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  1. stefo

    I'm positive, she's too silent for not being close to something imo. She always posts much more than this even when in the recording or rehearsal process, so I do think that some kind of announcement could really surface soon this time.
  2. stefo

    Grammys are out at this point I'm afraid brazilfan, unless we hope for a surprise event. The ceremony is just three weeks from now and still not an announcement or rumour have surfaced. About the rest, I don't know if this necessarily means that we have to wait till April for the first single, it can also be the closing performance of the promotion process, as the Ghosttown live performance at the I-Heart Awards in 2015. We could still have the first single in March, the album in April, with the beginning of the real promotion, and a second single in May. Then we have to consider that she explicitly specified on Instagram she's gonna try something different this time. Personally, I lost my excitement months ago when it was spread the news of a 2019 release date and I have to say that all this wait is not helping at all. I hope (and seriously think, to be honest) to get my excitement back when an announcemet will be made officially.
  3. stefo

    FINALLY A RUMOUR, even if it's just a small thing: apparently M is IN NEGOTIATION TO PERFORM DURING THE EUROVISION CONTEST 2019 from Israel. Rumours say she already agreed, but still defining the financial terms ... it's one of the most watched TV show on Earth (I honestly never watched it but around 200 millions did it last year), even if not that glamorous as the Grammys imo. One aspect is quite scary though: it's scheduled for the 18th of May!!! Now, in a way or another, this seems to confirm the Q2 scheduled release for the new album. Here's a link:
  4. stefo

    I found some appealing Secret outtakes and this Express Yourself outtake Debi Mazar posted this nice pic with M and Sean Penn from the late '80s
  5. stefo

    I read this and I start to dream she's rehearsing for a last minute announced Grammy performance, with a night release of the first single to start this new, long awaited era
  6. stefo

    I don't honestly have anything against the idea of a such al long wait for the official release (even if of course I'd prefer having the album asap). I mean, it's her choice, maybe her strategy (according to some rumours, most of the tracks are perfect for the summer breeze), her production timing, things like that, it's her stuff. What I'm really disappointed about, at this point, is the absolute carelessness of our own fan mates, who certainly have rare materials, in regards of many of us who don't have the right contacts and are waiting to hear a new song from more than four years. I'm just talking about a gesture of kindness and community wich I expected for what the Madonna fandom was and have always been (and I'm a long term fan: I mean, I got my first unreleased tracks on tapes, when I had the good contacts myself) . Something must have changed after the 2014 leaks and I definatelly agree about NOT leaking the current stuff (I neither heard the leaks in 2014, it took me three evenings -exausting- to hear all the material when the album was officially released three months later). But I really don't see the point of keeping concealed old demos or even some old unreleased tracks wich could give joy (and in some case -let's admit this- also some relax) to people whose excitement and passion all can understand here.
  7. Some of you are really missing the spirit of this thing imo, she's making a nice and important thing for the community in the beginning of the year of the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall revolt. Yes, her ass is horrible and LAP is an usual choice but please, this is much bigger, sweeter and funnier than that AND NOw SHE'S FUCKING SINGING I CAN'T HELP FALLING IN LOVE WITH YOU!!!
  8. Like a Prayer (with David at the guitar)
  9. stefo

    Wow! Very excited for the Stonewall anniversary ... this is gonna be absolutely amazing Anyway, still rumours from the popjustice forum, don't know how reliable (some of the latest were) but rumours can create a certain debate at least. "There's gonna be two tracks out almost at the same time, not the same day but very close. Two very different tracks. Brand new strategy for Madonna. (...) First a traditionnal lead then they'll push another track like 3 weeks after for another market. Sort of buzz single in a way. Both tracks will make you dance, just in a different way." ... and, yes guys, make this present to the community please, let us hear the ROL demo assembly! We all know this is gonna happen sooner or later, so - considered this just rumours and hashtag thing is gonna be still 4, 5 months long apparently - wich moment better than the core of such an exausting wait? Be generous, c'me on
  10. stefo

    You see? We're all different guys, I do hope for a committed Madonna this time. I'd like her - and think the world needs everybody - to seriously explore the darkness and perils of our times, to go deep into things. In the last years her talking about freedom and fighting never found a real space in her work, except for the secret project. This is just the right time and I'd be thrilled and proud if M should find the right words and tone to make the world really talk about what's going on around the globe, from the increasing of poverty, to the rediscussion of basic human rights, the affirmation of new dictatorships and the explosion of hate and intolerance among people (Beautiful Game was so promising in this matter).
  11. Christamas is right here ladies and gents, wich means this is the right call for a gesture of kindness and generosity. Our hearts are full of hope for a ROL demo assembly sharing! For all the rest, be happy during these holidays and get preared for an amazing new year! Love you all :heart:

    1. blondebombshell


      @stefo hoping you have a wonderful christmas & new years. I'm still praying for a bunch of outtakes of madonna or b-roll videos

    2. Rupert76


      Hope is the last to die....

      We will die first :suffer:

      Merry Christmas 

  12. stefo

    Super gorgeous 1986 Bruce Webber outtakes ❤️
  13. stefo

    Exactly, as I supposed: she's just gonna sing something in one of her song, I'm quite fine about this. What's the point in all the meltdown then? The real reason can easily be the unbelievable wait we had to face for this record... more than 4 years, it's obvious there's always time for a good meltdown over here!!!
  14. stefo

    I don't like the Anitta's tracks I'm hearing, but I do think that, considered the point the production process is at, this is gonna be mostly a singing feauturing. Anitta is probably going to sing with her in a song already written with different musicians and producers. I don't wanna think they met to shoot a video to promote the album, as I'm expecting an interesting, intrigueing song as first single. ANYWAY, I can also be ok with a very commercial debut single as long as the core of the record is gonna be experimental, meaningful and elegant. I really need a mature Madonna this time, 'cause I'm honestly getting bored of the twerking one ... still believe in her huge talent, so finger crossed!