee too. should be leaked on Madonna's birthday

    2. Drum Dub
  8. Yep... and let me share this with you: he said this responding to me
  9. stefo

    For what we know so far, in almost total absence of concrete infos about the new material ... I'm ninety per cent sure she is going to sing "Live To Tell" and "What It Feels Like For a Girl" this time (her MeToo support makes me hypothesize it), with some fado rearrangements of old hits (hoping a little more inspired than that mexican Dress You Up one... I liked the Like a Virgin Instagram recording she posted back in 2017 for example). There are possibilities for something from Evita, some potentially political theme-related tracks, like "Papa don't Preach" (reinvented in some form: it's really an infinite time) or "American life" (hope not) and a cut from the neglected "Confessions on a Dancefloor" and "Ray of Light" (because it really needs to be back in her live catalogue after 10 f...cking years!!!) My personal hopes are for "Rain" (with a proper backing vocals rendition), "Secret", "The Power of Goodbye", "Love Profusion" and finally the "Living for Love" album version. My aware illusions are for even just a quote of the Andre Betts' Erotica tracks (especially Secret Garden or Where Life Begins... and I'm dead then), whose jazz afflatus could be recalled from the new fado-oriented material, and "Bedtime Story", if the new album will really have an electronic vibe as supposed after the Mirways collab news and the few secs we heard of "Beautiful Game".
  10. stefo

    @addictedsober(or anyone else, as long as serious) do you have or can you have any reliable info about the unleaked tracks, please I'm dieing to know how they sound, really dieing... just a description would be awesome for me!
  11. Sorry people, I write here cause I don't know what could be the most appropriate thread for a question like this. I've got a person interested to buy my adolescence collection, including The Sex and The Girlie Show official books, the Blond Ambition tour book, 5 official and 8 unofficial 90s calendars, 7 bind publishings, 3 of them with a particularly good photographic quality, 16 M special issues, 30 cd singles, around 10 live bootlegs and a huge BS cardboard cutout and a M can... I don't know wich price could be proper. Is there anybody who can help me, even also approximately? Thanx (and sorry again for the off-topic issue)
  12. "So, happy birthday to Madonna. She’s sung, danced, acted, yapped, provoked, riled, worked her butt off, kept a sense of humour and taken all the sexist slurs with her head held high. Here’s to an artist who can’t come back because she never went away." AMEN!
  13. Love our Queen, profoundly devoted and always will be... she really CAN'T act though
  14. stefo

    She is FLAWLESS in these pics, honestly the kind of elegance I'd like her to represent in future times
  15. In the meanwhile she is not posting anything since two days, so - being at the beginning of July - I think we're soon going to see her walking in Malawi fields for a pair of weeks.