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  1. stefo

    Very reliable instead @Enrico... my insider sources just dissent from one thing: the official title of the album is gonna be "#SOON"
  2. stefo

    Is there anyone needing new fake rumours from Fb?
  3. stefo

    Yep, a little discouraging. Anyway, in recent times she posted a lot of pics from the studio, apparently working on the post-production. I think it can happen to have a new idea or have to come back to the recording process for one or two days to add final touches to the final product. At this moment I still expect a new single for the Grammy Ceremony (10th of Feb) and the new album for the beginning of March ... around four months then. Still. Quite discouraging, actually. (UNLESS, OF COURSE, some of our mates, who can presumably understand us, would generously share some old unreleased tracks to help the community sustaining such a long transition. ROL demo assembly anyone? - forgive If I'm continously requesting those files but I'm really needy )
  4. stefo

    So she did it again: A NEW GEM IS SERVED ... and again from a movie soundtrack. This new album sounds more and more promising each track is revealed. Such a magic happens in these three minutes, until the last note is played and you really feel the sound of silence. Fucking 2019, move to come!!
  5. And here she slays again, as she always does. A new gem, my Queen!


  6. stefo

    Some interesting notes from DrownedMadonna, some already analyzed here... Killers Extreme Occident++ Dark Ballett* I don’t Search, I Find God Control++ Batuka** Funana** Medellin*** Future I Live Crazy Faz Gostar**** Loca***** Back That Up****** Come Alive Please, note that this is not a tracklist, but a working board with the tracks they are currently mixing. Those ticks are related to the mixing. It is very probable that there are other tracks already mixed (that's about the Beautiful Game issue). Also, note that not all – and not necessarily all – these tracks will end up on Madonna’s new album. ++ Madonna used Extreme Occident as a hashtag. Same for God Control. * Madonna recently commented on a Mirwais post on Instagram with “Dark ballet“. And he added: “Very dark.” Absolutely not casual. The screenshot is from Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange movie. ** The Batuque (or Batuko) is a music and originally forbidden dance genre from Cape Verde. The Funaná is a music and dance genre from Cape Verde. It is perhaps the most upbeat form of Cape Verdean music. Madonna used those hashtags several times. *** Medellín is a city in Colombia, which used to be very violent and poor, and now it is a model of transformation. Also, note that Maluma was born in Medellín. **** “Faz gostar” in Portuguese means “something that you like.” ***** “Loca” in Spanish means “crazy.” We cannot exclude that Loca is the Spanglish version of the track number 11 called Crazy. ****** Back That Up is the title of one of the unreleased demo tracks Madonna wrote with Pharrell Williams for Rebel Heart album. Of course, this can be only a coincidence. Hopefully for Batuka she intends something like this, which rithmic progression is so gorgeous
  7. stefo

    In my opinion that list just gives us hints, batuka or funana are also genres. They can be shorter ways to indicate a track and not the actual titles (... hopefully ). Anyway, let me say this again: I don't necessarily need to dance every time, at this point I honestly do miss her CREATIVITY, EXPERIMENTATION, ELEGANCE AND INTENSITY the most ( ... and this not includes the Champagne Rosé filter)
  8. stefo

    Batuka?! Well, finger crossed for the lyrics
  9. C'me on USA, don't disappoint the world today: DO IT FOR US ALL!!!  

  10. stefo

    Her eyes don't look that enthusiastic ...
  11. stefo

    This sounds very classical Mirways, but it's just a ... what? a three seconds snippet? So who knows. I always found his songs not melodically interesting and complex enough, I never thought he had particular writing skills, while he's good when it comes to electronic experimentation and production. What I am honestly thrilled about are THE AFRO/FADO ORIENTED ANNOUNCED SOUNDS, wich could possibly be combined with a more contemporary vibe (and here Mirways could have good cards to spend). So finger crossed: my hopes are all for a brave, mature, cohesive and coherent album this time PS - back on my crusade: we're without new music since 4 years now, so be generous and share an old unreleased for your mates, guys. Come on, Christmas is coming, not the time to be ass...les!!!
  12. stefo

    In the meanwhile, just about being demanding ...
  13. stefo

    Act of Contriction at the level of Bday Song?! Wow, you see? It's just a matter of personal taste: ACT OF CONTRICTION IS A PURE GEM FOR ME!!
  14. stefo

    March?! WTF... five months!!! Wasn't it #soon five months ago?! Ok then: leak the ROL demo assembly and nobody will get hurt!!!
  15. stefo

    from drownedmadonna (nothing really new, just encouraging confirmations ... ps I love morna) Madonna will change and merge pop music with Portuguese and African rhythms, especially from Cape Verde. Dino D’Santiago – who collaborated on Madonna’s new record – is absolutely sure. In an interview to Portuguese Journal I, Dino D’Santiago talks about his new album – defining it a legacy for the future of music – and Madonna’s upcoming album. Dino is sure that Madonna‘s new record will also be a legacy and will merge Portuguese and African rhythms with pop music, and reinvent them. He said that also Madonna understood that the trend is now changing: instead of using typical Drake’s beats, it is time to “use Portuguese rhythms” and “it is possible to use modern sounds and get them into a semba or marrambenta. The same with fado.” My New York producer Rusty Santos realized the same thing: “You have to export this before Drake takes it.”