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  1. OMFG yaaassss. I'm obsessed with this tour!
  2. Hey guys, I re-uploaded it by request!
  3. Was this the one that was on YouTube?
  4. SimonVenekeo

    No I think it means more along they’re deciding on what venue in France works for her show (AccorHotel Arena, Sud de France Arena etc), when the venue is available so they can plan how many shows to do etc.
  5. If it counts, she was also part of an ensemble on Annie Lennox’s Sing in 2007. She did the second verse.
  6. SimonVenekeo

    Nicki also confirmed her album ‘Queen’ is coming out June 15th so who knows if Madonna will tie into this somehow. They both show mutual love for one another so maybe Madonna will jump on Nicki’s songs for once.
  7. SimonVenekeo

    read the comments, the song is called Beautiful Game.
  8. SimonVenekeo

    Bumping this to a new page.
  9. SimonVenekeo

    The song sounds like Heaven (the Rebel Heart demo) with the lyrics changed.