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  1. Hahaha...oh man the stress of trying to get tickets pre-Internet...what a nightmare. I had side balcony seats, I was at the front so it was a pretty good view, although the disposible camera I used that day disagrees with me
  2. Absolutely.....the classics were awesome on this tour
  3. Yes, definitely a great live show, dark, but great...Frozen and La Isla Bonita are still my favorite versions from this show,
  4. Drowned World Tour - Earls Court Arena :D
  5. My good girl Geisha, and my good boy Ned
  6. What a nightmare!! I was talking to my friends afterwards, and we were saying how it must be so horrible to live in an earthquake zone, it must be so scary!!
  7. Yes, it was such a weird sound, sensation, I definitely heard it coming a split second before it arrived, several boom boom sounds a split second before, I didn't know what was going on 😂😂🤯
  8. Yes, the one in France, you are right i'm sure if it was a lot more damaging and people were injured I would find it a lot less cool, but for now, there hasn't been too much damage and no deaths, so I'm enjoying my once (hopefully) in a lifetime experience.
  9. Just before midday we were rattled by a 5.4 earthquake, its my first time experiencing one! I live 10 kms from the epicentre. Now that it's over it was pretty cool to experience, There is a nuclear power station not 5 minutes away from me, when it started my 1st thought was that it had blown up or something and I was feeling and hearing shock waves from it 😂😂😱 Anyway i'm going to crack open a Heineken tonight to celebrate my earthquake 😁👍🍻
  10. I've been listening to this all morning, it's so beautiful....the studio version although a slightly different style, is pretty damn good https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9BqgyiNfAgk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJNaEJ24JCc On a side note, how cute is the guy who comes on a 2.50 during the live performance
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