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  1. PatrickSamuel

    Kinda cool to know she takes Propranolol. I can see why she would take it; it's a betablocker that helps reduce the fight or flight syndrome. I have stacks of it with my other meds.
  2. Thank you. My mom has been diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer, and I feel so selfish that it's hitting me so hard. Swirling around in a mess of confusion, depression etc. Just being able to hear Madam X and feel the music in me is giving me some strength to be what my mom needs right now.
  3. Loving the album! That's all I can say for now. Haven't had a chance to go out and actually buy it, so have only listened to it via her YT channel. Kind of in a personal crisis right now, so hearing these new songs was a welcomed distraction.
  4. Queen Latifah remixed Keep It Together, but it's unreleased.
  5. Missy Elliot remixed American Life.
  6. PatrickSamuel

    The song and the video did nothing for me. After all the hype and reviews linking it to Bohemian Rhapsody I was expecting something interesting. The only song so far that I didn't dislike was Crave and that's because it had really nice guitar work on it, as an acoustic track it would work well. I don't really enjoy being so critical, but what am I supposed to do? Pretend I like something I don't, or worse, force myself to?
  7. Shame there isn't a decent chat show in the UK she could go on that isn't hosted by a moron.
  8. PatrickSamuel

    I don't see how this is a concern for fans. It's invasive and offensive on so many levels.
  9. PatrickSamuel

    My favourites will always be these Hallmarks of Horror: Nosferatu The Haunting Peeping Tom Psycho Halloween Alien The Thing A Nightmare On Elm Street Scream The Blair Witch Project
  10. Reworked material would be something I'd be interested in. In the studio with real instruments and her real singing voice and she needs a proper bass guitarist like Guy Pratt when she does Like A Prayer.
  11. PatrickSamuel

    Omg yes, thank you! How could I forget, think old age is setting in!
  12. PatrickSamuel

    Paradise Angel True Blue Rescue Me Into The Groove Crave Keep It Together I couldn't do my surname as there's no song beginning with U
  13. Urgh, that moment when you're ill and you grab a tissue to urgently blow your nose and it goes right through on to your clothes... or is that just me?

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    2. madmadmadgefan


      You think that's bad?  How about when you are taking a dump and you grab the toilet paper and as you wipe, the toilet paper tears. 


      My advise to you when that happens....Do not...I repeat...Do not immediately scratch or pick your nose.  It may feel good at first.  But I guarantee you, that that smell you are smelling, is not your Mamas home made fudge. 


      Just a little bathroom humor.  We have to laugh at life sometimes.  Even when it stinks. 

    3. PatrickSamuel


      @madmadmadgefanOh my days, that made me laugh so much my head hurts! How about when you're picking your dog's poop and the bag tears? There you go, gross for gross! :hug:

    4. madmadmadgefan


      I can honestly say, that that has never happened to me.  But I have picked up my dogs crap, and without thinking, raised my hand to my face to scratch my nose.  It reminded me of the Three Stooges Crazier Cousins....Steamy, Slimy and Stinky.  You may have never heard of them.  But they will definitely leave an impression on you the very first time you meet. 

  14. PatrickSamuel

    Ted Bundy docu on Netflix. Always been fascinated by him. Found it interesting.
  15. PatrickSamuel

    From what I have heard so far, the vocals sound shit. I buy an album based on whether or not the vocals sound good and if I can relate to the songs. Really shit how she's recording her vocals and having them processed. Didn't buy the past two albums and made the mistake of getting Hard Candy. Just got from bad to worse. Way too many shit songs on these albums to justify buying them, far more going to see a "live" show.