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  1. Not following through with the sound she was developing with her early demos before signing with Sire. Those demos are way better than anything that ended up on The First Album. Those pitched up vocals and that disco sound...
  2. And a bit of new jack swing. I love what Andre Betts brought to the album. It takes it nicely into Bedtime Stories.
  3. David Fincher made an exquisite video to this song. I love the camera work, the framing, the closeups, longshot, angles and composites (the bartender wiping down to reveal the city night skyline, I think). The break around the middle with the sound effects (mouth spray, cat hissing, etc) is so perfectly choreographed. From what I read, Bad Girl was originally intended as a short film / long form music video, I guess similar to the ones Michael Jackson had been making. It would've been a great concept I think. Musically, I always felt the drum track doesn't do the song any justice. It's a cheap and quickly thrown together mess that Shep also used on In This Life and Playground. The bass could've also been a bit more prominent and why not have Slash do an electric guitar solo. That would've been cool. Can imagine one of those live award show mashups with Guns N Roses doing November Rain and Madonna joins them for Bad Girl? ??
  4. Imagine she had milked her Grammy award winning album Ray of Light as much as she's been milking this? Or even Confessions, Music or American Life?
  5. Underrated: I'm Breathless Great arrangements, vocals and overall consistency. Only drawbacks are the Casio keyboard sounding parts on some songs instead of a more authentic sound for the era it was going for, and the cash-in of Vogue is a bit disjointed. Overrated: Madame X Take your pick, it's a fracking mess.
  6. Madonna is famous for her spelling mistakes. She labelled the disc "duck" and sent it to Kevin at Warner and it got printed like that. She also mislabeled "Nothing Fails" and "Nothing Falls" on the AL vinyl release. Obviously such a crime requires stoning in the town square. By 2012 she was so nervous about misspelling anything else, she reduced her name to MDNA.
  7. She bounced back so fierce after the horse accident. I think in interviews she talked about how it was still difficult making the video. And who knows what her marriage was like at that point. The rebellion was starting with the Confessions tour backdrop for Future Lovers so Dita was already peaking through again. The fun of knowing she was a local Londoner as well. It was a great, fun time as a fan even though it's not my favourite record, it was still enjoyable. Happy Birthday Hung Up!
  8. Blond Ambition Ciao Italia Virgin Tour Drowned World Girlie Show
  9. I see they're using the term "musician" very lightly ?
  10. Except for a couple of those, they really drop the momentum of a live show. You Must Love Me on Sticky & Sweet for example, how trite that was. Lament on Reinvention...
  11. For those of you pining for a live version of songs like this, you know how dreadfully boring that would be for a performance? The song just goes on and on and on. It was nice for its time, but better left in the past. Think about from the standpoint of a performer; how best would you entertain your audience, through lively songs or a terribly slow and dragging number?
  12. Sonic Youth rock ? Iconic in every sense of the word and a huge influence on many artists. Their importance cannot be overstated. The "Goo" album is perhaps their best known. "Sunday" used to be played near the end of Saturday night clubbing at the alternative clubs we used to go to. Ha, Madonna wishes she could play guitar like Kim Gordon! Here's Kim and Courtney.
  13. @Fighter I'm tagging you in this so that you're aware of it. And to respond to such a stupid comment, no, racism, whether casual or formal, is never fun. It's stupid, harmful and hurtful.
  14. Thank you for saying this. The recent rise in backhanded racism here is disgusting and these individuals should be ashamed of themselves if they had any sense instead of broadcasting their ignorance. As if they have no idea what discrimination feels like already. @Fightershould be made aware of it as well.
  15. Same vocal, different production. For example, take Secret, completely transformed by the Jnr single mix that you could think it was a different vocal take, but it's just remixed.
  16. I'd slap her with it and be done with this nonesense once and for all to be honest.
  17. I remember when he was doing a gig at the Astoria in 1999 and poor fella got pelted with bottles throughout. I liked his LRD and Zoot Woman stuff. That's where I felt his work was strongest.
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