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  1. kesiak

    Another piece from Guardian in UK: All hail Madonna, a 60-year-old woman who won’t be quiet
  2. kesiak

    I think a bit part of it is also the digital technology. Someone said once in relation to photography that with analog we accept the flaws while with digital we seek them out. I think that's true in music as well. I'm not saying that Rebel Heart was a flawless album done with attention to detail but mistakes and flaws have always happened, we just tend to scrutinise and question these things more nowadays.
  3. kesiak

    Awesome piece: ‘Bigger than any man she ever encountered’: the under-appreciated genius of Madonna
  4. kesiak

    Last time it was a range of £80 - £190 if I remember correctly. UK is the worst when it comes to ticket prices. It's cheaper to see her in mainland Europe.
  5. Bye Bye Baby ranked higher than Crazy For You and Ghosttown? Come on...
  6. kesiak

    There was an obvious tone of criticism/judgement in your post ("desperately wants to look young", "is having a Monday syndrome") and it's cool, why deny it? You're free to express whatever opinion you may hold, it's your prerogative. I was just pointing out why it was ageist.
  7. kesiak

    You have criticised Madonna for acting like an adolescent which immediately implies you think there's a right and wrong way to behave for people past a certain age. That is ageism.
  8. Goodness, where to start... Madonna was on every magazine cover between 1989 and 1992 - you opened your fridge and she popped up. For people who weren't into her or didn't think that she was talented, that oversaturation must've seemed like an imposition of sorts as well. Maybe it's a matter of personal tastes - I didn't care much about Beyoncé's first few albums (some great singles but nothing beyond that) but I truly think her last 2 studio albums are absolutely outstanding in every way. They also sold over 7 million copies together so clearly some people enjoy her music. If you watch her recent Coachella set, whether you like that type of music or not, you cannot deny the woman's charisma, talent and musicality. I do agree that there's a bit of a Beyoncé cult in the media but I also think she's worked hard to get where she is. Gender, racial and sex issues aren't unique to the USA sadly. Great Britain's relationship with race in post-colonial times is a struggle (to say the least), not to mention the recent rise of far-right, outright racist rhetoric in countries like Italy, Poland and Hungary. And don't even get me started on Russia. As for Illuminatti, there are plenty of videos online dissecting supposed Illuminati symbols in Madonna's work. But then again, there are also people out there who proudly believe that the Earth is flat . Coming back to the Guardian feature, I read all these pieces this morning and while I enjoyed them all, it was Matt Cain's bit that really struck a chord with me as well - I could relate to pretty much everything he was saying. All hail the Queen .
  9. kesiak

    If the book was meant to be about him howcome her name is in the title? .