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In this momnet - Whore


I'm the boy you've been thinking aboutThe one thing you can't live withoutI'm the boy you've been waiting forI'll have you down on your kneesI'll have you begging for moreI CAN BE YOUR WHORE



:hearteyes: :hearteyes: :hearteyes: :hearteyes:

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I Like it <3 



We're the orphans from the holy land, the tears of JerusalemAnd in darkness we have prayed and swore to rise up once againWe are the sons of the blazing sunSharing our faith through the barrel of a gunWalk on holy water yet we burnBrothers of the orient stand as oneAn ancient promise in an orphaned landA clenched fist becomes an open handArmed forces spill their blood on holy sandsAgain and again we fail to see that all is oneWords like venom through our veins they runWeaving a web of deception hope is goneShall we re-live the pain of wars before?Or shall we be the light, the new folklore?Evil falls on each of us, there's nothing newWho cares if you're a Muslim or a JewThe awakened ones are nothing but a fewAnd the one to make the difference now is youFrom the Middle Eastern lands we ride, all children of AbrahamOur only sword, the light within, that burns as bright as sunWer're the orphans from the Holy Land, the keepers of Or-ShalemSo we bow to you our warriors for being simple men


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Loves this post. 



Super wow <3 <3 M.J and J.T <3


My fav song from " Xscape " is " Blue Gangsta " <3 <3



I Don't know why M.J Didn't release this song <3 so amazing <3 <3

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