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  1. I believe Madonna doesn't want Warner to make any more money out of her, since they own the rights to her back catalogue.
  2. poserdemadonna

    Yes! Singapore Madonna Link, that's the one.
  3. poserdemadonna

    Nope. That's actually a guy singing. He made this version for his website back in 1997, it was Madonna Singapore or Madonna Singapore Shrine, something in those lines.
  4. poserdemadonna

    1989 - She had to go blonde because of her role in Dick Tracy 1992 - She went brunette for A League of Their Own in 1991, went back blonde for Sex Book, then went back brunette, then redhead and she gave herself a chemical haircut, resulting in The Girlie Show look 1999 - She went hazel/dark blonde for The Next Best Thing 2003 - She went blonde to soften her image when she released her children's books. Apparently, brunette gave her a mean mum look, according to the media.
  5. Isn't there an HQ version of Love Won't Wait? All the ones I've found sound like they were recorded through a telephone. In 1957. From Tokyo to Lisbon. Underwater.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Ryder


      Love Wont Wait was posted here a while back in wav


    3. poserdemadonna


      23 hours ago, Ryder said:

      Love Wont Wait was posted here a while back in wav


      There's only one from 2016, is this the one you're talking about?

    4. Ryder
  6. poserdemadonna

    Oh god, I have friends in Strasbourg. Gonna check on them.
  7. poserdemadonna

    Twitter has no restrictions, so many people are migrating there.
  8. poserdemadonna

    Google brings only Madonna on Instagram as a result for this photo, so it's impossible to tell who is this.
  9. poserdemadonna

    She'll be like Cher, doing her 17th farewell tour
  10. poserdemadonna

    He's in a TV commercial here in Brazil for a cleaning product
  11. poserdemadonna

    Nope, not at all. But I hope it supports a world tour, which means coming to Brazil!
  12. poserdemadonna

    Nope. Awful. For instance, they described the moment she chose Lisa Stevens and Curtis Hudson to write Holiday, she was in the swimming pool, eating cheetos (sound familiar?) and the entire dialogue was based in one of her interviews back then. And the final scene, on which she dumps Jellybean backstage the 1984 VMA - totally made up from beginning to end - depicts her telling him she had to choose between a family or her career, so not only was she dumping him, she was also announcing she had had an abortion that very same day. I was such a state of shock I wanted to sue the writer myself.
  13. poserdemadonna

    I read that script cover to cover in one day. It was a complete disaster.
  14. poserdemadonna

    That would be a little like liking your own posts on facebook, wouldn't it?
  15. poserdemadonna

    I don't eat those either, but it's because I'm seafood intolerant. Nothing against them, I have many friends who happen to be seafood, but I just can't eat them.