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  1. L-U-V

    You mean the Who's that girl tour and the Blond Ambition tour? There is no way Madonna will release an album without touring. It's not the 90's anymore and she'll be 61, if she doesn't tour while she can...
  2. L-U-V

    Sadly I don't think so :( I'm expecting the lead single(s) in May like MadonnaTribe said
  3. L-U-V

    This is easy, American Life
  4. L-U-V

    This is easy, American Life
  5. L-U-V

    Is no one talking about this?
  6. L-U-V

    She shouldn't have stayed quiet for years and years. Why doesn't she do soundtrack songs like Die Another day and Beautiful stranger? If had been her, I would have released two singles in 2014 while she was finishing RH, like Borrowed time in summer and Ghosttown in winter. I don't like how she disappears completely as soon as a tour is over
  7. L-U-V

    She will premier the lead singles at Eurovision, nothing is coming out until then. It's pretty obvious at this point. The album is following in June as MadonnaTribe said. We just need to make peace with the fact that we're almost 4 moths away from any new music *sigh*
  8. L-U-V

    RH - this wins for the songwriting HC - catchy af MDNA - 90% trash
  9. L-U-V

    It could be a visual album. It would explain why she is so early on schedule with the filming if the album is coming out in June. She could be shooting 12/13 videos or a film á la Beyoncé
  10. L-U-V

    the RIT version is the absolute best.
  11. L-U-V

    I think it's pretty obvious that Magic is the title at the this point
  12. L-U-V

    Is it the first time she has used #miracle?
  13. L-U-V

    But all official material published since uses the American version, including Madonna.com when it had a discography section. So I think this is the official cover NOW
  14. @The Same Partsthank you!!! That's so informative!! So Rebel heart will be higher sound quality if bought online compared to a CD rip? What albums are available in studio quality?
  15. Hello everyone, I was wondering whether the highest sound quality possible for Madonna albums are CD rips or whether they are the same quality as Spotify? Otherwise does anyone know what the best sound quality would be? I think the file extension should be wav? Thanks!