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    LIVE MUELLER REPORT PERFORMANCE: Actors Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Mark Hamill, Annette Bening, Sigourney Weaver, Jason Alexander, John Lithgow, Alyssa Milano, Kyra Sedgwick and more are performing a live play based on the Mueller Report, titled The Investigation: A Search for the Truth in 10 Acts. It's written by Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award-winning writer Robert Schenkkan. The dramatic reading was organized by Law Works Action and the Mueller Book Club.
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    All indicators point to a #1 debut for Madonna on next week’s HITS Top50. With a ticket bundle and D2C offerings fueling half of the opening total, expect Madame X to give Madge her first #1 since 2012’s MDNA. Early reads: Madonna (Live Nation/Maverick/Interscope) 80-100k total activity, 75-95k album Bruce Springsteen (Columbia) 42-47k, 40-44k More at HitsDailyDouble,-BRUCE-HEADED-FOR-TOP-DEBUTS
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    Number 1 in 43 countries 👏🏽👏🏽💯 🤣🖕🏽🖕🏽🤣🖤🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
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    Madame X Recap: Tracklistings and Formats It’s time for a final recap of the tracklisting of Madonna’s Madame X album dropping tomorrow, Friday, 14 June 2019. Not all information so far has been crystal clear and there are indeed a lot of different physical formats, but as it’s all about the music, let’s start looking at the tracklistings. There are three main editions of the album: 13 tracks, 15 tracks and 18 tracks, each comes with a different cover: 13 track Standard Edition: single disc, jewel case 15 track “Exclusive” Edition: single disc, jewel case – offered by Fnac in France and others. 18 track Deluxe Edition: double disc, hardcover book with 32-page booklet, 3 bonus tracks on CD2) – also included in the Deluxe Boxset. As many have guessed, with some copies from the online orders already delivered to customers, it’s now confirmed that the 15-track edition “exclusive with two bonus tracks” offered by selected retailers on various markets shares the same content with CD1 of the deluxe edition of Madame X – and the mysterious bonus tracks are indeed the ones not included in the standard CD – not different songs or remixes. On the other hand, these “special” editions are being offered at the same price of the standard CD, so it’s a plus to the customers. As a tradition for the Japanese market, Madame Xwill be released with an additional bonus track – Medellin with Maluma (Offer Nissim Madame X In The Sphinx) – and the limited edition will be printed in the higher-fidelity SHM-CD format. As for the other physical formats, Madame X also exists as: 13 track Standard Compact Cassette 15 track Deluxe Compact Cassette The cassettes also come in black, blue (UK exclusive) and glitter. Speaking of vinyl, Madame X is released as: Double 12″ album (black vinyl) Double 12″ album (clear vinyl – exclusive) Double 12″ album (blue vinyl – The Sound Of Vinyl Exclusive) Double 12″ album (rainbow picture disc) In the digital realm, Madame X is available in two formats: 13 track download (Standard) 15 track download (Deluxe) As of now the three bonus tracks on the Deluxe 2CD edition will not be available to download.
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    Video @ Madonna on activism, #MeToo, and making music in an age of division Madonna's new album, ''Madam X,'' debuts on Friday and it features the voice of a survivor of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting. In an interview with Reuters, the Queen of Pop reflects on three decades of music and activism. Rough Cut (no reporter narration).
