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  1. I wonder if it’s the same user on the daily Mail called Kylies Sparkly Tiara who constantly comments negatively about Madonna on every one of her articles, the reason I remember the name because it’s constant.
  2. It wasn’t about Guy Ritchie though
  3. I just realised the penis joke wasn’t kept in and that was the joke she did every night
  4. You’re right she only reshot those 3 songs, I think at the time though in Lisbon wasn’t there a day rehearsal filmed with no audience I think Ricardo posted something at the time?
  5. Oh shot that was really bad let’s keep this from the general public, sorry that was just bloody dreadful
  6. Waiting patiently for Madame X on MTV at 10pm, it really feels like the experience waiting for her to come on late 🥂 so excited to see the show
  7. The intro on vogue sound amazing on my stereo system I love the bass
  8. I can't believe Medillin isn't even in the right place in the tracklist on Apple
  9. On MTV HD it has it as SD which is standard definition why would it be that on a HD channel?
  10. It could be future at the piano? She won’t have to dance then
  11. I wish it was the 8th I’m so excited about it 😱
  12. I think the outfit underneath that coat will be what she wears on Jimmy Fallon
  13. I don’t get why she has to shorten the songs why not just perform them like that in the first place? The same happened with the rebel heart tour release
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