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  1. He’s responded back to her by saying something like Hey Mo don’t shake those Titties he truly is a disgusting individual
  2. American life 1 track single showing on iTunes? 

    1. PanditaRulez


      I think it's available since last year

    2. Prayer


      Are you in the UK? Originally it was only available on iTunes UK & NZ, for some reason.

    3. Chris Morlock

      Chris Morlock

      maybe its there similar to Selena Gomez's Dia Una Vez where apple music has it as dolby atmos?

  3. Nice but I’m going to sound ungrateful now where is open your heart single mix 😩😩😩
  4. It’s really disappointing I wanted something this week. It started off good I hope they not fizzling out 😭
  5. Also maybe they want to keep some footage back for the DVD/Blu-ray to encourage sales there, what’s the point of a causal fan buying the dvd when all the footage has been on the streaming version
  6. Watching old interviews and this is certainly one of the best, she is so relaxed and open 


    1. madgefan


      The 90s were something else.

    2. Andymad


      Weird! I watched this interview on the bus today on the way home from work! I had never seen it. I can't imagine how many people wanting to shut her up but can't because she's so well spoken and intelligent. Just awesome.

    3. Matty


      It’s a Shame GP don’t see more old interviews, they need reminding before they start criticising how incredible this woman is , me included. 

  7. It’s not available though in my country the UK
  8. 😂😂😂 put it to a streaming service which isn’t available outside of the US
  9. I crave the full blond ambition tour at Wembley pro shot it’s out there
  10. She couldn’t have worded it differently it didn’t seem appropriate to post also considering what’s happening with Britney as well she can’t speak up about that but willing to bring her up when it suits her own public gain. plus like the previous comment she is a straight white woman whose was queer baiting with 2 other straight females, he is a black queer artist trying to breakdown barriers as well. sorry Madonna it wasn’t your time to comment
  11. Yay Papa decided he cared about her decision after all 🙌
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