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  1. PWCCA

    Everybody and Think of Me were always my favourites. But much love also to Burning Up
  2. PWCCA

    Nothing beats the BAT performance. It was so much fun. WTG and GS performances were also damn good
  3. PWCCA

    Where's the Party. It s a fantastic song, and it could have been huge
  4. PWCCA

    BAT, for me, was the only time she ever performed this FLAWLESSLY. The majority of future performances just seem to strip the life away from this beautiful song. Also, Like a Prayer pre Madonna's Evita vocal training sounds a lot better.
  5. PWCCA

    Yeah, this one isn't Marilyn Manson, but some unknown rock band. However, there is a home demo version of Justify My Love. It's pretty shit, but it was recorded in 1990/91 by one of Manson's early bands, Satan on Fire.
  6. PWCCA

    It's ummmm.... well, ummmm.... well, he's a great dancer at least.
  7. PWCCA

    Bad promotion, lack of support from the label, her age, it being the second single from an album that sold so poorly.... there could be a hundred different reasons why it bombed, which is a shame. Handled well, it could have been a hit for her.
  8. PWCCA

    I have mixed views on the new calendar. On one hand, it's nice to see a career retrospective, however, it is so incredibly lazy to just use the album covers and nothing else
  9. PWCCA

    Both songs are great, but I gotta give my vote to Erotica... its brilliant
  10. PWCCA

    This session was simply stunning. Possibly the most beautiful she has ever looked
  11. PWCCA

    My first Madonna item was the True Blue Hong Kong cassette album back in 86. Sadly long lost, though I would love to get hold of another
  12. Not one of my favourites, but it is more listenable than the albums which followed it. For me, the stand-out song in terms of quality is Forbidden Love. It's a beautiful song. Future Lovers a close second.
  13. PWCCA

    Depends on the venue. The o2 in London is huge and an excellent arena complex
  14. PWCCA

    Though a residency in London, such as what Prince did, and what MJ was planning, would be a much better idea than Vegas. Doing Vegas is rather tacky