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  1. Matty

    Can’t wait for the video was hoping we would have it today 🤞
  2. I'm listening to my CD now and it's definitely better quality than the versions on streaming platforms, i'm not sure if it's me but future seems more clearer and a bit easier to understand, OMG God Control is amazing WAKE UP!
  3. Yay my French copy was delivered today in the UK I can get to listen to the album officially, glad I didn’t give in to leaks online
  4. I didn’t say buying it twice was wrong obviously if you bought it then you can Listen to it, what I’m referring to is that just because you preorder something doesn’t entitle you to illegally download a leak when it’s before the release
  5. Regardless of her being a multimillionaire it doesn’t mean you’re entitled to anything at end of day it is stealing and we all know the state of the charts at the moment due to streaming and also stealing music. But keep making excuses to justify your wrong doing it’s fine!
  6. I Just think it's really wrong that fans are listening to a leak when there are only 3 days to go, people should respect Madonna and her team You can dress it up all you like by saying I'm going to buy a copy I have multiple copies at end of the day its wrong and it's stealing, just think how it's one less stream for a song/album
  7. Matty

    Some fans like GGW, Turn Up the radio, Revolver, others like Dark Ballet that's why we have different tastes as fans
  8. Matty

    Charts mean nothing now Dark Ballet is definitely the best song released so far from Madame X it's not commercial at all and this is what I want from her
  9. Matty

    Feeling happy managed to score good seats for 2 nights in London, good luck everyone else ❌
  10. Matty

    This performance is going to be amazing I'm so excited
  11. Matty

    Is this allowed? surely if people are listening to this it's affecting the official release?
  12. I’ve listened multiple times tried to like it but I just don’t, I’ll support out Queen but let’s hope the next single is better
  13. Matty

    I did my own playlist I'm happy with it, sorry I didn't know how to get the whole 18 songs in 1 picture
  14. Matty

    Some fans are never happy