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    I like this thread

    While the world is entranced with this crap music I believe M will take the good parts of what is good right now and make something magical. Just like Ray of Light was both a product of its time by incorporating trip-hop, electronica, and techno, its easy to forget what alot of the other music that was out at the time sounded like and what Ray of Light DID NOT incorporate into its sound. Spice Girls- Wannabe Backstreet Boys- Quit Playing Games With my Heart AQUA- Barbie Girl Third Eye Blind- Semi Charmed Bullshit Smash Mouth Matchbox Twenty Chumba Wumba A whole mess of crap. I think this will be that same moment. She can incorporate sounds of now without using the crap music of now and at the same time be commercially successful and top the charts that don't matter. Very different from her MDNA moment where EDM was the sound and she conformed. At least that's what I think. Who knows maybe we'll get a horrible trap album where she mumbles about xanax over autotune.
  3. Im loving the photo she has framed in her home...



  4. Die Another Day and Love profusion

    "Did she say that I finger fucked her? I remember looking at her bush..."

    There is so much wrong with this article. Its jumbling together a superfan hating on their own idol, which it barely gives an example of, online behavior in general in the form of memes and the sharing of information whether it be good or bad, and the hating from one fanbase against another fanbases idol which does exist and is rampant but is not the same thing as hating on your own idol. It gives an example of guys heckling Judy Garland when she was too drunk to finish her show. But this is more of an issue with paying for a ticket and not getting what you paid for. "The love-hate dynamic of gay stan culture that Bronski describes is now largely mediated through social media. Heckling in smoky nightclubs has been replaced by “hate memes”, when stans circulate unflattering edited pictures or examples of a star’s least-becoming behaviour" If and when we circulate an unflattering picture of M, I would say 99.99% of the time its not with ill intent and more just to see an outtake in its unedited form. The "truth" if you will. Not to mention unflattering is subjective. And finally there are certain things that became viral sensations and are not gay exclusive or fanbase exclusive. Britney's 2007 meltdown which is mentioned. or Beyonce's Super Bowl photos. This is not gay men hating on their idol or someone else's idol. These are just humorous happenings that translate to everyone. To make it a gay fanbase exclusive is just false. Sorry, that article just irritated the hell out of me. Edit: I forced myself to finish the article and at least there's a quote from someone who has a little sense. “Because the object of a fan’s adoration becomes very important to the fan’s happiness, when there is some sort of disappointment, that brings a strong – and sometimes problematic – response. That is the dynamic behind the ‘mood swings’ you see in fandom, where fans love something one day and turn on it the next. It’s not about misogyny. It cuts across gender, sexuality, type of fandom, even time. Sports fans sometimes turn on star players in the same way. I don’t think it’s a male-female thing or a gay-straight thing. I think it’s a human thing.”
  7. Me too. Just over here collecting for the cover art I guess.

    Ok... It was awesome to see her live. I saw her in 2012 for the KIN tour as iamamiwhoami and it was equally as amazing. So much bass. Everyone has so much love for every song. Songs that maybe you didn't connect with before all the sudden become magical experiences. Her voice is perfect. -It has grown so much and now there is no compromise to seing her live vs. the recording. It only enhances the song. The decision to have her as the only vocalist was the biggest improvement sound wise. Last time she had two backup singers(one a male) and i really despised his vocal on my favorite songs. it didn't fit. Here, Jonna sings all parts herself, unless she points the mic at you and then you do as you are told. Lots of little tweaks and mixing here and there to the music that make it fresh. For instance they started with the intro to Samaritan and got everyone hyped but the song busted into Work. There was a crazy scream at the beginning of Samaritan, not sure if it ws prerecorded or not. I really hope she records one of these shows for release as its truly a great experience. She's warm and comfortable and has a great stage presence. She seems to be really giving when it comes to releases tho, unlike some other artists this forum features. anyway... 10/10 go see it if u can.

    THIS! It comes down to fuckability. If Ariana put in a gold tooth and chopped her hair off and said "if I take you from behind..." you'd see dudes dropping like flies.

    THIS. Probably when she took the BOY TOY belt off and guys realized (if they ever did) it was a joke. Seriously tho, it was probably The Sex Book. Not to stereotype, but I feel like straight guys were/are a bit conservative with their sex. Or at least want their sex partner to have an innocence that was definitely not on display with Madonna at this time. She was ferocious and domineering and in control, and that probably scared a lot of guys. Throw on top some AIDS charity work, an all gay male dance group and a song about a feeling they couldn't understand in their wildest dreams (VOGUE). Interestingly she became less "fuckable" when she explored her most sexual era, IMHO. You could probably scream sexism or misogyny but people are attracted to what they're attracted to, and I think Dita turned alot of guys off. Thats just the first thing that comes to mind.
  11. I would say also when she sticks her finger in her throat and says "anybody who says my show is neat has to go" Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I definitely saw that show. It was around 2000 or 2001.
  13. "When the tour stops in Madonna’s hometown of Detroit, her visit to her mother’s grave feels stagey as well; her brother Christopher — credited as the tour’s artistic director — stands watch by a tree while she lies down next to her mother’s headstone. The moment is striking in the way it frames this loss of a parent as Madonna’s experience only, rather than something these two siblings share." This is something I noticed watching the film recently. As a kid it flew over my head, as I probably didn't realize that was her brother. But watching Truth or Dare as a "grown up" I saw many things differently and as possibly staged. We discussed it somewhere on the forum. I remember someone saying that they did in fact shoot some scenes over as they didn't get the right shot.
  14. Girl we need to take u out!! Ive seen Tina like 3 or 4 times. She really gives it all.