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    Same here. IMO the last albums wiht an amazing sound were Mucis and AL
  2. chipie

    Yes !!!@AspergerArtist Its your turn
  3. chipie

    ok here I go!!
  4. chipie

    @Joan of Marcborderline
  5. chipie

    OMG!!! Love those jackets. But the prices are ...
  6. chipie

    Same here Amazing concert
  7. chipie

    THankS @Frank Your are amazing ;-)
  8. Is there a way to watch it in its real speed???
  9. Yes, please. I love the new look of the site.
  10. chipie

    It doesnt look like HD to me.
  11. chipie

    It is funny how some are using M's name to promote themselves. But it is even funnier that after that, she is not involved or they dont count on her.
  12. chipie

    Ooops!! I didnt see it sorry
  13. I dint know it exist. Do you know anything about it?? Is it good quality??
  14. chipie

    Yes, I know it. And sadly it is the first time that I cant go to see her.
  15. chipie

    I hope not!!!! For me its so unfair that she only performs in BCN. At the beggining they were talking about a Spanish Tour. Where is this Fuc*** spanish tour?? Im still praying for a Madrid or Lisbone concert. A girl can dream.
  16. chipie

    Not happy about this. So sad she doesnt come to Madrid or Lisbon. Im from Huelva.To the "cheap" price of a good seat at the venue, you have to add AVE or plane, and hotels.... Where's the "spanish tour" they were talking about?? I think this time I will have to wait for the bluray :-(
  17. chipie

    Yeah!! Definitely!!
  18. chipie

    Haters always will be haters. I dont pay atention to them.
  19. chipie

    Yes. this morning on spanish news they were saying that the moment of the night wasnt the winners, the red carpet or the clothes.
  20. chipie

    OMG!! The performance was amazing. Way better than the Grammy. Love the Queeen!!
  21. chipie

    Im searching in youtube for madonna brit awards 2015, and the performance is not there, but I cant say the same about the fall. Fuckers
  22. chipie

    First of all I want to say that I havent seen the video. Just the falling part (that its all over the net) This is the moment that ive been praying many times for not to happen. At first I felt sad for her and I really wanted to hug her. I know she's been working so hard to promote her record, and when she performs live she always tries to give her best. But then, watching all the pics of the final moment of the performances, even after the fall, I knew that she gave her best because there's no one like her. And now we all know that she is fine, and I hope she can show everybody that she is a smart woman and she has a great sense of humor. And at the end of the day she is having a lot of promotion (ok, its not the promotion she would like to have). But Fans or casual fans will run to watch the performance, and haters will do the same. (which I think is not that bad) And at last, she is not the only artist who have fall in a live show. In case you forgot:,d.d24 I know these videos ar not of a tv show, but at least here in spain those videos where played on tv many many times. So dont worry, because In a few days or weeks nobody will remember it. Ok, how can I download the video in a great quality????
  23. chipie

    same here