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  1. Oh wow, that's from the oarty festured in the film where she's dancing isnt it?
  2. Parental Advisory: Justify My Love Bye Bye Baby Waiting Thief of Hearts Human Nature American Life Gang Bang I Don't Give A I Fucked Up Unapologetic Bitch Bitch I'm Madonna Trust No Bitch
  3. Bonton Infernal Dub, Murk Boys, SNL and Edit One in that order. But they're all quite amazing really.
  4. When I exercise with my ipod on I have tracks like Ray of Light, Beautiful Stranger, Like A Prayer (IC Version), Open Your Heart, Deeper and Deeper and Hung Up playing. If I'm on YouTube I might watch a live video here or there from VT, WTG, BA, RIT or CT. But this isn't often. And I don't play albums that much anymore. Not since the 90s really when ROL, LAP and BS would be on daily.
  5. I think it's just something that came up during the recording sessions. Everything was already there, they just had to flip the track, add some kickdrum and Madonna thought it'd be hilarious to recite a prayer over it to close the album. It's "like" a prayer,but not exactly.
  6. Is it so hard for her to put together a decent album the best songs she can come up with? I was extremely disappointed with the last few albums, one or two good songs here and there but lacking the skilled touch of a mature producer. I guess that's what it comes down to, working with producers who know how to prioritize and focus and not lose the friggin multitracks along the way or upload them to unsecure servers.
  7. Kirk Cameron... Urgh...i feel so bad for watching Fuller House because his sister is in it but am I right in thinking she doesn't share his views? He's not even in any family pics on her instagram. But yeah, he's pretty awful in terms of his prejudices.
  8. 1999 Madonna featuring Lenny Kravitz and Prince on Electric Guitars with William Orbit. Shanti/Ashtangi Ray of Light Deeper and Deeper Holiday Like A Prayer
  9. Isaac all the way. Illuminati, despite interesting portions of lyrics, suffers from awful production, like most of the Rebel Heart album.
  10. Guy says a lot of things that never happen. This is just another one of those things. Madonna and whatshisname....hated their collaborations and hope they never share studio time again.
  11. Bitch I'm Madonna EP - Thief of Hearts - Human Nature - Gang Bang - Trust No Bitch - Bitch I'm Madonna - Unapologetic Bitch
  12. Actually I'm not sure now, does the op want artwork? Sorry about my double post, I think i clicked twice!
  13. Didn't it say design and not list? There are already so many threads with lists. A design challenge would be awesome, I remember those from back in the day at MTribe in the earl 2000s.
  14. Didn't it say design and not list? There are already so many threads with lists. A design challenge would be awesome, I remember those from back in the day at MTribe in the earl 2000s.
  15. Madonna - Holiday - Borderline - Lucky Star LAV - Dress You Up - LDLHA - Stay TB - La Isla Bonita - Live to Tell - Papa Don't Preach LAP - Like A Prayer - Oh Father - Promise to Try I'm Breathless - Something to Remember - What Can You Lose - Back In Business Erotica - Bad Girl - Rain - Secret Garden BS - LTTWME - Take a Bow - Forbidden Love ROL - THANTH - Little Star - Has To Be Music - I Deserve It - Paradise - Don't Tell Me AL - XP - MF - NF COADF - Isaac - Push - Forbidden Love HC - Incredible - Devil - Voices MDNA - I'm A Sinner - I Fucked Up - Best Friend RH - Ghosttown - Devil Pray - Rebel Heart
  16. 1. Serious jazz album. 2. Dark hair 3. TV series role as main cast 4. Acapellas to be made available 5. Performances that use a real band 6. Better live vocal delivery 7. SNL 8. Better music videos 9. Realise she went backwards instead of forwards creatively and got too stuck on sex as a subject again.
  17. I really dislike this photographer's work, for some the first picture reminds me of a zombie. She's looked like an Eric Stanton discard for long enough which is a shame as she can be effortlessly breathtakingly beautiful other times.
  18. Mine are: - Oh Father - The Power of Goodbye (Demo) - You'll See - Mer Girl - Tragic Girl
  19. Tears of a Clown. I'm excited about what might be on the setlist. The first show reflected her personal life and her state of mind at the time. Things have changed a bit (with Rocco), so I think the songs on the setlist this time around will reflect that.
  20. Like A Prayer and Ray of Light. Nothing compares to those times. Bedtime Stories, Something to Remember and Evita were good because back in those days you never knew what was coming. Plus the music had great production, artwork was distinctive and she was focused on those projects.
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