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  • Enrico

    Terrible day, waiting for the Ticketmaster confirmation mail... :Madonna021:

  • DickTracy

    Remixes for Future STAT! We need a proper Major Lazer Remix and that chorus with the trumpets needs a dance mix aka Funkstar Deluxe

  • artlover

    Is there anybody else who doesn't quite support Madonna's relations with Israel? I mean, I really respect her for standing for what she believes but in the other hand I don't think I have to clap back to every single think she does. By doing so I'm sticking to what she taught me to do: I believe in quite the opposite in this particular field and I don't consider myself less of a fan for that. 

  • LindebergBoy

    It's the future, crucifixion on a cross

    It's a beautiful plan
    But I'm not concerned
    It's a beautiful game
    That I've never learned
    People tell me to shut my mouth
    That I might get burned
    Keep your beautiful lies
    'Cause I'm not concerned

    They're so naive
    They think we're not aware of their crimes
    We know, but we're just not ready to act
    The storm isn't in the air
    It's inside of us
    I want to tell you about love
    And loneliness
    But it's getting late now
    Can't you hear outside of your supreme hoodie
    The wind that it's beginning to howl

    And when it's your turn for a beautiful game

    Step into my dark ballet































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