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    Brendanlovesu1 got a reaction from heartcore in Remix album on the way ?   
    Vogue on the S&S Tour sampled Give It to Me (A Timbaland song featuring Justin Timberlake and Nelly Furtado) along with 4 minutes
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    Brendanlovesu1 reacted to heartcore in Remix album on the way ?   
    It's not Give It 2 Me. Nelly has a song called Give It to Me (note the different spellings), which is the instrumental to the video, with a quote from Mean Girls played over the top. 
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    Brendanlovesu1 got a reaction from Blue Jean in "SORRY" - NEW "REMIX" COLLAB WITH BLOND:ISH - COMING FEB. 10!!!!   
    We at DrownedMadonna.com had the honor of chatting with Eran Hersh about his electrifying rework of Madonna’s iconic dance single, “Sorry”. 
    This collaboration with Madonna will be released through the Insomniac label on February 10th, and available on all your favorite digital platforms. 
    We are pleased to announce that two versions of the “Sorry” rework will be released: one tailored towards club DJs and running 4:55 in length, and a shortened version designed for radio airplay, clocking in at 2:41.
    Madonna’s classic hit “Sorry” from her iconic album “Confessions on a Dance Floor” is an enduring favorite among fans, having been released as a single in 2006 and continuing to captivate audiences for over a decade. Written and produced by Madonna and Stuart Price, it has stood the test of time.
    What started as an unexpected lunchtime brainstorm between three friends, quickly turned into an amazing journey that culminated with not only Madonna’s approval, but her involvement in the rework.
    It all began in Miami at Pura Vida where BLOND:ISH had the chance to meet up with two friends, Eran Hersh and Darmon, for lunch. Out of the blue, Eran Hersh proposed, “We’ve got to make a Madonna edit!” 
    Darmon had his laptop with him, so he swiftly whipped it out, and they instantly began cooking up the rework right away, right there.
    Eran remembers, “The whole track was made with one VST.” 
    “We all started playing it at our shows, and the response was overwhelming,” Eran continues. “So much so that I was like ‘Let me try and get a hold of Madonna.’”
    BLOND:ISH, Eran Hersh and Darmon were filled with excitement at the thought of only being one degree of separation away from Madonna. So they decided to take a proactive approach and reach out to the iconic singer to inquire if she would be interested in collaborating on the remake. They remembered the old adage, “Don’t ask, don’t get.”
    “My friend (BLOND:ISH and Madonna share a mutual friend, E.d.) sent her a message directly, and made it happen just like that,” BLOND:ISH reveals. 
    Unbelievably, Madonna contributed to the final track, adding her own flavor to it.
    “Madonna sent the original vocals and had some ideas to enhance the rework,” reveals Eran Hersh. She was always sent the version after each alteration, since her approval was required each time.
    It’s remarkable to consider that one of the most iconic and successful artists of all time like Madonna was such an integral part of the process! But she is Madonna for a reason!
    Eran Hersh is an internationally-renowned DJ and producer who has been building a successful career by traveling the world to pursue his ambitions. Originally from Israel, where his love of music began, he is now based in the U.S. and has released multiple successful releases over the past few years. Eran is quickly becoming a highly sought-after artist.
    BLOND:ISH is a multi-talented DJ, producer and environmental activist. Her expertise in afro house, 80s disco, psychedelic and techno genres make her DJ sets positive, fun and rhythmically compelling. With her eclectic music skills, she is able to bridge gaps between genres.
    Zahi Darmon is an American-based music producer and DJ, originally from Israel. He has developed a unique blend of deep afro, melodic, and indie tech sounds, drawing on his Middle Eastern roots.
    Eran Hersh’s social media presence can be found on Instagram, Spotify, Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud. Get the latest updates on his musical journey by visiting his Spotify profile: 
    Connect with him on other platforms as well: Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/eranhersh, Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/EranHershOfficial, Twitter – https://twitter.com/eranhersh and SoundCloud – https://soundcloud.com/eran-hersh.
    We also recommend that you follow these Instagram accounts: @blondish, @darmonofc, and @insomniacrecs.
