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  2. Zaktkoons

    I want X-Static Process
  3. Voguerista

    She's looking so gorgeous! I hope you get Rain too and I get I'll Remember finally. But I'll take Nothing Really Matters too! 🌌✨🙏
  4. Voguerista

    Spike Lee's reaction.....
  5. stefo

    Going to the stage! Let's hope we're gonna have the certainty that the setlist is gonna be fluid and full of surprises along the way ( ... and let's hope I'm gonna have my Rain 2019 version sooner or later )
  6. Zaktkoons

    She's so cute omg
  7. Today
  8. stefo

    Last night Polaroid selfie (I think)
  9. I still dont have my totebag with Christopher's drawing
  10. Lilalo

    Anyone know what the “gift” was with any of the packages? And did anyone have the Medellín package with the backstage tour?
  11. BeepBeepBitchMove

    The merchandise at the Pop Up is soooooo much better. I hope they open it again for more of the NYC dates. I'd rather buy stuff there.
  12. professormouse

    BIM And the same 9 more times....
  13. artlover

    I absolutely love everything about this tour except for the cheapy merch. The tees look awful to me. I can get most of them made here for a lot less than $20. I mean no disrespect but they're so... simple in the worst way. I hope people keep unyondring their phones to get us more bootlegs. I love it. Thank you. The setlist is out of this world.
  14. artlover

    Were my fellow Brazilians DRUNK? God what a shame
  15. Yesterday
  16. Voguerista

    I love this;
  17. techno101

    Does this show feel "expensive" like old Madonna tour production? I never got that vibe from Rebel Heart. That was the first tour of her's where I was a little disappointed in the show. How was the artistic value of the show? What were your favorite performance(s) / why?

    Listening back now. I do remember Future being equally cool and bit sluggish toward the end.
  19. Turuncan

    We have so much alike music taste-wise!
  20. Zaktkoons

    @RUADJAIWhat did you think of the remixes of the songs? I personally adored all of them, probably my favorite version of Human Nature to date! Thanks again for recording it!
  21. Bat-Fan

    Yeah why no press? That is odd

    I listened to it a little bit this morning on my way to work, and IDSIF comes on and Im like "this is my Song"
  23. Luiz Ribeiro

    I don't know, I'm still very suspicious of the whole situation. Undisclosed tour, no press images, random songs, no technology stage, something doesn't seem to be in place ...

    Sorry im hijacking this thread. Just trying to answer everyones questions. 1. yes.. but I seriously doubt Rosie "bought" it. 2. I stood the entire night. IDGAF Other people sat for parts of the show. 3. Didn't see any. 4. Batukaderas make appearances throughout. You've probably seen them in Like a Prayer at the end. Cute lil tidbit: I caught a backup singer nudging one of the oldest Batukaderas so she could tell which way to move back and forth with everyone else. 5. LAP is normal... I Rise is the only encore.
  25. Blue Prince

    1. Ray of Light 2. Confessions on a Dance floor 3. True Blue 4. Like A Prayer 5. Erotica 6. American Life 7. Madame X 8. Madonna 9. Rebel Heart 10. Bedtime Stories 11. Music 12. MDNA 13. Hard Candy 14. Like A Virgin The same color is because I like those almost equally so I could hardly rank them.

    Thats hard to say. I would think so. I could see it filmed in a different way. It's very artsy. And alot of projections that are very precise. The set list was very Reinvention, where there wasn't much tying it together. But the stage changes and the lights change and its another world. Everyone stayed until Like a Prayer... She touched some front row people and then all the hooligans rushed the stage.
  27. @RUADJAI thank you so much for giving us this audio @Fighter thank you so much too for remastering it

    so much :heart: for's all about the team work :Madonna014: :luv:

    1. stfan97


      This forum is the best! :hearteyes:

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