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  1. Jackie

    lol exactly.
  2. Jackie

    What was she nominated for when she performed living for love?
  3. Jackie

    Ok, you need to check your receipts. No one is claiming anything, I just saw a conversation chain comparing Madge to Cher, and I commented. You can't compare anyone to anyone. Everyone is different, Madge clearly wants to be the first female to sail from the US to Aus without a boat, and Cher wants to be the first female to have a lip on her chin, two different looks, two different individuals.
  4. Jackie

    Why compare to Cher? Cher looks amazing, she's 72, she's looked the same pretty much for decades, never denied having work done. BUTT you don't see Cher getting butt implants to keep up with the Kardashians...
  5. Jackie

    Ah! Ok, was not aware of that! #shadybitch
  6. Jackie

    What were the fraudulent ways?
  7. Jackie

    0mg lol I really hope it's padding!
  8. Jackie

    lol YES I wanted to post that but the topic got closed - I am so happy that the grills were absent, who cares about her bean bag out back - at least we could hear her clearly :P
  9. Jackie

    Not sure if this has been discussed, but he commented on that post and is followed by madonna, Monte and mirwais...
  10. Jackie

    Nice track, but generic production. I think it was a number of factors, the album leaking months before, so by the time Ghosttown came out, the hype was over, the fact it was released in December and released as a single months later - that strategy might have worked in 1995 when physical sales ruled...but does not work now days. She would have had a bigger chart impact with a brand new song... I also think releasing LFL as the first single was a bad choice too, radio ignored it in the UK (M claimed agism, they responded saying it was a shit song, I agree with them lol), Well actually the world ignored it, it was a bad first single choice, she obviously did not like the production, as she only ever performed a remix of it,, so I think it kinda set the stage for the era, that is, the general public, heard it, went nah don't like it, and assumed the rest of RH was the same. I think the same thing happened with Kylie with 'Kiss me Once'.....Into the Blue nice song, but such a bad choice for the lead single, and it showed, with the entire era being underwhelmed....fast forward to Golden....Dancing was a good track, well produced, good choice, and sparked interest again.
  11. Jackie

    Kylie Minogue

    Yea. I am still gonna go, love her!
  12. Jackie

    Kylie Minogue

    I love Kylie, but this tour has to be the most boring tour I've ever seen lol
  13. Jackie

    I think all era's have had hit and misses remix wise - I guess it comes down to preference and mood. Although, the Rebel Heat era had in my opinion the worst of the batches.