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  1. The material girl performance was giving me candy shop SS vibes, long love candy shop 💙
  2. Wasn’t she singing on the bar to hung up and I don’t search with dancers, I would say that was a performance?
  3. Oh shit yes I forgot those as well 😂
  4. I feel this performance now has a lot to deliver it will confirm where Madonna actually is as a performer. Let’s hope this performance can erase the memory of Eurovision & Maluma
  5. Why are there no insiders anymore? there hasn't been any for years
  6. I'm happy to wait a bit longer for a pre sale or announcement so I can get the money together lol I still have a couple more editions of FEL to buy
  7. Wow that press releases makes me wet so exciting I wonder what other surprises are to follow.
  8. I really hope it’s a performance because the meltdowns on here the day after will be horrendous, that’s why I think people shouldn’t build their hopes up.
  9. Just because she holding a microphone doesn't mean she's performing she would need a microphone if she comparing with the dj? We know how much she rehearses everything, without everyone having a breakdown after the event just prepare yourself for the possibility she might just be rehearsing free styling and talking and not necessarily a live performance as we know it.
  10. She will have a microphone in one hand a glass of Rosé in the other
  11. It used to work for her when she was on top of her A game to work with people that were not known because she was popular and everyone was interested in her, unfortunately now Madonna needs people who are selling records and are popular, I'm not talking about shitkick but @molokoraised a valid point above
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