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  1. On the latest Instagram video with Bcompleted doesn’t she say it’s been shortened does that mean songs cut it’s not the full show?
  2. https://www.instagram.com/p/CL0idRHh7av/?igshid=wwnzy6z6o9jv Decisions decisions decisions Sticky & Sweet vocal dubbing? Or Rebel heart vocal dubbing for Madame X dvd?
  3. Madame X is a perfectionist she’s also a reshooter were these in the manifesto?
  4. It just takes away the live concert experience
  5. This intimate live experience is sounding less authentic by the minute.
  6. This is how it’s done it’s perfect
  7. Whitney was seen enjoying Madonna’s Super Bowl performance in a bar, I believe she respected Madonna
  8. Well that’s really disappointing Why Sorry, I thought we would have had material girl ep and what’s happened to Justify my Love HD video?
  9. That’s the first edit we still have another year for her to get her hands on it and edit it more run through an Instagram and TikTok filter 😂😂😂😂
  10. Where's Justify my love :( I'm assuming they are not doing it now?
  11. Carlton Wilborn liked some of my pictures on Instagram and commented how cute my dog is, how nice is that? :luv:

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