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    I have to echo this statement regarding @GregVsMatt.  I enjoy his posts and how he doesn't assume more than what is said.  I see so many fans get fired up about things, and start turning false narratives into facts, so it's good to have reasonable people like him to remind people what is fact and what is fiction.  The fact is; the campaign has already started for the fans and soon enough will be seeing re-issues of fthe albums.  My bet is we're getting the First album this year and possibly another along with it.    
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    Brendanlovesu1 got a reaction from GregVsMatt in THE CELEBRATION TOUR   
    new date in London
    6th December 2023
    Tickets go on sale 1st Feburary at 9AM local time
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    Brendanlovesu1 got a reaction from sara94 in THE CELEBRATION TOUR   
    new date in London
    6th December 2023
    Tickets go on sale 1st Feburary at 9AM local time
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    Brendanlovesu1 got a reaction from MDNA22 in THE CELEBRATION TOUR   
    who are these other people, I only know Honey Dijon, Paris Hilton and Donatella 
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    Brendanlovesu1 got a reaction from NothingReallyMatters in THE CELEBRATION TOUR   
    who are these other people, I only know Honey Dijon, Paris Hilton and Donatella 
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    Brendanlovesu1 got a reaction from GregVsMatt in THE CELEBRATION TOUR   
    who are these other people, I only know Honey Dijon, Paris Hilton and Donatella 
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    Brendanlovesu1 reacted to Ian in THE CELEBRATION TOUR   
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    Brendanlovesu1 got a reaction from Andymad in THE CELEBRATION TOUR   
    I'm waiting until we see the setlist and opening night etc. 
    I'll probably film a song or two but for the most part i'll enjoy the show
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    Brendanlovesu1 reacted to acolyte in THE CELEBRATION TOUR   
    I'm currently eyeing eight shows in Europe, some of which I (finally) scored tickets for this week. Some people might look down upon it as pathetic, but my life is literally live music. I've spent my whole life since I was a pre-teen going to gigs and that's always been the one thing that's kept me going, no matter what. I feed off the energy in those venues... it's not like I live from concert to concert, but the feeling of being in the same room surrounded by people who care about music and art the same way as I do has been a constant in my life for as long as I can think. 
    I've made lifelong friends throughout the years going to shows. In the M community and far beyond. Genuine connections I treasure more than words could ever say. For as long as I can remember I've worked summer jobs as a teen with plastic bottles to my chin, hard physical labour to build rock gardens, worked after hours in front of house management on weekdays and holidays; I did everything I possibly could to get days off to see whomever I wanted to see while making ends meet for everything else.
    Being located rather centrally in Europe, I'm well-aware of the privilege I have in terms of most artists touring "practically" on my door step even if that entails half a day of train or plain rides. I don't take it for granted and I work very hard to keep that lifestyle alive. I love to travel and see as many shows as I can. Thankfully I'm cheap when it comes to accommodation and travelling schedules. My living costs are fairly modest, so my main priority has always been to see as many shows as I can, regardless of who the artist is. 
    May I point out, by the way, how excited I am for this tour? I really do think that we're in for something truly special. The show might still be in development, but something tells me that this will be something to remember. I'm not going to lie... I experienced several cancellations throughout the Madame X Tour and I've accumulated a certain amount of scepticism and pessimism when it comes to Madonna shows since then. But for whatever stupid reason I truly believe that this tour is going to be worth it.   
    I realise that there are concerns as to whether she will be physically able to go through with the entire tour. Who knows how many additional dates are bound to be added in the upcoming weeks. Given the Madame X Tour, I'm pretty sure that her insurance policy isn't quite what it used to be before that. She's most likely eager to prove to everyone that her injuries are a thing of the past and that she's not worthy of being underestimated as an ageing pop star in her mid-60s (wtf, if she's in her mid-60s, then how old am I???).
    Yes, she may no longer able to live up to the choreographic and physical energy of the Confessions Tour or the Sticky & Sweet Tour, but I wouldn't rule out for a second that she won't come up with a show any less spectacular than those tours. After all, her ego – for better or for worse – knows no boundaries and I believe she's very well-aware of the fact by now that this tour will either make or break her reputation (as a touring act) not only in her age group but in general.
