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  1. me too!! adding BODY LANGUAGE instrumentals to that list!
  2. (soundboard recording promo concert of her new album LOT SOULS) [Hidden Content]
  3. (radio rip) [Hidden Content] (unreleased 10 tracks version) [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] (radio rip) [Hidden Content]
  4. (soundboard) [Hidden Content] (radio rip_) [Hidden Content] (soundboard) [Hidden Content]
  5. [Hidden Content] (radio rip) [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] (radio rip) [Hidden Content] (soundboard) [Hidden Content]
  6. [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] (Soundboard recording) [Hidden Content]
  7. Kosmmik

    [Hidden Content] HERE'S THE LINK of the DVD file
  8. Kosmmik

    I authored this dvd a few years ago. full concert ..all pro shot and no tags. but the quality of the video is not the best i'm afraid.
  9. Kosmmik

    Sticky & Sweet Tour...is special to me. I remember back when she released her Hard Candy album,...I had a dream that she would have a tour with exactly this name!
  10. Different angles....

    Madonna's channel has just published the DRESS YOU UP official video.

    I noticed several different angles from the video published by WB's channel...apart of missing the intro:


    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. KaitoXD


      @cailohforniaI believe that it's being omitted because of the limited capacity of the VHS/Laserdisc back then.

    3. Enrico


      This intro gives the song a new meaning and makes the video more interesting. I like the "I went to NY" intro, but I'd rather have both. Nice that they decided to upload this version.

    4. me1981


      This looks like the original broadcast version, probs why the Madonna VHS intro isn't included, as this aired prior to her taping it.

  11. yes ^^ I was watching the movie while reading the topic!! I worte to make the topic alive...I'm a huge Kylie fan and I'd love to have the GD instrumentals
  12. salty....

  13. "you'll float too!!"