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  1. In my experience, there are only 4 sure-fire Madonna songs that work in any setting; straight, gay, mixed, alternative and mainstream. Ray of Light Music Beautiful Stranger Into the Groove Hung Up, Burning Up, Gambler, Impressive Instant, Nobody Knows Me and Get Together you might be able to get away with as well, along with Dress You Up, Who's That Girl, Causing A Commotion, Like A Prayer, Deeper And Deeper, Lucky Star, Holiday and Open Your Heart. It really depends on the segment/sequence it's played in. For example, you could get away with Express Yourself in a sequence that mixes MJ's Bad, Prince's Batdance, Whitney's I Wanna Dance With Somebody and Cher's Turn Back Time. Like A Virgin with Billie Jean would keep people dancing as well. Straight men generally don't know what to do when Vogue comes on.
  2. There's not a single song from that mess I would ever listen to. 🤮🤢
  3. Fans: she's probably planning something huge for us. Madonna: just livin' her damn life.
  4. Yeah, so was just wondering, anyone into comic books here? If so, which new ones are you enjoying? I've always had an interest in them; as a kid my mom and dad would buy them for me. Nightmare On Elm Street, Hellraiser, The Crow, Terminator. Mainly into sci-fi, conspiracy, horror, indie comics, short runs, one-shots. Absolutely detest superheroes though. There are some interesting ones this year: Savage Circus (Heavy Metal) The Rise (Heavy Metal) Parasomnia (Dark Horse) Stray Dogs (Image Comics) Dark Wing (Heavy Metal) Maiden (Heavy Metal) Pictures of Everything Else (Vault) Department of Truth (IDW) Starting to get curious about Manga horrors. Anyone read Uzumaki?
  5. Madonna got her dues, and many times over. It's just the fans that feel they haven't gotten theirs. You want your fandom to be validated. To know that it was worth it.
  6. Oh yeah, who can forget the sleaze fest of Evita 😂 But joking aside, nothing wrong with targeting your audience if you've got a product to sell. Especially if you've got a record label and a good manager behind you.
  7. Work backwards, for you it only gets better. 🤣
  8. Dude, she'd be rollerskating *on* her nipples.
  9. I think fans of certain artists take songs way too literally and romanticise it beyond understanding. It's a collection of songs that came together during the sessions with some input by the label.
  10. It's always been this one, which I know for a fact she hated, hence it wasn't used anywhere else. She really disliked the shot.
  11. Class, integrity and sincerity.... With Madonna? 🤣
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