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  1. She's way too stiff with the guitar. I've never seen anyone look more like a cardboard cutout holding a guitar. She's really not a natural with it.
  2. I liked what Madonna was doing before she got signed by Sire Records. That kind of post-punk sound infused with synthwave. Specifically, I'm talking about tracks like the original version of Burning Up, Get Up, Crimes of Passion and Don't You Know. I mean, they're still a bit simple with the chords considering they weren't the final versions, but a good bassist, drummer and guitarist could make all the difference. But she's not really that kind of artist. I blame Sire for starting all this with pitched up vocals. I forget who mixed and engineered The First Album, but it continued with Like A Virgin.
  3. She's in a league of her own with those golden globes. La Isla boobita ? ok I'm done ?
  4. Almost 30 years later isn't it?
  5. Well, there was Confessions. I liked how that was continuous. Big fan of albums in that format.
  6. Omg! Open Your Heart Keep It Together Like It Or Not It's a total chair fest! What other songs... Thief of Hearts, Lament and Die Another Day!
  7. It's for the new rose scented Madame X contact lenses. It comes as just one, and then you put the eye patch on the other.
  8. It's the launch of the Madame X butt implant. Since everyone talks about, she wants you to have it as well ?
  9. I'm not sure, but I think she's gotten beads braided into her hair, like in the early days. The twins probably did it.
  10. Stop setting yourselves up for disappointments.
  11. The devil speaking when you spin The Beast Within record backwards. Jk
  12. I hate it. Listened once. Turned it off. Just not my thing. I don't mind, got more music I can listen to. There are other things in life ?
  13. If they go ahead with American Life, think we'll finally hear the Layo & Bushwacka mixes that were never released? Remember those? No one ever mentioned them after 2003 ?
  14. Burning Up Gambler White Heat Supernatural Ray of Light Beautiful Stranger Skin Dominion, Sisters of Mercy cover
  15. For me, the best track actually sums up the album, "I Fucked Up" and even that was horrendously produced.
  16. I'm glad it never happened. The transition from This Used To Be My Playground to Erotica is superb, sonically and visually. A whole album of Shep and generic dance songs, no thank you. The balance between shep's production and Andre Betts is perfect on Erotica, in fact, I would've like more hip hop, nu jazz and new jack swing on the album. An alternate mix of Bad Girl produced by Andre Betts instead of Shep... yes please!
  17. The whole show is phenomenal! The live band, the arrangements, the energy, the cohesiveness and choreography together with raw vocals. It's just. . . Wow.
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