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4 hours ago, trance2dance said:


She knew what she was getting into with R. Kelly, plain & simple. He was guilty as fuck by then, everyone knew about those videos. The song was literally his theme song, lol but on that note. She shouldn't be ashamed of the song. There is another version: 


As a huge gaga fan,  I'm very pissed that she even collaberated with him in the first place... And then the music video... This apology should've been made a long time ago but I'm glad that she finally has and is now taking action.  But @putyourpawsdown on instagram is going on about her never apologizing for working with Terry Richardson (which Madonna never apologized for either)  and they're saying her apology sounds fake.  it's just upsetting. They were hassling her demanding for an apology,  then they get one and then they continue to hate on her... What more do they want from her?? 

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9 hours ago, Brendanlovesu1 said:


Okay. Let me start by saying I like Gaga as an artist. but this statement has me very angry. I am a victim of sexual assault.

Not once in that statement does she say anything negative about R Kelly, she hasn’t even apologized for working with him, but just for making the video and song! She does say she won’t be working with him again, so what! It’s not the same as saying you’re sorry for working with him at all.

Shes making out she was a little girl when this all happens, her ‘younger self’ yet her last known tweet to him was in November 2014? Like you think they don’t talk on the phone or msg in private? she was always making out they were almost soulmates before hand.

She is 1000% chosing to not mention the 2013 interview in Japan where she acknowledges R Kelly’s rape/pedo shit and choose NOT TO BELIEVE the woman... again, all the while making out she’s only starting to hear the stories about R Kelly now. If even her dumb monsters fall for that, they can consider themselves rape/pedo enablers.

No mention of the ad for rape video being shot by the other rapey fucker Terry Richardson but she’s hardly going to apologize for working with him considering she STILL hasn’t apologized for working with R Kelly.

One thing has happened now that she’s made the statement, Joe public who aren’t really in the loop of what’s going on, will now look up what’s going on, and they will not like it, it’s a Pandora’s box, which once opened, there be no stopping it because the filth inside just keeps pouring out.

I thought the same thing when I read her statement. 

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Welp. I saw the movie yesterday, it's great. She's a great actress and the sound mixing was GORGEOUS. This whole R Kelly thing... yikes. It was always weird because we knew he was terrible but she still chose to work with him. I believe this apology was sincere but it also has to do with the Oscars let's be real. She was in a bad state of mind during ARTPOP, we know that, and her management was controlling her and forcing her, she fired everyone and shelved that video. Maybe she didn't ignore him all this time because she didn't want to get in between of this drama, but I think ignoring it was way worse. I want to believe her but it's hard. I don't know. I am a sexual assault victim too and the way I reacted was by pretending it never happened and I kept being around the people that assaulted me, I feel like she went through something similar to what I went through. By the time she opened up about her past she never sang the song or spoke to him again. This situation is a mess.

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