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  1. PatrickSamuel

    Dark Ballet cost $2 for the coffee Madonna was having whilst it was being filmed on her phone by the twins.
  2. PatrickSamuel

    There's the possibility that "Think of Me" might have been performed at one of the very early promo gigs. Not all of them have been documented.
  3. PatrickSamuel

    The Pre-Raphaelite hair for Ray of Light was really fresh and made her look incredibly attractive. It's never been quite like that again. The Girlie Show cut was refreshing as well. As was the La Isla Bonita cut for the video. I also liked the Diary of a Lost Girl bob she had for Bloodhounds of Broadway.
  4. PatrickSamuel

    1. Like A Prayer 2. Erotica 3. Ray of Light
  5. Herb Ritts - LAP sessions Madame X and that stupid eye patch
  6. Back in the 90s maybe she could've gotten an honorary MA in Marketing I'd say. But really, a doctorate? For what?
  7. PatrickSamuel
  8. PatrickSamuel

    The sari look for Rolling Stone 1999 and also the GQ "boobs" from 1999
  9. PatrickSamuel

    Then why open the thread?
  10. PatrickSamuel

    Yeah, it also plays constantly in Hell.
  11. PatrickSamuel

    The irony hopefully isn't lost on you that you're on a forum dedicated to an 80s popstar who hasn't had a hit in over a decade ... 🤣
  12. PatrickSamuel

    Feel that folks? It's the IQs dropping.
  13. PatrickSamuel

    It's a poorly produced album and that song is one of the worst things in her discography. The sheer lack of creativity in an effort to pander to the fickle nature of gaining a chart hit... Ironically, many of the other songs on the album veer off in the opposite direction but still sound equally trash and utterly forgettable.
  14. PatrickSamuel

  15. It was an exciting time. Despite not liking musicals or operas, I was keen to see the film. Radio was playing You Must Love Me and the remix of DCFMA. She looked beautiful. Radiant. I remember going to Leicester Square for the premiere and seeing her as she stepped onto the red carpet. It was cold and there was rain that night, but the atmosphere was magical. I remember Peirs Morgan got his grand wish to finally interview her for The Sun and brought her flowers. Long before her turned on her and became something horrible. I wanted to see the film as early as possible so I tried to find a morning screening. The earliest I found was a cinema in Fulham, so travelled from Hackney by bus stupidly early and bought my ticket at 9am on opening day. And I saw the film. It was hard to stay focused and to follow it all but I enjoyed the cinematography. My favourite was Eva's Final Broadcast and Waltz for Eva and Che. And of course Don't Cry for Me Argentina. I was glad to have experienced it although it really wasn't my thing and haven't seen the film again since then. Months later, it was amazing to see her performance at the Oscars. And her Golden Globe win. It really was a great time. The 90s was a decade that offered so many different sides to Madonna that you never knew what would come next. And Ray of Light was just around the corner!