The New Album - 2019!!

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I hope this time she understands that in the times that we live nothing waits long. If something leaks, let her put ALL the album on sale the next day.[/size]

Well, it has to be ready and remastered first

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Apparently she has a new song called Cobra - which has Adele on it.

I also hear she's working with the Jacksons 5 (well..4...) on something that is believed to be a mere hit.

Overall she's having a new musical direction which mixes new wave and Russian classical choirs.



Oh, and I invented all of the above.



PS: the new album cover is depicting her in a jungle, strangely next to a rabbit.


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If it leaks, it won't be a "on sale" the next day that will save it. Downloads will be all over the place.


In my opinion, the right thing to do is to stay away from any kinda of Internet connection. Just produce it like in the 80s and 90s, with people on studio. If the tracks need to move around to be heard/worked, do it in hard disks and plug it to a disconnected computer. That's the lesson that should have been learned from Rebel Heart. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

I beyonce or Taylor Swift and other big names can release an album without leaking all over the place M can too !

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Here comes months and months of speculations, assumptions, subconsciously begging for everything to leak (hopefully not).....

Can't wait :P

Can we request to leave that out of this thread?  Can we just focus on what is actually shared with us, without some coming in here, speculating or having a meltdown over very little info.  I mean; I'm already reading here and in other groups especially these speculation of who she might be working with, already writing it off as if it's going to be awful, etc.  Seriously? How can we really determine something is "awful" when we have no idea if it's really true, or what it sounds like...if it is true, etc, etc.  I just feel some enjoy to suck all the excitement and fun out of the process we're about to witness and experience, as well as set these ridiculous expectations and then have these meltdowns when it doesn't come to fruition.  I've been a fan of her for most of her career.  I know she's a mix bag.  She's never going to go back and do a part 2 of anything.  And for the most part, her new album WILL be something different from the last, even though there might be some songs that reminiscence with past songs or past sounds.


Honestly, I feel like I'm one of the very few fans who care less about who she works with. I have no expectations. I am not interested in demanding her to work with certain people, or not to work with people.  That's not who Madonna is! That's not why I became a fan.  In the end, it's her art. I am a fan of what she comes up with, not what I want her to do. It wouldn't be her vision if she was to do it my way.  She's never asked for my input before. She's never asked any fans for such input, so why do fans in each new era, expect so much from her, when that's not who she is?  I understand there are some sounds she explores or people she works with that you do or do not like, but to sit here for months and months, bitching and moaning about her choices when she's never relied on your input (or any other fan's input) before seems pretty ridiculous and useless.  If you want it your way, then record your own damn album. Work with or don't work with the people you don't want to.  Madonna is her own artist. She's always been.  She never and never will succumb to your demands and wishes. She never works that way. And quite frankly, she didn't become the legend she is by doing so.  People need to chill. Just enjoy the process! 

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She started to follow Starrah


Co-songwriting credits

"Need meby Rihanna,
"Havanaand "Inside outby Camila,
"Feels"and "Heartstrokeby Calvin Harris,
"Regret in your tearsand "No Fraudsby Nicki Minaj,
"Girls like youand "What lovers doby Maroon 5 (new album),
"Swish swishby Katy Perry,
"Fake loveby Drake,
"Now or Neverby Halsey and
"Pick up thephone by Travis Scott.

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Not sure that it's true, but I heard that she is back working with Otto Von Wernherr :hearteyes::thinker:






So i'm a member of Tidal (you can fill out a request form for albums not in the catalog). Finally gave up on Hard Candy did that a ton last year BUT they did had the Early Years album. Now I thought I heard this r snippits or something I ignored/blocked out in early days. So I know the story goes she did backing : but honestly ssunds not lyrics on three cuts, he turned into more. But this thing is two discs and I total of 16 tracks. I only got threw Cosmic Climb. - It was all like an unpleasant hybrid of Vincent Price and the B-52's LOL.

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