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  1. kesiak

    I thought the special was rather cringey to be honest.
  2. To be fair there's been ZERO promotion of it in the UK - not a single review in the UK press, nothing on TV. I think it might be something to do with the fact she's coming here with her Christmas tour next week and perhaps she'll do some promo for Caution at the same time.
  3. kesiak

    I love how people JUST KNOW who Madonna is surrounded by and how she makes her decisions. My crystal ball's been playing up recently, if anyone has a spare one give me a shout .
  4. kesiak

    "Express Yourself" might've been inspired by The Staples Singers but it sounds NOTHING like their song. Something that cannot be said about "Born This Way" .
  5. kesiak

    Alicia plays the piano on "Living for Love".
  6. kesiak

    Nice video but the song is forgettable.
  7. kesiak

    It is by far one of her best songs ever. Period. Great melody, brilliant lyrics (very current given state of the world - poignant without being preachy), 100% classic Madonna. Bad promotion? What are we talking about? It had an epic video featuring a hot actor (Terrence Howard fresh of "Empire's" success at the time), it was performed during various TV appearances and performed live with Taylor Swift, hottest thing in pop. May I also remind everyone it was named best song of 2015 by the Rolling Stone? I absolutely agree with Diplo - it would've been a massive hit for anyone else.
  8. kesiak

    It was part of GHV2 promo if I remember right. Here are the files:
  9. Anyone's got "Runway" by any chance?
  10. kesiak

    They've not had any exclusive info since the hacker got busted
  11. kesiak

    This is a woman who is an icon, sold more than 300 million albums, is the highest grossing solo live act of all time, has won countless awards and accolades. The idea that if the next album flops/doesn't live up to expectations "breaks" her career in some way is quite amusing to be honest .
  12. kesiak

    XXI century Don't Tell Me deserves to be up there - I watched it recently and was struck how fresh and beautiful it looks even now.
  13. kesiak

    I know we're excited but honestly...