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  1. stefo

    ... and here she goes (that apple again)
  2. stefo

    This article, wich confirms the actual problems with the Euro Contest production, also says something interesting about the possible release schedule ..." ... Concern has been expressed regarding an upcoming relase from the singer. Ynet explains that a song that is set to be released by Madonna next month could cause political controversey. At the moment the billionaire who financed her participation still says he thinks the thing is going to happen. My idea is that this controversy could be a very well planned buzz strategy: there will be some controversial matter in the new material (we already heard that about her new video), but she is going to go to Tel Aviv and perform, getting - her and the event itself - double the attention they would have got otherwise. I'd love her to be really controversial again, especially politically. Talking about speculation, there is another date rumour spreading among fan communities about the actual album release date, indicated as the 14th of June (just a rumour) It also seems she could go to India to shoot another video in the near future, some people have supposedly already been casted in Lisbon for this (so if all the rumours were confirmed we would have videos from Morocco, India, Lisbon, LA ... ).
  3. stefo

    I don't know if you already talked about this but I'm reading about the possible name of the artist who worked to the "weird looking" cover shoot of the forthcoming album. Ismaya Ffrench, the artist behind the Perry's Witness cover (wich I honestly didn't like that much, tasted just like plastic and not that creative tbh). Here is her Instagram account if you want to have an idea of her work She was with M on January in the days the supposed cover should have been shot And it seems that the cover look could have something to do with this Instagram post M posted just a few days later
  4. stefo

    Someone on the Mtribe forum had something to say today about the album release and the cover. Just rumours but here are in synthesis the news (copy and paste): "Heard a very unusual rumbling this morning regarding the album artwork and potentially altered release date. Very unusual and unexpected and while it's potentially a joke, I can't pretend I wouldn't be thrilled if it were true. I sit with baited breath. (....) The album would infact be later, and this refers to the appearance of the physical release, not the content of the sound. (...) The cover is certainly not 'very unusual', it's just unexpected. Stranger things have happened. (...) I'm not pretending I'm an insider. Those of you who know me know I'm not, and also know that wouldn't be possible. I'm not going to bullshit anyone either. What I've heard is very very vague, involves a friend of mine and is currently not very clear. Perhaps I'm missing something, or perhaps it's exactly as I've heard." I just remember that Mensch from MNation, the most reliable source we've had till now, already defined the album cover "weird looking" and, about the different release schedule of digital (that's what I get from "content of the sound") and phisical formats, she wrote more than once on Instagram about a "new method". If true, this could be connected with the eventual doc/video project some are supposing she's working on. And meanwhile the mess in my mind grows bigger and bigger
  5. Actually the Bedtime Stories demo session still have the most unleaked tracks, apart the 80s material of course. I'm dieing to hear Something's Coming Over Me and I Will Always Have You, early and different versions of Secret and Inside of Me, since YEARS. And an old contact of mine, in a chat we had years and years ago, told me to have heard a beautiful song called To Love You, wich was from this session. This should be a ballad and he was really mad about it it, so I'm very curious. Also Bring It by Pattibone is an interesting material, what M and Shep were trying after the huge Erotica experimentation? Then there's a track called Right On Time by Dallas Austin and some others with no defined references ... so many many things to be eager for guys, no problem at all!
  6. Thanks for the topic I just finished listening to the tracks and I was looking for a place to share and confront the early impressions. Orbit certainly took his touch by creating complex sound patterns and a much more electronic vibe to the whole thing. Some songs became more energetic (Sky fits Heaven, Skin, Nothing really matters), instead of the subtle, dreamy and much darker mood these tracks had in the early stages. Her voice consequently had to be adapted to the new sound, with a "louder" and firmer attitude, instead of the whispered, gloomy tone of many of the demos vocals. There certainly is an undeniable change between the pre and post Orbit involvement, at the same time, I agree, the soul of the record was already there. Personally, I like the new dimension these demos are giving to the tracks a lot. It's like discovering the other side of the whole project (the demos often have this straight-to-the-core kind of feeling to me, it's the same for the Erotica tracks). One of the things I miss the most in all her post-Music works is just her expressive whispered voice wich such a delicate, sensual and intriguing vibe was able to lend to songs like Inside of me, Secret garden, Bedtime Story, Swim, I want you. I'm madly happy at the moment actually. The tracks I like the most are Noting really matters, whose arrangement underlines the beauty of the armony and the solidity of the whole composition more than the final production imo, Flirtation Dance, sensual and haunting, Be careful, wich I'd say is better than the released version, Has To Be 1, wich is so dark and intense, inspiring complete different emotions, and You'll Stay, intense and very sophisticated. The two Babyface tracks are both good. I'm more interested in I'll be gone, but just for a matter of personal genre preference, Never love a stranger is a gorgeous track in her style. So, after 4 years without a single new note, all at once we're sharing this, just a month or so before the announcement of the beginning of the new era! And I have to say, every time it's amazing rediscovering the sound of her voice! Thanks again for the sharing, whoever you are
  7. Today Like a Prayer is 30 years old and I still remember that rainy morning when, still a child, coming back from school, I bought my first ever vinyl ... still mad about the song, still mad about my brave, creative and charismatic girl: thank you for all the music and inspiration 

