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  1. Blond Ambition Ciao Italia Virgin Tour Drowned World Girlie Show
  2. Ok, I'll play along. Q1: Who's your favourite solo male artist ? David Bowie Q2: Who's your favourite solo female artist ? Tori Amos, Bjork Q3: Who's your favourite group ? Nirvana / NIN / MM / Skinny Puppy / Prodigy / Massive Attack / Ministry Q4: What's your favourite song of the 90's ? Violet, Hole Love Buzz, Nirvana 1979, Smashing Pumpkins Sunday, Sonic Youth Dope Show, MM Head Like A Hole, NIN Engel, Rammstein Q5: What's your favourite album of the 90's The Bends, Radiohead and This Is My Truth, Manics Q6: And finally who's do you think is the most influential artist(s) of the 90's ? Marilyn Manson
  3. I see they're using the term "musician" very lightly 🤣
  4. Except for a couple of those, they really drop the momentum of a live show. You Must Love Me on Sticky & Sweet for example, how trite that was. Lament on Reinvention...
  5. For those of you pining for a live version of songs like this, you know how dreadfully boring that would be for a performance? The song just goes on and on and on. It was nice for its time, but better left in the past. Think about from the standpoint of a performer; how best would you entertain your audience, through lively songs or a terribly slow and dragging number?
  6. Sonic Youth rock 👍 Iconic in every sense of the word and a huge influence on many artists. Their importance cannot be overstated. The "Goo" album is perhaps their best known. "Sunday" used to be played near the end of Saturday night clubbing at the alternative clubs we used to go to. Ha, Madonna wishes she could play guitar like Kim Gordon! Here's Kim and Courtney.
  7. @Fighter I'm tagging you in this so that you're aware of it. And to respond to such a stupid comment, no, racism, whether casual or formal, is never fun. It's stupid, harmful and hurtful.
  8. Thank you for saying this. The recent rise in backhanded racism here is disgusting and these individuals should be ashamed of themselves if they had any sense instead of broadcasting their ignorance. As if they have no idea what discrimination feels like already. @Fightershould be made aware of it as well.
  9. Same vocal, different production. For example, take Secret, completely transformed by the Jnr single mix that you could think it was a different vocal take, but it's just remixed.
  10. I'd slap her with it and be done with this nonesense once and for all to be honest.
  11. I remember when he was doing a gig at the Astoria in 1999 and poor fella got pelted with bottles throughout. I liked his LRD and Zoot Woman stuff. That's where I felt his work was strongest.
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