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  1. kesiak

    That's actually pretty normal for music video shoots.
  2. kesiak

    I don't think I could actually name 15 songs of hers I hate. I refuse to acknowledge the existence of "Hey You" and "Me Against The Music" however.
  3. kesiak

    Really? I'm actually really enjoying it - the Britney church segment was the funniest thing I've seen on this show for a long time .
  4. kesiak

    Totally. It's not just Cry Me A River anyway - it's also quite a clear derivative of What Goes Around. There's absolutely nothing original or experimental about Devil Wouldn't Recognise You. Truly.
  5. kesiak

    I don't really care much about critical acclaim either but one of your arguments for True Blue and Like A Virgin's superiority was the fact that they sold more. By that logic Like A Prayer is a better album than Hard Candy where it wins in both: sales and acclaim . Enjoy Hard Candy - I do too actually.
  6. kesiak

    Well that would make sense. I only hope it would be someone other than Zane Lowe interviewing her.
  7. kesiak

    Yeah, but that happens to any album once it goes into physical production these days. I meant actual behind the scenes/recent demo stuff - nothing's leaked since then as far as I'm aware.
  8. kesiak

    Uhm, but that answer answer was given in response to a question about the Rebel Heart leaks which spurred the release of 6 tracks with pre-order on iTunes in December 2014. No new material leaked since then unless I missed something?
  9. kesiak

    That may well be true but "Like A Prayer" had better reviews than either of those albums and marked the first time Madonna was being seen as something other than just a dumb dance diva. I get the impression you're enjoying the baiting though so I won't go on .
  10. kesiak

    This literally means nothing. Like, a lot of words that for some random reason got stuck together but no matter how many times you read them you fail to find any meaning or information .
  11. kesiak

    Cool, I see what you meant now. Personally I don't know how I feel about boycotting an entire country because of its politics. Like I genuinely don't know how I feel about it - part of me thinks bringing an event like that to Israel (or having sports events held in places like Russia or China) brings attention to the political issues and brings spotlight to the region. On the other hand, I can see how that very same thing can be see as legitimising that country's policies.
  12. kesiak

    She went to Israel after wrapping up the Re-Invention Tour (as documented in I'm Going To Tell You A Secret), she kicked off MDNA Tour in Tel Aviv where she actually called for peace between Palestine and Israel - what's your point?
  13. kesiak

    People should really lighten up when it comes to Eurovision - nobody treats it as a "serious" music competition/event, it's a great laugh and is camp as fuck (usually inadvertently so). It's not the classiest of settings, I agree, but I totally understand the logic behind promoting new material at this event given its massive global audience.
  14. kesiak

    I blame Wiki - I think it says 6 million there. I actually think "Invincible" is a decent album but it really doesn't hold its own when compared to his earlier stuff - even "American Life" had better reviews. Ahead of its time though? Come on .
  15. kesiak

    Uhm, I get your points (sort of) but the last real hit Michael had was You Rock My World in 2001. Recent Drake vocals feature really doesn't count as a solo effort, Love Never Felt So Good I suppose is another story but even with that Madonna's career post 2000 had more hits (you're not seriously counting his older songs that charted after his death?). And both, "Erotica" and "American Life" sold pretty much the same as "Invincible" yet managed to produce longer lasting hits and with time their value was reconsidered which, to a degree, admittedly happened with "Invincible" but nobody sees that album as a misunderstood-at-a-time, influential piece of work the way "Erotica" is for instance. Also, judging by the quality of songwriting on "Invincible" and the posthumous releases, perhaps it's best Michael wasn't allowed to make more albums cause it would turn him into Prince whose output was ridiculously prolific but the quality of which was often questionable at best. As for your sexism comment - Adam Lambert got a lot of heat for kissing one of his male musicians during American Music Awards in 2009. I don't see what's sexist about it however, that's just pure homophobia. Madonna was heavily criticised for her stint with Britney and Christina as well by the way, I'm sure you can recall the uproar it caused. By the way, I'm a huge fan of both Prince and Michael Jackson .