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  1. PWCCA

    Got it! I effing love this album
  2. PWCCA

    That one is genuine. These were handed to the first few customers to purchase Music on its day of release in HMV on Oxford Street
  3. PWCCA

    SPOTLIGHT, its a great song for motivation
  4. Not my favourite album at all, but I have always felt that this was the last album where she truly 'tried' to take risks with her music, and that I totally respect. A lot of filler on this record, but also a few gems. Easy Ride is probably my favourite song from this one.
  5. PWCCA

    I forgot about I Fucked Up. That one is up there with Bitch I'm Madonna in the awful title awful song list lol. Truly horrendous
  6. The song that is almost always overlooked.... Gambler. Brilliant song.
  7. PWCCA

    Bitch I'm Madonna (everything about this song was horrible) Autotune Baby Gang Bang (it was better as Bang Bang) Candy Shop
  8. PWCCA

    You would most certainly need a sick bucket and some Listerine afterwards
  9. PWCCA

    Huge dicks in the mouth are for good boys only, not scummy f*ckers like Piers Morgan, lol
  10. I'd literally kill for a yellow vinyl release of I'm Breathless. Though somehow, I feel that a reissue of this album is something we are unlikely to see. Madonna vinyls have seen several reissues over the years, though this album has seen nothing since its original release. Sad, as its a damn good album
  11. Here's hoping that they are a general release, and not more Sainsbury's releases
  12. PWCCA

    If the album is good enough, then I will purchase the physical copies, with vinyl if its good release. I never buy digital... I simply cannot spend money on a record if I cannot have the physical copying my hands. I also never stream.
  13. I think I have only watched the Lisbon show all the way through just one time, and any other viewings involved a lot of track-skipping. I always found it to be one of her more boring live shows. Its very visually appealing in parts, but there was so much about the tour that let it down for me... the over-use of lip-syncing, the subliminal Kabbalah references, the boring acoustic renditions, the bagpipes & kilts, the whole awful Into the Hollywood Groove mix, etc.
  14. PWCCA

    Same here. I had never heard of this guy before, but his music... wow.
  15. PWCCA

    The Justify My love and Hanky Panky pic discs. They are gorgeous