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Girlie Show Question

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On 7/6/2016 at 11:38 AM, me1981 said:

I think the VHS is just the normal stereo mix, two channel or whatever was common on VHS and probably what aired on HBO originally.


5.1 mixes were not really done on VHS as far as I know. I think Laser Disc may have had the 5.1 mix and that was used on the DVD too. If I remember correctly the original DVD of Girlie Show that was released here in Aus (and maybe Europe and other parts) was double sided. The 5.1 mix on one side and the stereo mix on the other.


To me the audience in the 5.1 mix sounds as bad as the audience in the MDNA release, just all over the place, I also find the instrument separation odd too with parts heard in the stereo mix buried and hard to hear, especially in Erotica. Maybe because I grew up with the VHS release I am more used to that. But even on a good speaker set up I don't find it any better.

Also as many would have noticed you can hear her talking backstage inbetween some songs

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