    I genuinely don't think that she'd commit to a tour of those proportions if she wasn't sure she'd be able to live up to it without any "scandals" or other bad media coverage. I feel the entire Warner reissue campaign pretty much rests on the shoulders of this year's (hopefully successful) touring endeavour. That said, in spite of all optimism, I hope that this line of reasoning will hold up. But as I stated above, I feel more positive than I have these past ten years or so...
    Edit: sorry for the long post, but I wouldn't know where else to put these thoughts.
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    Brendanlovesu1 got a reaction from Blue Jean in Madonna biopic SCRAPPED Variety reports   
    it's ready. Shall i put a fresh pot of coffee on too?
  14. Haha
    Brendanlovesu1 got a reaction from Blue Jean in Madonna biopic SCRAPPED Variety reports   
    not deuxmoi being taken as a credible source lol
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    Brendanlovesu1 reacted to Sultrysully in NEW ALBUM?   
    I actually loved the Interscope years as far as the music went.  Tons of songs and crazy iconic album covers.  The albums get a bit of an unfair rap as so many fans wanted a "Pick your era 2.0" album.  MDNA was great, outside of the GMAYL cheerleading chants.  I love everything else about it.  Rebel Heart was great outside of SEX as it was a bit weak compared to the other "sex" songs in her catalog.  Who knows what Rebel Heart would have been without the leaks. And Madame X was just friggin brilliant.  
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    Brendanlovesu1 reacted to vitoralmeiida in THE CELEBRATION TOUR   
    I truly believe this time around she will film the New York concerts, just because is a full circle moment, that's where it all started, four decades... etc - it would be awesome to have a concert recorded at Madison Square Garden

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    Brendanlovesu1 got a reaction from MattyMads in THE CELEBRATION TOUR   
    Either New York or London would be filmed as they now have 4 and 5 dates respectively.
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    Brendanlovesu1 reacted to Curtains in THE CELEBRATION TOUR   
    Just got two tickets for the 19th November Paris show, Carré d'Or. I'm so reliefed after seeing many of your experiences here getting tickets. Can't wait to finally see Madonna live!
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    Brendanlovesu1 got a reaction from ScottyX in THE CELEBRATION TOUR   
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    Brendanlovesu1 reacted to TonyMontana in Madonna biopic SCRAPPED Variety reports   
    This 100%. No way the movie us scrapped for good. She mentionned she is still doing it in her new Vanity Fair interview. If the interview was months ago old she would have make them delete that line. She for sure read the thing just before it's been posted online. When she asked us if we want a new tour or a movie it was more like what do you want first. She knew the result of the poll would be the tour, of course. She's a smart business woman, she knows a movie cost a lot of money (she mentionned it already), she knows with a greatest hits tour with expensive arena deats she will earn a lot, then she can fund the movie by herself and do it as she wants (maybe a serie who knows, she also mentionned it once). The movie will happen, one way or another. She knows a movie on her life will be in the making in the near future, remember she read about it and was furious. That's why she decided to make her movie, because to quote her "her story can be told only by herself". She also knows that after making a good greatest hits tour and maybe a good new album people will be into her, she will be back on top and the movie will be even more succesfull. The movie is just delayed, not scrapped. Anyway no one, nor her or someone from her team said the movie was scrapped, it's just gossip at this point.
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    Brendanlovesu1 got a reaction from WopaelWopael in M15 - The New Album   
    I hope it comes with dolby atmos technology
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    Brendanlovesu1 got a reaction from Voguerista in New Vanity Fair Portfolio by Luigi & Iango   
    DrownedMadonna are reporting that “The Icon Issue” - Madonna's iconic shoot for Vanity Fair by Luigi & Iango - is about to become a SHORT FILM! Videographers Bell Soto, Brian Molloy and Franklin Burger worked on the project, with amazing choreography by Vinson Fraley.
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    Brendanlovesu1 got a reaction from Curator in THE CELEBRATION TOUR   
    ticketmaster trying to spin the narritive 
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