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Patrick Leonard's piano music

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here's Patrick Leonard's Instagram page.

with some of the most beautiful improvs ever heard.

(not sure how to insert the instagram videos here.)


on his latest video post he did answer somebody saying that what's left in the past is better left in the past, although M and him created something great together.

(I wish M would still work with im, secretly. So no-one would expect too much. And to then come up with a new classic.)



his soundcloud:



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La Isla Experiment:

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What he's shared so far on both of those pages has been great. They are worth following for sure. I absolutely love the "La Isla experiment" on SoundCloud. That and the other one you linked to above are my two favorites. He's been very cordial to the M fans who have commented as well. I think we're all secretly pulling for another collaboration (M's vocals on these piano pieces would be such a dream), but his perspective on that now is understandable. Regardless, I look forward to his future posts.

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