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  2. edwinmorrison

    I'm loving this new filter :D
  3. edwinmorrison

    I've been listening to this all morning, it's so beautiful....the studio version although a slightly different style, is pretty damn good https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9BqgyiNfAgk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJNaEJ24JCc On a side note, how cute is the guy who comes on a 2.50 during the live performance
  4. edwinmorrison

  5. edwinmorrison

    I wonder how much Eurovision would have had to of paid her to come AND sing in tune... Honestly, I thought she looked great and the choreography , stage set up were amazing. I love Like A Prayer and am always happy to see it, using the Met Gala over gain didn't bother me, it's a very dramatic look that millions of people wouldn't have seen, so I'm happy they got the chance. IMHO Future is the weakest song from Madame X so far, although I think it was probably the most fitting song for Eurovision . Italy should have won!!
  6. edwinmorrison

    Thank you so much!! and congratulations to you both as well!
  7. edwinmorrison

    @Madonna_LuvThank you so much
  8. edwinmorrison

    Thank you my friend
  9. edwinmorrison

    Thank you! :D :D
  10. edwinmorrison

    Duran Duran were awesome!! You are making me feel old!!
  11. edwinmorrison

    Thank you so much my friend
  12. edwinmorrison

    @Enrico Madonna was in the way, I can't quote you, but that is perfect! :D Thank you :D
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  14. edwinmorrison

    hahaha...thank you, right back at you! :D :D
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