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Since not much is really known about her, and for the love of her music, i am sharing some of her albums and singles she has released in her career from old to now

More info on Sharyn.net

Once you checked her out, comment below what do you think about her music, inspiration ect...

R-1431227-1338862690-4721.jpeg.jpg.5e6060a242d4790ac96c4d8c11985b15.jpgThe S-Factor - Hard To Get (1996)

OneAndOne600.jpg.7d1a1cb6360f596c4a7f162bbc942990.jpgOne & One (1998)600x600bf.jpg.cc471a87de5408bee8f69ebb8566660e.jpgDreams Remixed (Singles Remixes From The Always Dreamin' Album) 2002-2004


Before Bedtime 2006 : Unreleased Tracks and Demos


Nighttime Land (2008)

Singles - Can U wait, Sweet Nothings Wishlist (Christmas Promo)51ejSqh6B2L._SY355_.jpg.5e81cbe1b02424a15454ac1fc6ea1097.jpg

Sunkissed 2012 - Singles: In The sunlight, Famous, Endless Summer, He & Living the Good life

promo single: All I Want (Dj Pickee Rx)


The One 2018 (New Album Released On 7/11)

Latest Singles- Feels Like Heaven, If I Can See you... Again & All Day! (All Night!)


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