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  1. poserdemadonna

    I could do an entire bingo just out of comments people are making about this bingo
  2. poserdemadonna

    Gang Bang. Great for overcoming break ups.
  3. Tira a interrogação do endereço. Tive o mesmo problema.
  4. poserdemadonna

    Although I love this album, this entire photoshoot is awful. I'd switch it to any of the Secret single covers.
  5. poserdemadonna

    Truth be told, I've never listened to my vinyls since I've never bought a record player
  6. poserdemadonna

  7. poserdemadonna

    This version of the Dear Jessie CD Single, which I finally got thanx to a very dear friend last year
  8. poserdemadonna

    Why is it so shocking to see an older woman's body? Why is it such a taboo for a 60 year old to show her not-20-year-old body? Picture may not be flattering to the public, but it's real and I'm sure lot of women can relate to her.
  9. poserdemadonna

    Exactly. I strongly believe Alek filmed both nights in full. Oh, I usually divert from those topics as you know, sometimes things get outta hand lol
  10. poserdemadonna

    Rumours are that Alek never filmed both shows entirely, just the songs he would need for the film. But I don't think he'd go through all the trouble of filming two nights just to have half the show filmed.
  11. poserdemadonna

    Sorry I don't know who else he's worked with. I'm a Madonna fan, not a Mark Stent fan.
  12. poserdemadonna

    Dunno about that, but he surely fucked her career good
  13. poserdemadonna

    I'd ask her why the hell she keeps Guy O as her manager.
  14. I remember a live version of it, on which she does a monologue about drugs before going into the song. Is this the one you're talking about?
  15. poserdemadonna

    The one who mixed the first two Spice Girls albums?