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    Madonna takes on frightening world with new album 'Madame X' LONDON (Reuters) - Gun control, poverty and the marginalized, Madonna’s new album “Madame X” sees the Queen of Pop wanting to “fight back” in what she sees as a frightening modern world. In an interview with Reuters, Madonna also said she was horrified by moves to restrict LGTBQ and women’s rights, namely in her native United States. “If you’re talking about the far right and the rights that are being taken away from, say the LGBTQ community or women’s rights ... obviously I am traumatized and horrified,” Madonna said. A longtime campaigner for the LGTBQ community and known for her charity work in Malawi, Madonna, 60, said she would keep fighting for those causes. “There’s still an enormous amount of poverty in Malawi and the rate of HIV has gone down considerably but it’s not disappeared,” she said. “(There are) all the problems that are recurring in America because of new legislation so I am going to have to keep fighting for the same things.” On her 14th studio album, Madonna addresses U.S. gun control laws and uses a snippet of a speech by school shooting survivor Emma Gonzalez in the rousing single “I Rise”, a song she says aims to give a voice to marginalized people. “Dark Ballet”, a piano ballad infused with electronic pop, was inspired by Joan of Arc and references a world “up in flames”, while in “Killers Who Are Partying” she sings about the poor, exploited children as well as a woman raped. “It’s pretty frightening, yes, it’s pretty scary ... There is stuff going on everywhere in the world,” she said when asked how she felt about the state of the world. “When you think about the amount of people who have died, been killed, have been wounded, whose lives have been changed irrevocably because of the lack of gun control in America, it’s such a huge, huge problem. “I care deeply about it so I couldn’t not write about it,” she said. She also said she took issue with some U.S. states restricting abortion rights. “These are crazy times because we fought really hard for a lot of these freedoms and now it seems like they are all systematically being taken away ...It doesn’t make me feel hopeless. It just makes me want to fight back.” CHAMELEON Influenced by living in Lisbon, where Madonna joined local musicians in so-called living room sessions, the Latin-infused “Madame X” also takes listeners to street parties and the club with a spate of catchy tracks. Madonna also sings in Spanish and Portuguese on the 15-track album, released on Friday. She described “Madame X” as a “chameleon”. “Every song is a reflection of Madame X. Sometimes she’s a freedom fighter, sometimes she’s a cha cha instructor, sometimes she’s longing for love, sometimes she’s feeling nostalgic,” Madonna said. “Sometimes she’s thinking about all the people in the world who are suffering, who don’t have a voice and who need a voice and feels a sense of responsibility for those people.” Madonna, who shot to fame in the early 1980s with hits likes “Holiday” and “Like a Virgin”, has sold more than 300 million records worldwide, making her the best-selling female recording artist, according to Guinness World Records. Known for pushing boundaries and sometimes provocative imagery, her work has influenced scores of artists. Asked how she felt about her career, she said: “I’m incredibly grateful have been able to be successful for so long and to be able to be in a position that I am, to continue to create, to have the freedom to speak my mind and to feel inspired and creative.” “I’ll keep speaking my mind, hopefully in an as artistic a way as possible because I do like to be political but I like to do it in a poetic way.” Her new Madame X alter ego is a reflection of the singer, who is known for repeatedly reinventing herself. Madonna describes herself as “a curious person, constantly searching for answers, for wisdom, for knowledge to understand what life is all about.” “All of my work is informed by the things that I learn, so that’s what provokes the reinvention.” Asked about the #MeToo movement that has shaken Hollywood by uncovering sexual misconduct and its relevance for the music sector, Madonna said: “Of course it’s long overdue, women are treated very differently than men are in the music business. “But I don’t know exactly how that’s going to happen. I can’t speak up any more than I already am.”
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    Madonna 'nervous' and 'excited' as new album Madame X launches
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    She’s inspired. Passionate. Madame X the album is dope. It’s haunting. Banging. Hypnotic. Futuristic. It’s fluid. It’s solid. It’s bold. It’s pure perfection! Can’t wait to have my copies this Friday! @sidney78a God Control, Killers, Crazy, Come Alive, Faz, IDSIF are my instant favorites!
  10. Song: I Rise / Crave / Forward > Dark Ballet > Medellin Video: Dark Ballet > Crave > Medellin I end up choosing I Rise for its political statement & being an empowerment anthem.
