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  1. I can't take this crap. Every name mentioned makes me wanna hurl. I don't even know what a dua is ?
  2. Immaculate is definitely one I'm curious about. Will they leave it untouched you think, or bump it up with the missing tracks that had already been probably mixed for the release for a proper second disc and not just an EP? Notably, Gambler. Wonder if it had the Shep Pettibone treatment like with Into The Groove...even Everybody and Dress You Up.
  3. Didn't the press release say it was her landmark albums? When did Hard Candy gravitate toward that status?
  4. I hate to burst your bubble, but I don't think you're getting box sets with discs of unreleased demos. I can understand fully finished tracks that were left off an album, like Supernatural and Ain't No Big Deal, but not demos. I can understand Madonna being the type of recording artist that would not want a track that they were originally unhappy with being tagged onto a finished album because fans want them. Doesn't matter. Petulant fans can cry bloody murder if they want, but why should any artist feel obliged to succumb to those demands that weren't part of their work when it released? Put yourself in a recording artist's shoes, would you want work you were unhappy with to be offered up for public consumption? You set yourself up for disappointment with all these grand wishes and demands for an artist who has always remained protective of their back catalogue. Don't think you're getting dozens of demos suddenly folks. If it turns out I'm wrong, and she releases more than outtakes, remixes, remasters and instrumentals, then that's ok, but it would be a strange move on her part to now give in and release those demos.
  5. This "news" broke on Madonna's birthday as well. Debra has always seemed miserable and unlikeable. The movie is better with Geena Davis.
  6. Unless it's Madame X, don't think so ? Wouldn't mind a concept show where it's jazz, piano and cabaret influenced to focus on I'm Breathless, Erotica, Bedtime Stories... Shoo Bee Do Bad Girl What Can You Lose Devil Wouldn't Recognise You Something To Remember Promise To Try Heartbreak City Secret This Used To Be My Playground Sooner Or Later Falling Free
  7. In my experience, there are only 4 sure-fire Madonna songs that work in any setting; straight, gay, mixed, alternative and mainstream. Ray of Light Music Beautiful Stranger Into the Groove Hung Up, Burning Up, Gambler, Impressive Instant, Nobody Knows Me and Get Together you might be able to get away with as well, along with Dress You Up, Who's That Girl, Causing A Commotion, Like A Prayer, Deeper And Deeper, Lucky Star, Holiday and Open Your Heart. It really depends on the segment/sequence it's played in. For example, you could get away with Express Yourself in a sequence that mixes MJ's Bad, Prince's Batdance, Whitney's I Wanna Dance With Somebody and Cher's Turn Back Time. Like A Virgin with Billie Jean would keep people dancing as well. Straight men generally don't know what to do when Vogue comes on.
  8. Yup, 18 songs I deleted off my external hard drive ?
  9. There's not a single song from that mess I would ever listen to. ??
  10. Fans: she's probably planning something huge for us. Madonna: just livin' her damn life.
  11. Madonna got her dues, and many times over. It's just the fans that feel they haven't gotten theirs. You want your fandom to be validated. To know that it was worth it.
  12. Oh yeah, who can forget the sleaze fest of Evita ? But joking aside, nothing wrong with targeting your audience if you've got a product to sell. Especially if you've got a record label and a good manager behind you.
  13. Work backwards, for you it only gets better. ?
  14. Dude, she'd be rollerskating *on* her nipples.
  15. I think fans of certain artists take songs way too literally and romanticise it beyond understanding. It's a collection of songs that came together during the sessions with some input by the label.
  16. It's always been this one, which I know for a fact she hated, hence it wasn't used anywhere else. She really disliked the shot.
  17. Class, integrity and sincerity.... With Madonna? ?
  18. Be Careful, for me, fits quite nicely after To Have And Not To Hold and before Little Star. Beautiful Stranger slides in perfectly after After Runaway Lover. Time Stood Still goes great after Nobody's Perfect and before Paradise. And, as it always did, American Pie closes the album. Wonderland could easily be added as an appendix / hidden track.
  19. You're the only other person here who understands this. I keep saying it, but it falls on deaf ears. Good to see another person really. Madonna is awful on guitar and her voice is ill suited for rock.
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