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  1. I just listened to the Youtube version of her performance, they obvisously reworked LAP audio. It's not very discrete and not very well done sometimes, but at least they try something. I finally manage to appreciate completely the perfomance.
  2. She wasn't nice about Madonna, but let's act like adults and not like children ! What's the point of asking people to drag someone into the dirt ?!
  3. Rewatch will save us all ! I just did, Like a Prayer is out of tone only in the beginning. Those static cameras don't help to build energy but even if Future is far from perfect I kinda enjoyed the perf the second time I watched it. Unfortunately people that aren't fans won't rewatch it
  4. I love her, but sometimes I don't like what she does, that's it. Being a fan does'nt mean that we have to like everything or dislike everything. Being a fan is about being concerned about her, her art, her performance etc. I think she could have done a way better perf this time, because she's a fucking queen. Yes I am disappointed, but it's just because I love her, If I didn't, I wouldn't care AT ALL. Fortunately for her, Madame X hears no evil...
  5. Being a fan don't mean that we all have to agree and like everything, it's a matter of taste. The only negativity I see is people calling others or M with odd names. Or being agist or this kind of stuff.
  6. I just realised that she's cursed... Everytime I watch her in a live streaming something bad happens. Last time I watch one of her perf on streaming, it was during the Brit Awards... So I think for now and forever, I'll never watch a live stream of one of her live perfomance. I'll wait until the next day to prevent her from this curse ^^
  7. At least we've got this beautiful perf (even if the edit is far from perfect) !
  8. So everyone who didn't like this are pure shit ?! Thanks a lot, it's so kind of you ! #Ironic
  9. I watched all of this crap for this ? Like a Prayer could have been so powerfull but she didn't hit many notes and Future was... meh...
  10. Quavo did the worst intro of M ever ! Douchebag !
  11. No, it was just the pre-recorded interview.
  12. I had to switch from French television to Youtube, I can't bear the french hosts. Speaking over M interview and saying shit like "Oh like a Prayer, her first album has 30 years this year"... Come on, her first album ?! Get lost !
  13. They are bulding her stage during the recap ! Behold, she's coming soon #SOON
  15. Does Madonna count ? :P