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  1. Matty

    Did she have a Beer Bitch last night?
  2. Matty

    I will upload this week it's not the best recording but if someone is willing to remaster that will be super
  3. Matty

    I recorded my 2 London nights but the recording really isn't that good and not worth sharing I'm hoping someone has a better recording and is willing to share.
  4. Matty

    Wow thank you do you have the full show?
  5. Matty

    I feel sad the London run is nearly over.
  6. Matty

    Isla still in the fado club
  7. Matty

    I recorded both London nights but I don’t think the recording is very good it keeps dipping in sound for some reason and I had my phone kept on the floor pointing up. Anyway when I get back home and sorted I will see if @Fightercould maybe rescue them please and we will share here. Thank you @Enricofor recording last nights hopefully yours is better than mine
  8. Matty

    Yes she sang the sound of silence you could tell she was still pissed about last night mentioning a few times that she was against the clock, American life she didn’t do the full rap she screamed I’m assuming this is her way of getting out her frustrations. She said she was not only a performer or a pop star but a story teller and it’s hard to tell a story when you’ve got a stop watch against you. She said people need to stop complaining about the change of show on the 2nd night it’s either no show or altered show we all know she has an injury so people need to shut the fuck up.
  9. Matty

    No wig natural hair tied up
  10. Matty

    Tonight was brilliant yes she started with Vogue but it works as an opener, last nights show was brilliant I feel lucky to have seen 2 different versions of the tour. Also new hair tonight for Vogue she asked wig on or wig off and we voted off she looked good. Also i met @Enricotonight thank you for being so nice it was a pleasure to meet you.
  11. Matty

    I have a feeling she will be super late tonight and it won’t be the full show
  12. Matty

    I did tape the whole show but just got back to my hotel and it’s not a very good recording music is quiet but her talking is loud. Im not back home till Friday was going to record my show tomorrow as well I’m 2nd row stalls but not confident that will be any better, the bass in the theatre was very heavy
  13. Matty

    No crave just the intro, she didn’t do beer bitch instead sand DCFMA because Andre Lloyd Webber in the audience, I’m buzzing her voice was amazing no sign of injury. They tried to cut her off at the beginning of I Rise and she was shouting fucking censorship, the dancers came out from behind the iron curtain and she followed singing I Rise Accapella she really is a true pro I’m so happy
  14. Matty

    Was it ok? Are there areas to chill out with your phone and a drink?