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  1. Pasxal

    Like a Prayer is beautiful, it's from different shows and well edited, tears of a clown is all in black and white, surround sound and 5.1 sounds very nice. I only have seen the DVD version. I'm waiting for Japanese Blu Ray now.
  2. Pasxal

    I'm wondering how they pick the winners, technically I don't understand the competition. You'll play the quiz and then post the competition on social network but your score doesn't show up
  3. Pasxal

    Hmv Japan English site is a very reliable source, got my rebel heart Japan cd fast and the shipping costs are not over the top
  4. Pasxal which is s serious online shop has the Rebel heart tour dvd, blu Ray and cd up to pre-order, release date September 15th
  5. Pasxal

    It was a Party where Madonna Fans like to celebrate her not a release party. I would say there was just the stuff we have already seen, the clown show of Miami (I can confirm that) and the showtime edit (left before). I respect the organisers of the party as well as the guests who loved it but I like to say it was not my cup of tea.
  6. Pasxal

    I didn't stay long enough but I doubt that there was anything new or exclusive.
  7. Pasxal,fr,4,1AAMAGLOVEMADUK2016.cfm
  8. Pasxal

    Another dissapointment?
  9. Pasxal

    Let's hope
  10. It would be really sad if there is going to be no Blu Ray / dvd but it looks unfortunately like that is going to happen. It's a shame 😶
  11. Hey everyoneI Never bought an early entry access but this time I don't know if I should upgrade or not. It costs the double of a standing General Ticket. In the past, I could always manage to be in the 2nd or 3rd row. I heard that People who bought early entry in the past sometimes had a lot of troubles or no early access at all. Is it really worth it? It would be for the second show in Barcelona, the first in Paris and the one in Zurich. Please share your opinions or experiences, thank you