  11. Select your favorite released Mx song & video. Poll ends on June 13th.
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    Mykki Blanco Explains 'Surreal' Experience of Working With Madonna on 'Dark Ballet' Video She's so invested in every detail of what she does, and when someone's been doing this for 30 years, especially a pop icon like her, I guess you would expect that,” he says. It was a relatively regular day for Mykki Blanco: last year, the rapper was walking around an IKEA in Lisbon, Portugal, attempting to find a couch to furnish his new apartment. All of a sudden, his phone buzzed as a text message came in saying, “Hello, is this Mykki?” When the star confirmed and questioned back, asking who was texting him, he received the reply, “Hi, this is M, Madonna.” It wasn’t a total shock for Blanco — producer extraordinaire Mike Dean had reached out two weeks prior asking if he could give Madonna his contact information. But what started as a simple text conversation turned into an elongated phone call within the confines of the Lisbon IKEA. “I was hiding in a staged kitchenette set in an IKEA with the curtains closed, and we’re talking on the phone for the first time,” he tells Billboard. “So you can imagine how surreal this was for me.” READ MORE Mykki Blanco Responds to Fans Wanting a Madonna Collaboration: '2019 Might Be Full of All Kinds of Surprises' A whirlwind transpired over the next few months — Blanco met with Madonna in her London home, heard a finished version of her album Madame X (which he calls “a manifestation of Madonna’s imagination”), and was asked to play a role in one of her new music videos. But Blanco wasn’t offered just any role. Madonna chose him to portray the legendary French heroine Joan of Arc in her video for “Dark Ballet,” believing that the rapper could properly relate to the saint’s struggle. “She tells me, ‘Based on some of the things that you've told me you experienced in this industry and in this society, I feel that some of those things could be a modern day analogy for Joan,’” he says. “‘Because think about if you had existed as you in her time — you would have been burned at the stake as well.’” In the new video (out today), Blanco, as Joan, is seen being held in a prison, praying for salvation before being brought before a tribunal. Ultimately, Joan is found guilty of her crimes, sentenced to death and burned at the stake. Blanco, stripped down and head shaved, wails in pain while a group of mourning nuns (including Madonna) looks on. But the video takes a cerebral turn, as Blanco’s Joan appears in a strange dream sequence, once again before her tribunal, performing an erratic dance to Tchaikovsky’s “Dance of the Reed Flutes” from The Nutcracker Suite. “God is on my side and I'll be fine/ I am not afraid 'cause I have faith in him,” Madonna sings through a vocoder as Blanco thrashes around a circle of judges, newly dressed in saintly garb. While the video was directed by up-and-coming talent Emmanuel Adjei, Blanco says that Madonna basically served as an uncredited co-director for the project, advising on acting, choreography, cinematography, and even the costuming of the background extras. “She's so invested in every detail of what she does, and when someone's been doing this for 30 years, especially a pop icon like her, I guess you would expect that,” he says. “Intention is very important to her, that's what I took away.” In one particular exchange, according to Blanco, Madonna even took over a choreography rehearsal, saying that she wanted to try something different for a section of the video. “Within an hour and a half, we had new choreography directly from Madonna,” he says with a laugh. “Madonna's a hell of a dancer.” READ MORE 7 Things We Learned From Madonna's 'New York Times Magazine' Interview The rapper says he understands that the video is surreal and strange, but adds that everything Madonna does has purpose and meaning outside of simple shock value. “We don't just shoot something or move or flail our arms just for the hell of it,” he says with a laugh. “There's always a deeper, inner intention.” But Blanco feels that Madonna’s current innovations in her music are largely overlooked thanks to her age. Madonna would certainly agree with that statement — in an Instagrampost on Thursday (June 6), the singer criticized the New York Times Magazine’s cover story on her, saying that the writer was primarily focused on her age rather than her artistry. In our interview, Blanco says he has not had an opportunity to read the story, but he agrees with Madonna that many in the industry overlook Madonna’s creativity in favor of her age. “When people are making these comments that are so ageist, it's not only tacky, but it's so disgusting to me,” he says. “It's so misogynist, because you're saying an artistic being shouldn't continue to play and manifest their imagination however they see fit.” It’s no surprise that Blanco identifies with Madonna’s alleged plights — the star revealedhis positive HIV status in 2015 and says he thought it would be the end of his career. But seeing an artist of Madonna’s caliber celebrate him in her work has meant that he no longer has to worry about the status of his career. “She's not doing me any favors,” he clarifies. “But for her to reach her hand out and lift me up creatively to her level … that does mean something to me. This project has exposed me to an audience that might not have been within my reach.”