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  2. SimonVenekeo

    Got my Chicago ticket acceptance email!
  3. nachopalooza

    Hey guys, I'm in a bit of a problem, I bought Crave VIP Packages in London in 3 different dates by mistake. I only want to attend one date and I didn't realize my card will charge me more than what I can pay, and I don't want to overprice this, So if anyone want them, please contact me. I got for one for Jan 26 (Stalls, Row G, Seat 31), Feb 5 (the date I want to attend) and one for Feb 6 (Stalls, Row K, Seat 32) As I will not overprice, you can keep it for what I paid, £846.50 each one, and I will send you the billing document and show you my account with the order and the promise I will keep them until it is available to transfer, the only thing I need is the payment to cover the card charges Please contact me before I call the bank to cancel these tickets
  4. BillyBongo

    Not liking her new stuff would never turn me into a hater, I’ll always adore a huge amount of Madonna’s work
  5. We're coming Lisbooooooon!!!!!!  :Madonna014::Madonna014::Madonna014:

  6. Sultrysully

    There are just too many options. Some of the merchandise items/bundles are also obscenely priced. I am debating the box set as a hundred USD is a lot for what you actually get. Obviously, the deluxe 2CD is a must due to the 32 page book. The standard and deluxe sets are also musts due to the covers. I also ordered the deluxe digital to obtain the pre releases and get the album precisely at 12:00pm EST US. Is the overabundance of versions to compensate for the lower merchandise yields of the theatres tours? Obviously, less audience means less merchandise sales at the concerts. This era has good promotional merchandise but it is overwhelming.
  7. LindebergBoy

    Looks like Madonna is doing Graham Norton Show.
  8. gafuller

    Well if you don’t care for the new stuff, I guess there’s always supporting her in the eras you did or do enjoy. Thinking positively on it.
  9. Would explain the mr negative posts lol if a cher fan very random posts by said person and in one post he claimed he was from Greece now he’s in the uk but ill keep a eye on his posts lol !
  10. Today
  11. I’m sure that’s a shoe in
  12. cjfinley

    Starting to feel like I’m the only one who hasn’t received their actual LA tickets yet... 🤔
  13. Franknkm
  14. I agree, remember her releasing the album, but not her having a hit with this song.
  15. L-U-V

    2° parterre
  16. Yeah, outside of the UK it wasn’t even as successful as Medellín.
  17. Guess he is talking about this, number 25 in The UK, but not really a hit many places in Europe.
  18. Solveigh

    For which section do you have the ticket for?
  19. He said European so I want to see the European figures lol ! Cher just makes music for the gays I mean cringe galore at the abba album madonna not so much this time around well until she releases the drag queen video and all the gays will be like “ oh she’s the best “ again ! cher like kylie just makes music for the gay following pretty cheap if you ask me I mean kylies new song is pure cheese ! Least madonna does what she wants to do as a artist and not what her fans want
  20. ScottyX

    if that is what it looks like for real, it isnt very pretty lol
  21. L-U-V

    I bought one ticket for the first show in Lisbon, then they added the extra date and I managed to buy two for me and my sister. Now I have a ticket for the 16th January that I don't want :(
  22. That wasn’t a hit I thought he was talking number 1 top ten etc !
  23. I Hope You Find It, a Miley Cyrus cover that reached the top 40 in the UK.
  24. Franknkm

    link please?
  25. Maddylvr

    It's back in her U.S. store:
  26. I don't care about other chart, but I really hope she can get the #1 on dance chart, cause this chart is belong to her
  27. Enoch

    Just wanna share a news, Universal Music Taiwan just announced the pre-order details of Taiwanese version (Finally...) Only standard version will be produced locally, Pre-order start from 1Jun, fans can get a double side poster as pre-order gift. other versions like Vinyl & boxset will import from Universal music Europe.
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