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  1. chipie

    Same here. IMO the last albums wiht an amazing sound were Mucis and AL
  2. chipie

    Yes !!!@AspergerArtist Its your turn
  3. chipie

    ok here I go!!
  4. chipie

    @Joan of Marcborderline
  5. chipie

    OMG!!! Love those jackets. But the prices are ...
  6. chipie

    Same here Amazing concert
  7. chipie

    THankS @Frank Your are amazing ;-)
  8. Is there a way to watch it in its real speed???
  9. Yes, please. I love the new look of the site.
  10. chipie

    It doesnt look like HD to me.
  11. chipie

    It is funny how some are using M's name to promote themselves. But it is even funnier that after that, she is not involved or they dont count on her.
  12. chipie

    Ooops!! I didnt see it sorry
  13. I dint know it exist. Do you know anything about it?? Is it good quality??