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  1. Upscaled and ultra photoshopped by a mobile app
  2. Here it is. The blurry/censored part is uncensored at 8'38
  3. Thank you ^^ but you need to know that I'm one of the few straight fans of M ;)
  4. I was so happ to finally see it on her channel, then I saw the part after the middle finger from MIA... Once again, her team messed up. There is footage of the "missing" part that were broadcasted in Japan, they could at least try to fix this part... ^^
  5. Sending support too. Hope he will be fine.
  6. 1 documentary, 5 video clips, 2 performance. That doesn't sound like something barely promoted for me. Yes, we had few live perf, but more clips thant previous albums and the others didn't get a documentary.
  7. SOD... Really And now even some website about her are talking about this rumor...
  8. Hello there, just did a small photoshoot to test my led lights ^^
  9. Some days ago, just after I saw Supernatural last episode, I received an amulet we can see in the series, so I dress myself like one of the character (almost ^^)
  10. Or M herself ! Anyway, let's post a picture New glasses !
  11. I don't hate him (I don't know him so...), but I don't like his works :P
  12. I didn't realize it was a nude thread, I didn't know the forum is rated R...
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