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  1. stefo

    very rare (and sexy) images of M during the 1994 Dance a thon
  2. stefo

    This is the official announcemnet of the lots
  3. stefo

  4. stefo

    Oh ... happy she is in a good shape, but this message is devastating ... honestly
  5. stefo

    Like basically every year... X Factor aims to bring in Madonna, Justin Bieber and Mariah Carey for live finals
  6. stefo

    Oops, you're right, what a fool I do think there's gonna be a lot of politics anyway
  7. stefo

    About how political it's gonna be, she just answered on her Instagram account, with the most explicit hashtag possible #newera Of course it's gonna be political: that Beautiful Game snippet (very interesting for me) was all about politics and freedom of speech (she often wears a hat with Beautiful Game written on it: why do you think it's not gonna be part of the thing now?), she had an all-women choir involved in the album, all her story and creative world dictates her to support the MeToo/anti-Trump movement. My idea is that the album was already conceived to be released in october/november just to take part of the anti-Trump campaign for the midterm elections. I share who said she usually is not that good in writing about political issues, but she wouldn't be the Queen I love if, in the middle of all this, she came up with a carefree disco track (even if I'm sure there will always be to dance in a Madonna album). Anyway, here all the excitement has gone for now, the wait has become such a bore ... I'm sure it'll back when it's time.
  8. stefo

    errata corrige: SHE posted the hint yesterday, SHE retractes today
  9. stefo

    I absolutely agree, nothing new under the sun. This has been one of her biggest problems in her last works imo: refyining, adding new touches, working and reworking the tracks till the original inspiration arrives weaker and less spontaneous than the earliest demos. We saw this with Rebel Heart. Fay's touch doesn't look that interesting and especially mixing so many different influences could impoverish the final product, even if she got a good basic inspiration. I'm all here for the afro-jazzy fado stuff this time Anyway, just speculation of course, we're talking without knowing or having heard anything real about what's coming
  10. stefo

    Ok then, maybe the abum is not finished yet (this could also be about new songs remixes) This is from the Instagram account of Fay, a swish undergound singer/songwriter And here we come back to a more traditional pop field. Some of her tracks ...
  11. Ok, I have to admit I put some hope in a possible close release, but it's getting boring again ... she starts teasing too early imo

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    2. Enrico


      If you think about it, she posted the image from Messiah on July 2, 2014, adding "coming soon... #sorceress#deep". "Soon" didn't even mean "the same year", but "the same decade" :laughing: It took 5 more months and only because of the hackering!

      I really hope for September, because it's really too hard waiting. Someone here recently it was hard between Bedtime stories and Evita, but we had STR and Evita!!


    3. Frank


      I think it'll be Oct/Nov ala Confessions.

    4. Bel


      11 hours ago, Fighter said:

      when she started talking about the album i was a whole different person


  12. stefo

    Also this one leaked today from the "This used to be my playground" video shooting ... and I found this pic, I think around 2005-6, I never saw before, in wich she's flawless
  13. stefo

    ... something's in the air, definitely
  14. stefo

    Wow people... honestly I'm AMAZED by this gesture of her! That's what I was waiting since years and now I I bow down to her braveness and dignity! She shows the body of a mature woman for what it looks like and it's about acceptance and maturity. Nobody at her level ever did this, nobody had the courage and the strenght. SHE FUCKING IS MY QUEEN AND I'M FUCKING PROUD OF HER TODAY! (as for the reason, this is the anti-"Bitch I'm Madonna"-mood, wich we suppose wil be the album mood, and it's gonna make a loooot of noise on papers and web)
  15. stefo

    Rare Dick Tracy shoot outtakes ... ... and this rare unseen pic by Josh Brandao, the author of the Rebel Heart Tour cover, posted today on Fb