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  1. Hello ! Last week I took some pictures for a French brand, it was fun to take these !
  2. Reading this I thought about this Interview Kylie gave to Metro last year On the prospect of the chart-topping pair teaming up, Kylie spilled: ‘I am as curious as the fans are. It would be amazing.’ Explaining what is holding her and the Material Girl back, she added: ‘The hard part is to get the right song and the right moment.’ Conscious of pop fans’ high expectations, she said: ‘Maybe any moment is the right moment… but the right song? One that’s in people’s imagination, mine included, because don’t forget I was a 14-year-old Madonna maniac. I was that kid.’
  3. I don't. I said I watched the trailer and added "it's super green / blue". "IT" refers to the trailer. I also said the picture looks bad AT SOME TIMES. By that I was thinking of some blurry / grainy shots. I don't like this preview, which, logically makes me fear the look of the whole show. I'm not saying the show is bad, I'm just sharing my fears and concerns. I thought this thread was to share our thoughts about the upcoming release... But thanks anyway. Have fun.
  4. I just watched the trailer on a proper screen (I first saw it on my phone). It's super green / blue, the colors looks awful and the picture looks so bad at some times, I hope I'm wrong but I don't like what's coming...
  5. Hello there, I recently got a new camera, I have to practice to improve my skills so I did some self portrait, one in my Aegon Targaryen cosplay, and the other, just wearing my tattoo
  6. Sharing our feelings about the Tour etc, isn't it the purpose of a forum ?
  7. Next M IG post : "Ooops, did I say october ? I meant X-Mas, because, you know, Madame X, X, X-mas"
  8. Is it really him ? I don't "recognize" his voice. It's been a while since we heard him speak^^
  9. I hope the "bitch" won't be surprised when none of us will get the tour because we'll have forgotten it existed hundred years ago... #QuickerThanARayOfLight she said...
  10. Fall 2031... We know you're from the future ^^
  11. Less natural ^^ https://www.instagram.com/p/CLtnvC2jMHv/?hl=fr
  12. Upscaled and ultra photoshopped by a mobile app
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