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  1. Jackie

    Kylie Minogue

    Yea. I am still gonna go, love her!
  2. Jackie

    Kylie Minogue

    I love Kylie, but this tour has to be the most boring tour I've ever seen lol
  3. Jackie

    I think all era's have had hit and misses remix wise - I guess it comes down to preference and mood. Although, the Rebel Heat era had in my opinion the worst of the batches.
  4. Jackie

    She's been talking about, and drinking rose for year's - throw back the photos of her with diplo and the tags of drinking bottles of rose' Lol I reckon they were hanging out at her Oscars party, and she probably started singing into her rose' glass :p
  5. Jackie

    I love it! The auto tune, the trap bass, the silly lyrics - love it!
  6. Jackie

    This is true also. Anyway, bring on the new music, whether played by radio or not, it will be played on my stereo!
  7. Jackie

    Well they played Kylie and she's 50 💁‍♀️
  8. Jackie

    I dis agree about the money thing....MDNA she was too busy with her movie W.E, the Super Bowl, the Material Girl fashion line and her own perfume, she just took too much on - William himself had a very public spat about it. But, I guess it all comes back to money - contractually it was her first album under the new deal. About RH, I have no issue with the lyrics and the heart felt messages, what I dislike, and this is me personally - is the production. BBC Radio said it best, Living for Love was not played on BBC 1 not because of her age, but because it was a shit song production wise (lyrics were great). Also, I can't find the comment about her not having much longer, but look at Cher - 72 - still recording, still doing world tours...............
  9. Jackie

    About the album coming next year now - this suggests that she's changed her mind on the direction.
  10. Jackie

    To be fair to her, and to be frank, ALL beauty products are a quack. The only genuine product that has been proven to erase fine lines is prescription only Retin-A - and it achieves this through speeding up the renewal process of your skin. Hyaluronic acid will temporarily plump the skin. The age old rule of staying out of the sun, using a good moisturiser (does not need to be expensive), drinking plenty of water, will serve you well
  11. Jackie

    I agree. I was re listening to COAD the other day, and realised, it was the last M album that I was able to play from start to finish without skipping any tracks.
  12. Jackie

    Incorrect. It's from click through or ad revenue.
  13. Jackie

    I agree about the videos, but it all comes down to the cost....so if she did a video that costs $200,000...or three videos at a total cost of $1 million, will she sell enough albums to make that money back? Rebel Heart sold 900,000 copies worldwide, so without factoring in any product placement revenue in the clips, when you add costs of the three clips she did, the production costs, distribution costs, advertising, promotion blah blah - RH actually cost her and Live Nation money, it made a loss (although this would have been offset by the tour and merchandise). It will be a similar story with this new album, she will go on tour, because that's how you fund the album, the videos etc.
  14. Jackie

    Same! She is stunning!