    1. Enrico


      Me too! You will also remember the premiere of the Pepsi Ad on Mike Bongiorno Quiz show: "È costato miliardi".


  8. stefo

    No @deathproof, not Mensch, who's got friends in the business too, neither Robster. It's a guy who was out since 2016, called adreeyen, whose comeback seems to be very appreciated by the other members. I can't tell you more 'cause I'm new on MNation and don't interact much. I subscribed basically after reading that there were kind of insiders there, but I prefer the people here tbh
  9. stefo

    Ohi Guys, I share some rumours related to the video shooting, by copy-and-pasting from another forum whose member says to have recieved them by a friend. - They’re shooting the video in a theater. There’s camera crews inside and outside the theater where people are lined up (not sure why, but he sent videos of this; lotsa people dressed up). - Generally a lot of extras in the video. - Everyone is wearing a lot of 70s themed clothing. - Work from designer Bcalla Bcalla (famous for their work with drag queens) has been pulled by M’s stylist, but not too sure if it’s going to going to make it into the video. The look here has been pulled for M. Again, not sure if it’ll be used.
  10. stefo

    Ooook then, if the pic is from her new video, doesn't look fado-inspired at all. I see money between her tits, it's more like gangsta style ... I hope for something different this time: reinvention needed in the album
  11. stefo

    I just found new outtakes,1988 Arthur Elgort's ones for Fame Magazine ... and this 1986 very lq one by Herb Ritts
  12. stefo

    Apparently M is collaborating with the rapper and producer Swae Lee, look at the second vid from the studio last week ... how many feat guys, does anybody know the man? Also the sisters duo Ibeyi were present at her Oscar Party and this is making me hope for their collab to really happen as rumoured in the early months of 2018, at the beginning of the process. Maybe not a feat, but they could have written some stuff for her. This is something wich really excites me 'cause their album and Nakhane's one have been my obsessions last year.
  13. Ok we are almost there guys, we're DOING THIS! Still 7 people to get the 50 number wich will allow us all to hear the demo assembly! I'm almost sure we'll get the number by the end of the day. Now, as already cleared by other members, we obviously HAVE TO PROTECT THE HOUSE (READ "THIS AMAZING FORUM")! So, my proposal is to share in private chat (better if we could create a group outside of this platform) the link wich has got to expire in 24/36 hours, not more than that. After this, each one of us will be responsible for himself about what he'll do with the material. Now I'm not much into this kind of trading-internet stuff unfortunately, so let me know if there are better ideas or if mine is too strict. Anyway... I'm getting so excited guys, I almost can't believe in one or two days we could be hearing those tracks!!!
  14. I'm in, but I can't afford 100 euros at the moment unfortunately... c'me on guys, let's put this together, if we reach 50 acceptances it will cost just 20€ pour each!! Let's do this!