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Give me your favourite M quote.

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On 9/11/2018 at 5:28 PM, robder said:

Junior said in a recent interview that it's not her in the recording he used. It's a recreation using a voice double.

I was really disappointed. :(

Oh wow! Now I'm disappointed as well! Isn't it possible he just made this up to be in Madonna's good graces again?

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It's not my favourite quote but the scene from In Bed With Madonna/Truth Or Dare when she's on the bed with Donna and Niki has been floating around my head for several years:


I'm in my dressing room sometimes and I think to myself:

'Who do I think I am, trying to pull this off?'

...I can only allow myself to think it once in a while... because if I do, I'm gone.



Makes me wonder sometimes...

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