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    Well... It was also probably shelved because a rap song was released a year and a half before Erotica that sampled that same song.

    i agree.... Thats why I used the word "inspiration", not "plagiarism"

    Maybe some people won't. But the words evoke The Police instantly for me. Specifically this point.

    Perhaps to you. To me it sounds like she took the instrumental of House of the Rising Sun and sang over top of it, then they turned that vocal into its own new song. Her vocal clearly follows the melody of House of the Rising Sun. "I've been swimming in the ocean.." Theres no doubt.

    Madonna Push "Keep on pushing like nobody" at 0:52 mark and "Every race I win" 1:02 mark Goldfrapp Slide In 0:23 Goldfrapp Vocal Delays Slide In 1:09 The Police Every Breath You Take (The whole song) It was no secret Madonna was listening to Goldfrapp's Supernature in the months leading up to Confessions on a Dancefloor release. She was pictured holding their record on the street walking into the gym or studio. However when listening to Confessions it wasn't immediately obvious how that record inspired her. Madonnas record was more fluid and disco influenced where Supernature is very Glam Rock, Future Dance. They did both take inspiration from the 70's and 80's though and both featured a clean electronic sound. One thing I think Madonna played off of is Goldfrapp's Slide In. Goldfrapp sings the words "slide in" in a melody that slides downward, making the words move like they describe. Madonna expanded on this idea to make Push. In Push Madonna uses Goldfrapp-esque vocal delays BEFORE words to create a sort of musical resistance. When she sings "Keep on pushing like nobody" at 0:52 mark it sounds like you are pushing through the song. It feels heavy and thick. The chorus (if you can call it that) is an obvious nod to Every Breath I Take by The Police.

    Madonna Addicted Britney Spears Womanizer They share the same general chord progression idea in steps downward which give both songs a sinister sound.

    Im pretty sure whoever wrote this was influenced by Paparazzi by Lady Gaga I know this sounds like a stretch.... BUT hear me out. After the whole Born this Way fiasco it was almost ridiculous to hear Madonna singing the line "Im your biggest fan". The word Superstar also makes an appearance in the chorus. Theres no other connection, but seeing as Madonna is known for changing lines and did not change this one, makes me think it is deliberate. (and yes she knows the song Paparazzi, She had seen Gaga live at this point)
  8. I thought it might be interesting to post songs you believe were the inspiration for Madonna's songs. Either chords or melody or general themes or ideas that led to a songs creation. @DickTracymade a status update saying how Devil Pray Sounds very similar to House of the Rising Sun by The Animals Post links to make it easy. And stay on topic, No GagaXMadonna feud here. (I do think M has been inspired by Gaga a few times.) Ill start with a few.... Madonna I'm Addicted (The One that got Away) Specifically at the 0:53 mark First Choice Love and Happiness At the 1:26 mark the next one I have is more of a direct sample Erotica Kenlou B-Boy Mix Rufus Thomas Sophisticated Sissy

    I can't believe no one mentioned 3 of my favorites!!! Run and I'm in Love with Love and Take a Day

    Probably. Definitely not. This will probably not happen while she is alive unfortunately. I used to love the fact she "never looked back", but nowadays... Im wishing she would. if only for a moment. Like when Bjork all the sudden released every single fucking thing she did on DVD at practically the same time. or when she had an exhibition at the MoMA and had all her albums on colored vinyl on sale in the gift shop. Also a sheet music book with all her music.

    Die Another Day Justify My Love Skin

    His music is super derivative of Disco. Most of it. Even his slower songs have disco elements in them. For Instance "Oloulou" from the YAS record. He's a GOD because of his ability to make music 3 dimensional. And give synths a personality. He also understands how to keep a listener interested with variation either through an instruments melody or tone or some sort of manipulation of the voice itself. Disco as in Nobody Knows Me disco..... not I Will Survive disco.

    hmmmmm.... Interesting that youve listened to Animal and not the Ray of Light album. you neeed to listen to 3 of her best albums if you havent. MUSIC Confessions on a Dancefloor and Ray of Light and if you havent watched Truth or Dare.... do that now. And then Watch the Confessions Tour.....Then Im Going to Tell You a Secret. then smack yourself and listen to American Life again cuz its amazing. Then watch the Girlie Show.... Then slap yourself again and listen to Erotica again on a rainy night in. Then watch Vogue MTV Awards Then Hung Up European MTV Awards Then watch the Drowned World Tour followed immediately by the MDNA tour if you havent watched the Superbowl, you should watch that after Vogue MTV awards, its important that you stay in order Ill give you your next list when u finish this one.

    "Did You Do it?" ?