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  1. Jackie

    haha yes exactly!
  2. Jackie

    lol yes, remember the story about how Madonna Catalog found Burning Up and Lucky Star in a trash can?
  3. Jackie

    I agree - she also needs to actually release a single - I could be wrong, but Australia got no singles from RH, just digital releases?
  4. I assume the other two we now have from the demo assembly - but yes very keen to hear the other work done!
  5. Jackie

    Oh calm down.
  6. Jackie

    Lol yes I agree and then swept away - but she looked amazing again for American Life and the Re Invention your and confessions - then came the obvious filler Lol
  7. Jackie

    Just to clarify - Eva died at the age of 33 - Madonna was 38 - so only 5 years difference which isn't bad - considering in the 90's alot of actors playing teenagers where in their 20's and 30's đŸ˜‚
  8. Jackie

    I've always found with Madonna, that one day she can look 100, the next 20 lol
  9. I wonder, if this was a pitch to WB to gauge which direction she should go in - there's a lot of different genres on the assembly - interesting!
  10. Jackie

    oh yea, that too! She was a trooper!
  11. Jackie

    Yep, good point.
  12. Jackie

    That's fabulous!
  13. Jackie

    Same! She was stunning!