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  1. PWCCA

    Well we do have the BAT Houston recording. Its not an official release, but its the video that was fed to the arena screens
  2. PWCCA

    As a child of the 80s, YCD was part of my life soundtrack. I think its a great album
  3. PWCCA

    Least favourite to favourite... Hard Candy Rebel Heart MDNA Celebration American Life GHV2 Confessions on a Dancefloor Music Something to Remember Bedtime Stories Madonna Like a Virgin True Blue You Can Dance I'm Breathless Ray of Light Like a Prayer The Immaculate Collection Erotica
  4. PWCCA

    From least favourite to favourite... Did You Do It? Bad Girl Their of Hearts Words Rain Why's it so Hard? In This Life Where Life Begins Bye Bye Baby Deeper & Deeper Fever Erotica Waiting Secret Garden
  5. PWCCA

    Least favourite to favourite... Cherish Promise to Try Act of Contrition Dear Jessie Like a Prayer Spanish Eyes Till Death Do Us Part Express Yourself Love Song Keep it Together Oh Father There are tracks on this album that I like less than others, but to be fair, its still an absolute masterpiece.
  6. Is there any news on this one? Was it just rumour?
  7. La Isla Bonita part II, lol
  8. Had it stayed an album track, then we might not have been gifted that beautiful video. For me, it one of the best and most personal videos of her career.
  9. It was included on the Holiday Collection EP, so not completely ignored, lol. But it should be paid more attention... it should have replaced Miles Away, Cherish or Revolver on the Celebration compilation.
  10. I wouldn't exactly call it a masterpiece, but it is a song that I have always liked a lot. It's a great pop song
  11. PWCCA

    I just love how she growls out her vocals on Rescue Me. It's a brilliant track.
  12. PWCCA

    Least favourite to favourite... Jimmy Jimmy White Heat La Isla Bonita Love Makes the World Go Round True Blue Live to Tell Papa Don't Preach Open Your Heart Where's the Party
  13. PWCCA

    They are both really great songs. Such a shame they were overlooked
  14. PWCCA

    Least favourite to favourite... Like a Virgin Material Girl Into The Groove Love Don't Live Here Anymore Shoo Bee Doo Over & Over Angel Dress You Up Stay Pretender
  15. PWCCA

    I never sing in the shower, but I do like to listen to music when I am in there. Early Madonna is best, maybe first album or Like a Virgin album.