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  1. dav_fer

    Yeah. I guess we're so eager to know more about this album because of the messy releases that the past reccords had. I mean, I love almost every song in Hard Candy, but the album as a whole is something weird for a Madonna record, and it feels like she just let her producers to do all the job to finish it very quickly. Then we have celebration that was not very well received for fans as far as I know (it wasn't the GHV3 that a lot of people was expecting). Then we have the mess that MDNA was, it's a terrible album with a few great songs, but it didn't had any promotion at all (besides the Superbowl), and the singles selection was very bad. Then is Rebel Heart and there are so many divided opinions respect this one, personally I loved the album, but the leaks ruined completely the release, we have people talking about the demos and what the album could be instead of appreciating the actual release, and I guess that nobody can blame them, I mean, with all the leaked material we've heard... So M14 is generating a lot of expectations, and we don't know anything about it! She's killing us with the wait.
  2. dav_fer

    If the album comes I'll be happy. Gosh, I'm glad she's taking her time (to prepare a great release, I hope) but so much hermeticism is killing me.
  3. Nothing would make me more happy to be honest. American Life and The family Jewels share some similar topics and Rebel Heart and Froot were my favorite albums from 2015. God I really wish this collaboration happens
  4. So, I genuinely didn't liked the video edition (nor the extras or the fact that they cut some good things from the show... LDLHA), but I'm still very excited that she's still releasing her tours in video tbh

    1. wtg1987


      As long as we get the full heartbreak City/LDLA Rebel Heart studio version that will make up for it not being in the blu-ray for me :))

  5. dav_fer

    Thank you so much guys, the people in this forum is so amazing, honesttly
  6. dav_fer

    Well, actually is the same comment over, and over, and over again, so yes, is a troll, tho this part is pretty accurate: "you can't watch it as a concert because of the cuts every 1-2 seconds"
  7. Take me to emotion, I want to go all the way, show me devotion and take me all the way 🎶

  8. Take me to emotion, I want to go all the way, show me devotion and take me all the way 🎶

  9. dav_fer

    It would be my first time too, I mean I love buying her stuffs, just for supporting her job and 'cause I really appreciatte that after all this years she still releasing and working in her music/visual materials, but this realease is becoming a big no!
  10. dav_fer

    Same here, but is just a little contradictory that just at the begining of the era she was talking about this art for freedom thing, and then she goes all through the Rebel Heart era slaughtering all the artistic potential about every single product: the record, the tour, the home release of the tour... anyways I enjoyed the first two, tho
  11. dav_fer

    It's very sad thinking that we're never going to have something like this for real . As a physical artistic product the box must be part of the album concept, not just the cover image. The box of the RH deluxe edition came a little closer to this. I love what Fangoria do with their boxes, they're so amazing:
  12. dav_fer

    This cover was on one of that Chicago audio files, I didn't knew it was yours too! "Here’s too much beauty in the world going to waste. Too much talent going unnoticed..." -Madonna
  13. dav_fer

    This era is cursed and needs an exorcism
  14. dav_fer

    Well... with all we know and have seen by now it seems that this specific release is not made for me. The full TOAC show in this release would make me so happy and forgive and forget everything but it's seems that this is not going to happen, so, let's wait for the next era...