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  2. cleopatrathatcher

    i think she did write it. im sure ive read before that lots of her lyrics start out as poems?
  3. cleopatrathatcher

    I think it was a bad idea overall... i think not having a traditional record label in charge of promotion has been damaging
  4. MadonnaLove

    No pain no gain, make love not war
  5. I think the point is that he is nothing but aggressive and is pretty much calling anyone who doesn't agree with him a stupid sheep. Also, his language is pushing the envelope and just generally brings down the mood. I'm not one to think banning people left and right is ok, but in this case I think he needs a DM from an admin.
  6. MadonnaLove

    on the right side of the page under the latest videos. Upcoming Events APR24 4 'Medellin' MV Premiere on MTV April 24, 2019 11:00 PM MAY02 0 Billboard Music Awards - 'Medellin' Premiere Performance May 02, 2019 3:00 AM
  7. MadonnaLove

    A real replica, try to sell it at discogs as a promo you'll make a fortune
  8. MadonnaLove

    Excuse me but we mustn't be aggreesive with each other he said his opinion only, if we banned anyone here with a different opinion we would have no members
  9. Sultrysully

    Amazon US.... Interscope.... Universal.... Whoever is responsible.... Get you sh!t together. I want to hand over money to the Queen.
  10. We don't know if we're gonna get a cdsingle so... i made mine: What do u think guys? ;-)
  11. Dashfox

  12. How has this person not been banned yet? PS: not only is 4 minutes dated, but it's also shit. It was in 2008 already. Medellín is much better. Piece out ✌🏼
  13. MadonnaLove

    check out the upcoming events timeline, it's your country zone
  14. RebelHeart

    Well, I would say 4 Minutes is a little bit dated. But you can still enjoy dated songs.
  15. What time would it be in Europe for video??
  16. graffitiheart89

    Oh my god you have got to be the most irritating person on here. Music is subjective, probably THE most subjective art. YOU can like 4 minutes and others can dislike it, others can like Medellin if they want to. They don't have to convince themselves they like it - the song has been praised across of board and a lot of fans like the song - others do not. That's fine, I don't care that you don't like it - you've made it very clear that you don't. So why exactly are you still on the forum of the single saying the same thing for the last 7 days? Also I don't hate 4 Minutes, it's a bop and I enjoy it when I hear it - but it's the least "Madonna" Madonna song she's done.
  17. adamsapple

    4 minutes sounds dated im not forcing myself to like it first i was like ..what is this . its grown on me a lot
  18. matt221087

    Fuckin hell! Someone that actually agrees that 4 Minutes is a banging tune! It makes me laugh how SOME Madonna fans (Sheep) actually try so hard to force themselves to like this new song. When in reality it’s shit, and that’s not JUST my opinion. And don’t tell me that “she’s past caring about chart position” because she clearly wanted it to be a success, why else would she be getting MTV to push the promotion on it etc. And BULLSHIT does 4 Minutes sound dated! You’ll say 4 Minutes is dated but then go on to say this new pile of shit single is “so original” and “the best thing she’s ever done” Fuck off mate! lol Honestly some “fans” will literally force themselves to like anything she does! If she made a song with the sound of her taking a shit some of you would be going “wow! Best single ever!” Get a fuckin grip, the songs shit and will NEVER EVER come close to the success of 4 Minutes.
  19. RebelHeart

    I mean... time really goes by so slowly for those who wait
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