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  1. Jackie

    I think ya'll have too much time on your hands! Mastering/Mixing ain't gonna fix sloppy production period. Take this extract from Mirwais on Hollywood (which also confirms that it was probably created in the early 90's as rumoured) - 'The mix of this one was very hard....' “‘Hollywood’ was a very old song,” Mirwais says. “We weren't satisfied with the original version, so Madonna found an alternative melody. I used a very minimalist drum kit with old percussion I found in an E-mu sampler bank. I used an old drum loop in addition to the basic programming for the disco feel of it. I needed to use a smaller-sounding kick because I wanted to have the bass synth sound very big. The bass is the Nord Lead Rack 2 with a lot of filtering manipulations. I had many problems with that. When I started to use the filter on the Nord Lead, I had to change the bottom; it lacked weight. I had to find exactly the right frequency on the Yamaha O2R mixer. It was very hard to find the right kick, too, because if I chose something bigger, the track would have sounded like an average club track. The vocals were recorded with heavy compression in her headphones to help her to get the feeling of the performance. We experiment a lot with vocal sounds. For example, the pitch-down vocal at the end was initially much longer. The mix of this one was very hard — like almost all tracks — because there was so much stuff going on. This is why maybe the final version is so simple.” https://www.emusician.com/gear/covert-operation
  2. Jackie

    I cannot believe how fast 18 years have gone! wow! I remember, when she was pregnant, I remember when news broke that she has to have an emergency c section. Gosh.
  3. Oh god, ya'll need to calm down! The album is out this year (confirmed), source, no source, truth or no truth, it's now almost Mid August - there are 3 months until December - which represents about 15 weeks (including the last 2 weeks of August). So, the album is DONE. Let's not squabble and carry on, and compete over who's got the biggest dick. I'm guessing we will get a late October/early November release (Like a Virgin, Erotica, Bedtime Stories and Confessions all came out late October/early November). So the first single, could be out early to mid October. But, she could also do a September release, which could mean a single later this month....either way, we will have the album within 15 weeks (if she stays true to her word, with it's release this year). As someone has already said, mastering is just balancing the EQ of the track, you send the COMPLETE track to a mastering studio, who just tweak the EQ basically and volume. She does not need to be there for that.
  4. Jackie

    Lol yes she's totalling padding
  5. Jackie

    I don't like the world leak. I think, shared is nicer
  6. Jackie

    Or the supposed Devil wouldn't recognise you, rehearsal - rehearsed in the silver corset. 🤭
  7. Jackie

    Well, it could still be. She has been known to use a shoot for multiple purposes...
  8. same, I would love to hear Shep's demos for BS!
  9. Jackie

    Completely agree. I can't think of one 'era' that was over rated, in fact, a number of them have actually been under rated (Erotica, Bedtime Stories, American Life).
  10. Jackie

    Yes these where shared by William himself on sound cloud I believe - The "crouch end" archives.