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I need ur help guys, i want a list of all the Madonna related [movies, concerts, cameos...] blurays that are out there, no matter their region / country of origin. Just legit and official material, no bootlegs or anything like that. I wanna know if i'm missing any of them, and if that's the case, which one. THANKS A LOT.

These are the ones i have, plus Blue In The Face [MIROPBD2181 - REGION B].


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DSS has been released in the US

At close range released in the US

Dick Tracy released in the US

A league released in DE

Four Rooms released in FR (Groom Service) and DE

Blu In The Face released in DE

Girl 6 released in JP

Evita released in IT

Die Another Day relased in DE


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I think its more easy to list what hasnt been released on blu-ray - Who's That Girl, The Next Best Thing, Swept Away(Which are my 3 favourite M movies) :(

Blond Ambition Tour, Confessions Tour, RIT, Drowned World, All her music videos-  cry cry cry cry sobbing :((

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