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    Finally updated somewhat (Sorry guys I suck at updating)
  2. Fighter

    They don't know what else to sell omg just bundle it with MDNA Skin
  3. Fighter

    Because she's a pop artist and she collaborates with people who she likes. Don't like it? too bad.
  4. Fighter

    I understand but at the same time there's one song that's all autotune and the others have a few vocals with autotune or none at all, so it feels a bit like nitpicking. Some of Medellin's vocals do get on my nerves a bit tho lol.
  5. Fighter

    I find it very odd to want an acoustic album from her framing it as "real music". I thought she was always making "real music". And supposedly her old loyal fans have been with her through decades of bleeps and bloops, synths, drum machines, samples, vocoders and autotunes, yet now that THEY've changed, they want Madonna to stop being a pop artist. I respect the opinion but it still puzzles me.
  6. Omg theyre basically the same thing
  7. The finished video is better
  8. Fighter

    Ok, then if you don't wanna explain what it has to do with the new album, I'm gonna have to ask you as a moderator to please not spam this thread with articles that have nothing to do with her. This forum is not for your monologues, this forum is for discussions.
  9. Crave video is on iTunes, Go buy it!!!! The quality is amazing
  10. It's barely retouched though.
  11. I didn't realise it was a reference, Bedtime Stories is the album I know the least lol
  12. Fighter

    I'm just trying to understand why you imply pop music in other languages being successful in the english speaking world is an offense towards Madonna.
  13. Some different shots here and there, some light retouching here and there, and the color footage is color graded. The ending is also slightly longer and it has that special effect of that sort of electricity in her finger extending towards his hand. The intro is also slightly longer on the final video.
  14. omg I knew Dark Ballet's snippet reminded me of Clockwork Orange
  15. No idea what she's responding to in the second answer lol