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  1. I don’t for one minute thinks she’s addicted to drugs, she’s saying it for attention in her head she’s being edgy and controversial, take it with a pinch of salt
  2. It may be like Kylie’s 50+1 hits this was released on double cd when she left PWL hopefully Madonna’s will be mixed better though
  3. We need You’ll see on digital platforms for the edit and Spanish/Spanglish versions
  4. Into the groove and dress you up are my top, they’re definitely the best from this era 💙💙💙
  5. You forgot a love song/candy shop mash up, candy shop has been her most successful song of her entire career
  6. It makes me nervous seeing Madonna Skiing on her instagram I hope her hip is ok 🤞🏻😞 

  7. I’m assuming she’s gone skiing for the new year? Rocco posted something on instagram unless he’s gone with Guy? 🤷‍♂️
  8. Madame X on MTVHD UK now if anyone interested 

  9. I wonder how it will affect her relationship with Steven now? Yes he wasn’t involved but it’s the association
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