The best official Kylie remixes

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My faves are

what do i have to do(the pump and the polly mix), better the devil you know(the mad march hare mix), cowboy style(fever tour studio version), got to be certain(extended), hand on your heart(the great aorta mix), let's get to it(tony king 12" Mix), it's no secret(extended), never too late(extended), no more rain(extended), shocked(dna mix), speakerphone(steve anderson 2009 remix), tears on my pillow(extended version), too much of a good thing(original 12" mix), wouldn't change a thing(the espanga mix)

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Everyone has recommended some of her best. I would recommend Confide In Me (Big Brothers Mix) and Butterfly (Sandstorm Dub) - Epic !

The Boombox remix album itself is great.

It's also worth checking out her tours - I'd say Fever onwards as she often completely remixes her older tracks or at least tweaks them for each tour.

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