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  1. I need a Madame X Tourbook STAT 

  2. Fighterđź‘»

    The tour schedule is insane :/ I feel so bad for her... get well soon M.
  3. Fighterđź‘»

    Don't worry. People like mark perry (adamsapple, Eroticas and whatever other names they had) are known trolls in M forums, and theyve done the same in MNation if Im not wrong. The problem is they make 3746738384 accounts with different personalities. Just ignore. Apparently they hate forums but they have absolutely nothing else to do. What is sadder is that some people engage them at the same level. Embarrassing.
  4. Fighterđź‘»

    mark perry got a warning (edit: banned now) and we are discussing with the team about the situation, and discussing bans. Please take personal issues to the PMs because nobody cares about user drama. Use the ignore function, unless you want to get in trouble. Im also not 24/7 customer service so please dont send me PMs about how you are being attacked because that is not how the forum works. Thank you and this is the last I say today!
  5. Fighterđź‘»

    didn't you have them on ignore.
  6. Fighterđź‘»

    We consider toxic behaviour from grown men to be lack of maturity and thats the only issue here. But criticism and disagreement without insults is a skill. Closed thread for a bit so we can go breathe some fresh air. ♥️
  7. Fighterđź‘»

    You clearly havent been online much. We are trying to stop people from trashing each other or make derogatory remarks towards others. It is not my job to babysit people or take care of endless idiotic situations with everyone adding their 2 cents.
  8. Fighterđź‘»

    You already got a warning today so I dont think you are the right person for this argument atm 🤒
  9. Fighterđź‘»

    Some people think her calling her fans bitches or mf-ers is rude. Which is just humour, any fan should expect her sense of humour and personality to be dominating and a little rude, its who she is and we know that. That doesnt excuse the way she exposed a minor without permission on stage ofc. đź’€ One of those anecdotes I guess...
  10. Fighterđź‘»

    Online Madonna fans have maturity issues... I apologize for their behaviour.
  11. Fighterđź‘»

    I actually do think a lot if people DID lose interest in her after seeing her on tour and having a bad experience. It feels disrespectful and not everyone cares as much as hardcore fans. The amount of people who were bitching about it when people were coming out of the stadium was very interesting.... and Ive had people who did not want to go the next time she came. When respect is lost...
  12. Fighterđź‘»

    I think people have every right to complain. I don't know what issues she has of starting on time, I really don't know how she manages her time but it is still not ok. I had very limited chances to see her live and it was worse for me because it was a stadium, and I had to help people all around me not to faint, some were literal kids. Of course a theater is much more comfortable and different but I don't think she has a sense of what people go through when she starts 3 hours late. I had people all around me who were saying they would never do it again. If other artists can start on time then I don't know what her issue is. It's not like she's the only perfectionist, or the only artist that needs to warm up and do checks, or the only artist that has complicated pieces of staging. "But it's Madonna" is not an excuse to me. She'll probably always have sell out shows anyway on that alone, so she can get away with treating her audience poorly. So if people want to vent about it then they have every right as well.
  13. Fighterđź‘»

    what do you mean lmao
  14. Fighterđź‘»

  15. Fighterđź‘»

    what is this omg