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  1. Now a new question, will she release the Hung Up Remix from last Pride performance too ? And the full performance too ?
  2. Reading this I thought about this Interview Kylie gave to Metro last year On the prospect of the chart-topping pair teaming up, Kylie spilled: ‘I am as curious as the fans are. It would be amazing.’ Explaining what is holding her and the Material Girl back, she added: ‘The hard part is to get the right song and the right moment.’ Conscious of pop fans’ high expectations, she said: ‘Maybe any moment is the right moment… but the right song? One that’s in people’s imagination, mine included, because don’t forget I was a 14-year-old Madonna maniac. I was that kid.’
  3. Is it really him ? I don't "recognize" his voice. It's been a while since we heard him speak^^
  4. Here it is. The blurry/censored part is uncensored at 8'38
  5. I was so happ to finally see it on her channel, then I saw the part after the middle finger from MIA... Once again, her team messed up. There is footage of the "missing" part that were broadcasted in Japan, they could at least try to fix this part... ^^
  6. 1 documentary, 5 video clips, 2 performance. That doesn't sound like something barely promoted for me. Yes, we had few live perf, but more clips thant previous albums and the others didn't get a documentary.
  7. SOD... Really And now even some website about her are talking about this rumor...
  8. I would prefer to see a video of you alex JLR

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Alex JLR

      Alex JLR

      I craft dragon eggs :)

    3. Danton


      I am a fire dragon in Chinese astrology, do you want us to have a baby?

    4. Alex JLR

      Alex JLR

      I'm more interested by Daenerys :)

  9. "New" videos on M's Youtube channel, Hung Up remix video and two perf ;)

    1. MiB


      Hung up remix video is fan made!

    2. Alex JLR

      Alex JLR

      But posted in M's Youtube channel :)

    3. MiB


      i know! someone has not done their homework LOL

  10. This could be great with some plans of clip like BIM, Ghosttown and others from Madame X as well
  11. As usual, some love it, some others hate it, that's how it works. Personnaly I love this remix. I find it kinda darker than the original song which is a great thing to me. The only thing I think could have been better is M voice that I can barely recognize sometimes. Maybe less pitched could be even greater. I hope we'll see her in the music video too
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