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  1. PatrickSamuel

    I'm so sorry for your loss. My own loss is very recent, so I understand your pain. I've sent you a pm, but please don't feel obliged to reply. I know that right now you will be getting a lot of messages with condolences and it can feel very difficult to get through them.
  2. PatrickSamuel

    Awful. No. I don't know Kylie's album but the idea of Madonna revisiting past songs for a studio album would only disappoint. She doesn't have the same voice and it just wouldn't carry well. I'd rather new songs if she wanted to record with an orchestra, but in saying that, for me, songs like Messiah and Falling Free were underproduced and ultimately dull to listen to. The orchestration added no vibrancy or elevation to her vocals. I think it just can't be Madonna with strings and wind instruments, but also piano, drums, percussion together with world instruments. Leave her back catalogue in the past and move forward with new material.
  3. PatrickSamuel

    For such a young country to wreak so much pain in such a short span of time. A country born of genocide, stealing land and slavery. Much of it is a distraction though for what's really going on behind the scenes. Of the billions spent on defence, only a fraction of it can be accounted for, so where's it going?
  4. Rob Zombie, one of my favourite people, just posted on Instagram, elaborating more on an incident he witnessed in September 1983 when he had just moved to NYC. The incident in question involved Michael Stewart, a young African American who was being beaten by police. He would later die from his injuries. Rob posted 3 images. One of Michael Stewart, one of artwork and one of a flyer advertising a benefit gig that took place on October 3rd. Look who the headliner was... So even from the beginning, she was active in standing up and being counted.
  5. PatrickSamuel

    Madonna is a great silent movie actress. The talkies ruined her career.
  6. PatrickSamuel

    Sean would know her birthday 😏
  7. PatrickSamuel

    I wouldn't want to buy a Madonna album with interludes. So much already gets in the way of a decent song already. Interludes are already so tiresome on "live" shows when other artists and bands play their songs all the way through. I don't pay good money for a video projection after all.
  8. PatrickSamuel

    OK, here we go. I've given it some thought and decided it would be a one-off show with my two favourite bands performing a selection of their best known songs together. Sisters Of Mercy featured two early members who then left and formed The Mission. So, to me, it makes sense that they could put aside their differences and team up to perform each other's songs together. I don't do interludes or themes, I just want the bands to play my damn favourite songs when I go to a gig as I don't care about anything else other than the music. Must have lights and fog though, as it's Sisters Of Mercy ☺️ Sisters Of Mercy + The Mission Black Planet Walk Away Beyond the Pale Marian Heaven On Earth Into the Blue First, Last and Always Butterfly on A Wheel Colours More / Tower of Strength Wasteland Dominion Lucretia, My Reflection This Corrosion Temple of Love Vision Thing Giving Ground Deliverence Under the Gun When You Don't See Me Encore: Hands Across the Ocean Tomorrow Never Knows Some Kind of Stranger
  9. PatrickSamuel

    Madonna, like Morrissey, has nothing useful to say.
  10. PatrickSamuel

    I prefer to make my own ice cream. Each flavour uses just 4 ingredients, occasionally 5. These are my favourites: Peanut butter Madagascan vanilla Chocolate Salted caramel Strawberry Cheesecake
  11. PatrickSamuel

    #Shoegaze ❤️
  12. PatrickSamuel

    I opened the wine at 11am. Going stir crazy.
  13. PatrickSamuel

    Well, colour me surprised! She actually mentioned him.
  14. PatrickSamuel

    She lives in her own private bubble world, who knows what she knows beyond it.
  15. PatrickSamuel

    The only two songs I liked on that awful album. Could've done with better production and vocals. Wouldn't be surprised if her writing input was minimal. She wasn't 100% with this album.