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  1. ayhamonline

    Thank you so much! Very detailed description! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼♥️
  2. ayhamonline

    Exactly... tbh this so over & she’s acting super extra... I mean not even some press pics!
  3. ayhamonline

    Ok... this is so weird... I mean people all around the world how they suppose to see it??? No videos no pics... at least the opening night some press photo by @kevinmazur
  4. ayhamonline

    I have but not as big as that one...
  5. ayhamonline

    Seriously I don’t know... Twitter didn’t respond to my questions... 😞 I can login but I can’t use! They just said “violations of the Twitter Rules” which seems not clear to me. 😞
  6. ayhamonline

    My thoughts too! I feel so bad I’ve been using it since 2010 & it’s very huge fan page on Twitter... I’m not even sure why I got suspended! They didn’t mention the reason... I contacted her manager but no reply. Such a shame I did nothing but promoting her all these years.... 😞
  7. ayhamonline

    Hello guys, Twitter recently suspended my Madonna fan account for no reason! I tried to send an appeal request but no luck... 😞 anyone can help? thanks in advance! Xx
  8. ayhamonline

  9. I’ve just passed by this interview with Fabian Baron back in 2009, he mentioned something about working with M again on new book... what happened since then? https://madonnalicious.typepad.com/madonnalicious/2009/11/fabien-baron-talks-about-madonna-picture-retrospective.html
  10. Hello! Some members moved to Drowned Madonna Forum! You may come there!

  11. Yesssss!!! Thanks a lot! ♥️
  12. Beautiful video & yes where’s the drags??? 🤔🤔🤔 btw any know how I can download the video in HD from YouTube to my phone? 🤔
  13. ayhamonline

  14. ayhamonline

    its true i feel shes paying for everything.... Crave was from her own money....
  15. ayhamonline

    loving this track alotttttt unfortunately i don't know lol