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  1. I wished for BAT New Jersey and it seemed to happen so thank you, and as Madonna said in prayer circles in Truth Or Dare Ask you shall receive so I’m begging some kind soul to please share BAT Boston or WTG Florence 🙏

  2. I'm hoping some generous soul will please leak the full Blond Ambition tour Video from New Jersey pro shot to help with these tough times in quarantine :rainbow:

    1. Enrico


      GREAT IDEA!!!

  3. Matty

    Im so glad she did it was self indulgent I really wish she didn’t have social media, the more she uses it the more it shows just out of touch with reality she really is.
  4. Matty

    In quarantine 😂
  5. Matty

    Please could someone confirm what audio recordings we have had from the Paris dates?
  6. It looks good please can you do Vogue?
  7. We won’t be getting anything special from her back catalog until she’s dead which is unfortunate, I wish she would get her head out of ass and cage that bloody ego
  8. Matty

    I think she would be doing better in the charts if she embraced her back catalog more, she should have performed more madame x songs on tv shows along with a classic but it's her pure stubbornness that has prevented this era to be more commercial anyway this is another debate. Hopefully she rests up now but I do have a feeling there will be a lot more cancellations I think the 3rd will go ahead she's rested and the last night but the 4 before the end could be in jeopardy again this is just my own humble opinion
  9. Matty

    The theatre is too small for the equipment? Madame X is a great storyteller another excuse for her lateness. I love this woman
  10. Matty

    Oh dear what a mess so glad that London was strict
  11. Matty

    I want but I'm not paying £38 for the full Girlie Show especially as it's a bootleg
  12. Matty

    Did she have a Beer Bitch last night?
  13. Matty

    I will upload this week it's not the best recording but if someone is willing to remaster that will be super
  14. Matty

    I recorded my 2 London nights but the recording really isn't that good and not worth sharing I'm hoping someone has a better recording and is willing to share.