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  1. kesiak

    I find dissecting something like that is a bit like trying to figure out how many songs exactly she sings live on her concerts - ultimately it's not for your own benefit (as a Madonna fan) but to have ammunition to defend her against critics. What difference does it make in the end? Ella Fitzgerald didn't write her stuff, neither did Whitney and tons of others. If you want real insight into how much Madonna is involved in the recording process of her albums I recommend Lucy O'Brian's biography. As for getting writing credits for close to nothing, it's pretty common in the music industry and has been for a long time. It has gotten worse in the recent decade or so, I think, which results in songs having dozens of names credited - it's pretty much enough to be in the room while the song is being written/recorded these days to be named as one of the writers.
  2. kesiak

    Oh no you didn't...
  3. kesiak

    It's not that bad. I'll take this over "Me Against The Music" any day.
  4. kesiak

    Thank you! She's got great songs, interesting voice, looks amazing but has the stage presence of a cold potato.
  5. kesiak

    She started working with Pettibone then changed direction and ditched him altogether with Bedtime Stories. She initiated Ray of Light with Rick Nowels and Pat Leonard and then did the bulk of the album with Orbit.
  6. kesiak

    That's hardly a challenge...
  7. kesiak

    I'm pretty sure the auction item mentioned "recording" not "previewing" the album.
  8. kesiak

    I'm sorry but what is wrong with people? When you make assumptions and guesses based on Instagram hashtags, decide on release dates without having any official confirmation whatsoever, then you're bound to be disappointed. Let's put this in perspective - she could do Cher and release a paint-by-numbers covers album, would that make anyone happy? As for MDNA skin care, she's always had extracurricular activities - there was Maverick in the 90s, then the children's books, Material Girl clothing line, shoes, perfumes, whatever. Do I care about most of those things? I don't - so what? She doesn't owe me every second of her life just cause I'm a fan and I don't have to like every single thing she's involved in. So it's a few more months till new music. Deal with it .
  9. kesiak

    Didn't she spray it straight into her mouth somewhere? I'm sure your underwear regions will be safe .
  10. kesiak

    Isn't that precisely why Mirwais is a great choice? His sound didn't become ubiquitous after collaboration with Madonna (unlike Orbit's and Price's for example) and if, say, "Impressive Instant" dropped today it would sound as fresh as anything. It's also totally unfair to say all of their collaborations sound the same - "Future Lovers" sounds nothing like "Music" which in turn sounds different to "Easy Ride" for example.
  11. But that was a case with a lot of artists in those days - many songs were sent out to get a slightly different treatment for the single/radio release. Mariah's "Someday" was a radio hit partly due to Pettibone's 7" remix treatment. Madonna's earlier songs, like "Open Your Heart" and "True Blue" were remixed for 7" and radio formats (though not by Step in these instances). It wasn't unusual at all in those days so I highly doubt Bray would have been offended.
  12. kesiak

    I never said or even implied that #1 position are faked. Not sure where you got that idea from. I don't even think "Empire" soundtrack "stole" #1 from Madonna - I was just describing the reality of charts/sales nowadays. It is what it is. My point was that they are increasingly irrelevant.
  13. kesiak

    She really is beyond the point in her career where sales have got any impact on her future, I think that's obvious. She reached an iconic status, like Streisand, Elvis, Aretha, etc. Nothing will change that now. Also, we're talking about album sales like it's the 90s - those days are gone, move on. Nobody sells such numbers anymore (and please, I don't want to hear how many copies Adele has shifted cause she's clearly an exception). I mean, "Rebel Heart" was kept off #1 spot in America because a soundtrack album had more STREAMS that week. This is the reality. Drake's last album was at #1 on Billboard 200 with 29,000 copies - I think that's all you need to know about the relevance of actual album sales nowadays.