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    MDNA Tour was super exciting. But im glad we're transitioning towards a different type of show now.
  2. Fighter

    Happy Birthday Queen 🥳 🎂🎉🎂🎂🎉🎉
  3. Fighter

    I'll always be sorry for letting some bad apples cloud my judgement and not see how much most people appreciate the forum. It's actually such a nice thing not to end things that way.
  4. Fighter

    Thank you! we are considering everything and we'll be asking for more help if the site needs it.
  5. Fighter

    They're both amazing pop artists but I dont see it. Id rather have more surprising innovative collabs.
  6. Fighter

    It should be working now let me know if there are any other issues
  7. Fighter

    Welcome back!
  8. Fighter

    Thank you but I think the credit really goes to the staff and the users who brought it back to life with their kindness. i hope we'll all be nicer this time, that goes for me too.
  9. Hope to see more of the nice people back, this is for them in the first place. :hug::rainbow:

    1. poserdemadonna


      Thank you! Glad that Infinity is back :Madonna057:

    2. stfan97


      Thanks for coming back, Fighter <3

    3. ScottyX
  10. Fighter

    To me that's the most important thing if it's something that brings people joy
  11. Fighter

    We need a theme to continue the tradition, I will get to it soon
  12. Fighter

    I accidentally left about 5000 people without the ability to post until about 5 minutes ago. Sorry about that. I will try to get everything in order this week. Thank you for the patience
  13. Fighter

    i mean sometimes people hate me and that's fine, but I don't know why they stay here when there are other forums. That seems kinda twisted. But of course people can criticize me if I do something wrong or say something wrong, just without insults and getting banned and then coming back with another account and making the whole staff have to deal with it.
  14. Fighter

    Sorry, technical difficulties just now let's hope things run smoothly.
  15. Hello everyone, As unexpected as this is, we have decided to re-open after a lot of talks with people and among the staff. The main thing people brought up was the upcoming tour, with only a few weeks until it starts we had to figure out quickly if this was something that was actually possible and was something we wanted. The dozens of supportive messages we received were really unexpected, I didn't realise that despite the negatives, a lot of people still appreciate the forum. That was the most important factor for this to happen. Other few things happened in the last couple of weeks that made this possible, we worked out how to keep the forum up for the next year, and the staff agreed to take this on again. Without that it would not have happened so thanks to our team for trying their best as usual. Some may want to be negative about the forum returning but hopefully most people will see it as an opportunity to celebrate Madonna together again. We also hope that this period of inactivity has sorted things out and people will go where they really want to be. We can't be dealing with people who hate this site and only want to ruin things for everyone else. I want to say huge thanks to MadonnaBible and DrownedMadonna who were really nice to everyone and invited me and others to join their forums, it's great to see that we're all a fandom and community that looks out for each other. Also, thank you to everyone who tried to save as much of the site as possible so it wouldn't be lost, that's a good thing either way, so we can always preserve and promote Madonna's legacy in the future. 🙌 Thank you for reading and understanding where we are coming from and to those who understood all along what the mission of this site is. Those who want to be here, welcome!!!!. Obviously there will be some changes to how things work, mostly the possible addition of more moderators aside from the ones we have now, and registrations will be a bit more strict so trolls don't register 10 different accounts. We will also be implementing better staff guidelines for dealing with drama as a team. There may be a few things that don't work 100% or other weird issues so please let us know. Now let's enjoy and look forward to the tour... - The Admins. Thanks to Enrico, Bel, Lukesavant, madgefan and every person who offered help and support.
  16. Fighter

    I'm sorry that you were beaten up and suffered that type of thing. Trans people were essential to the gay liberation movement so you can see why there is an acronym that includes them, and why it would be quite ridiculous to separate gay and trans people. There is a lot of transphobia in the gay community as it is, I don't think it's a good thing to suggest they should be left out. It just makes no sense. Intersexual and asexual people should be included because it's the kind thing to do in my opinion. There is absolutely zero reason not to include them. These are very very tiny minorities that would not have a sufficient voice on their own. Queer is an umbrella term and if you don't agree with it, you have every right not to. No one can force you to use it on yourself.
  17. Fighter

    I was obviously talking about their usage. Queer being used derogatorily is old-fashioned, faggot is used derogatorily today to a much broader extent, therefore it is understandable that there's talk about reclaiming the word queer, while it's not the same with the other word. That's what was being discussed. I think people in the LGBTQIA community would talk about these things regardless of what any pop artist who is not any of those things does or says.
  18. I commend her for including diversity in her album and making people from other cultures visible. This was the right way to celebrate culture and diversity in a time when it is needed. However, in the documentary she says that she wants to showcase culture that the world doesn't get to experience, while not acknowledging the fact the reason for the lack of cultural diversity is because the white establishment has disproportionally benefited people like her. She is using her platform to dismiss the concept of cultural appropriation when it is not hers to dismiss, this is a minority cause that she should attempt to understand better and acknowledge appropriately if she truly wants to be an ally to minorities. Her approach is contradictory. You cannot use your privileged position to dismiss minorities while saying you want to be a voice for them.
  19. Fighter

    No one is forced to be under anything. Queer is a very old fashioned word. Faggot is not. You don't have to like either one. Your right to protest is valid and so are your feelings.
  20. Fighter

    It shows
  21. Fighter

    There is a lot of good faith discussion around the acronym and anyone can be a part of it. Obviously the gay community is not the same as the LGBTQIA community. What is so special or different about your opinion? Because in conservative circles it is a ridiculous cliché.
  22. Fighter

    It really reveals a lot about people's motives, people who use SJW millennial/gen-z, snowflake, PC culture, when the world is being immediately threatened by people who represent the exact opposite of those things. Pure insanity.
  23. Fighter

    The irony is that you are angry and protesting yourself. What do you think removing her voice from I Rise is going to do? what's the use of protesting about people who care about social issues? it sounds very silly and nihilistic. What do you teach children? That they shouldn't be angry or protest? that they shouldn't discuss social issues? That nothing can ever change? It's very puzzling. Protest is a fundamental right and the reason why things have changed over time. Have things changed sufficiently? Of course not. But don't belittle or insult people for trying or caring. Emma's tweets perhaps come from a misguided place, perhaps Madonna's activism with this album is flawed and misguided at times as well. But people are trying their best in a very insane and out of control world.
  24. Fighter

    And that is besides the point. Madonna fans are taking the bait from those who want to hijack Emma's tweets just to attack Madonna for unrelated reasons, and they're looking like crazed stans defending her and not doing Madonna any favors.
  25. Fighter

    And what exactly have you changed by whining on the internet about SJW millennials? Are you an activist like Emma Gonzalez? How many organizations have you funded to change things? People like you are even worse than the SJWs you complain so much about, you sit on the internet to what? trash talk people who want change? that discuss change? To insult teen-aged victims of gun violence? Do you feel like an intelligent adult attacking a 19 year old? Obviously I disagree with what she said about the video because it doesn't make any sense, but I'm not gonna defend Madonna and attack a victim of gun violence. Madonna can defend herself if she wants to. She's a grown woman. She's a controversial artist and people are entitled to their opinions.