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  1. PWCCA

    I would actually love it more if maybe she waited a bit longer before embarking on another tour. They seem to be coming rather too frequent compared to the 80s/90s. I'd personally prefer it if she put that extra time and effort into delivering an absolute masterpiece of an album
  2. PWCCA

    It sure sounds like Susannah. Never heard this demo before... I really like it
  3. PWCCA

    Ooops, I shall remember that for my next visit to Turkey 😋
  4. PWCCA

    Birşey değil! Though, I wish I could take credit for that, but its Neil and Chris who make us both happy men hahaha
  5. PWCCA

    Bilingual is indeed one of them, released on Aug 31, along with Very, and Behaviour.
  6. PWCCA

    Yeah, 4 of their albums will be reissued at the same time.
  7. PWCCA

    I went for Express Yourself as the lyrics and video convey a greater meaning, but really, my answer could have gone either way as both are amazing songs and are among her signature tunes.
  8. PWCCA

    Ghosttown... for me, the only half decent song from that album... well, from the finished version of the album.
  9. PWCCA

    The Very reissue is coming next month. Already have it on pre-order lol. Such an amazing album
  10. PWCCA

    Its not likely to chart high. Even Ghosttown, the strongest track she has produced in years, was one of her lowest career charters (117 in the UK singles chart).
  11. A box-set release that contain's every single release since 1982 to present would be the best idea, but also for it to be a complete career retrospective that pays some attention to the very evolution of Madonna's career, so the inclusion of some remastered demos from the Emmy/Breakfast Club, as well as early incarnations of famous tracks, and unreleased outtakes would be absolutely amazing. A release somewhat similar to the Michael Jackson Ultimate Collection box set that was released in 2004 would be absolutely amazing... though she really could expand upon that greatly. However, all this is wishful thinking, and such a release would never happen. She (and her label) doesn't care enough about her back catalogue to put any work into such a career retrospective release... sadly.
  12. PWCCA

    I long to see a new Madonna album release without a (featuring....) tag in brackets after several song titles. I would really love for her to stay far away from flavour of the moment rap/hip-hop/R&B stars. That sound doesn't really work for her. Please Madonna, no more Nicki Minaj too. She's AWFUL!
  13. PWCCA

    I find it difficult to feel sad about this. He was a despicable man
  14. PWCCA

    I would love to see Marilyn Manson's albums reissued on vinyl. The original releases are suuuuper expensive to buy now
  15. PWCCA

    Has there been any official confirmation at all as to just how many of the coloured copies were released?