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  1. evolution

    Probably hours upon hour upon hours... Imagine how many they have from the shooting of the sex book if they were able to piece together an hour or so video of scenes she liked? Lord knows she isn’t using anything she doesn’t know like...
  2. evolution

    Considering they only release very short clips I wouldn’t hold your breath on getting the b-rolls from them for anything...
  3. Erotica on cassette when it first came out
  4. evolution

    Am I the only one who preferred the demos? lol
  5. evolution

  6. evolution

    The dress is by The Vampires Wife
  7. evolution

    I think all the people commenting about injections etc should really just put it to rest. All celebrities rely on old theatric tricks from the studios. She is clearly using face lift tape. Google it. Injections in her eyelids would make her eyelids heavy and droopy. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=m7I1LXUxDwo
  8. evolution

    Whoever did the photo editing for these pictures had their work cut out for them with that hairline
  9. evolution

    If you look at the hairline where the baby hairs would be you can see the netting that the hairs are coming out of. The type of wig she is wearing is called a lace front wig. When makeup is not applied to the lace it almost kind of has a digitized look to the lace which you can see in the photo. As well hairlines do not go in perfect lines as the hairline on this wig does. She is probable trying on wigs for a project which would explain why she is not mucking them up with foundation etc..,
  10. evolution

    It’s a wig and one great big huge blah goes out for this very obvious wig.
  11. evolution

    Doubtful besides it would be pretty lacklustre after Her second divorce 😑
  12. evolution

    Totally agree
  13. Her best greatest hits compilation. Preordered mine can’t wait
  14. I am in Canada and YCD was $18.95 before taxes and first album was $26.95 before taxes... I luckily got the only YCD the store had.
  15. evolution

    On a side note... Completely different shoots. The one you posted is by Steven Meisel, the other is by Patrick Demachelier.