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  1. Alex JLR

    I wasn't ready at all... I discovered almost one our after it's release that it was available. This clip is perfect !
  2. Alex JLR

    Maybe it will be like the origins of Madame X, explaining the wound and the eye patch
  3. Behold, this clip is FIRE !
  4. Alex JLR

    Her makeup artist posted on his IG story that the album was #1 in 58 countries on iTunes, and updated it saying it was in 60 countries
  5. Alex JLR

    Finally gave it a full listen. This album is MAGIC ! I loved Rebel Heart, but this one is strange, bold and powerful at the same time, sometimes it sounds experimental, sometimes it sounds like a classic. It's like Like A Prayer, American Life and Ray of Light had a Gang Bang that gave birth to Madame X ! And I only used my computer, can't wait to hear it on a proper sound system !
  6. Alex JLR

    It's late here in France, I have to wake up early to go to work, so I have to stop listening to Madame X. Just stopped after Crazy, for now Madame X sounds smooth to me, and I love that !
  7. Alex JLR

    Nope ! I loved and still love Rebel Heart ! I don't know yet if I'll prefer it or Madame X, I need some listening sessions
  8. Alex JLR

    Asking links or sharing links is NOT ALLOWED on the forum, so stop askink all over the place! Use your brain and Google, took me less than 5 minutes to find it, or wait until friday ! Thanks
  9. Alex JLR ;)
  10. Alex JLR

    Next songs possible titles : Leak Control Searching for Oseary Killers who are leaking
  11. Alex JLR

    NEW SNIPPET ! I took a link and had a stream I went back to her promoting years Allowed myself listen a leak To read you all behind a screen OR NOT
  12. Alex JLR

    The Polydor label, selling Madonna's album in France, just created a personnality test about Madame X. The results leads you to several playlists matching Madame X personnas. Here are the playlists :
  13. Alex JLR

    Or created it completely using the snippets already online ^^
  14. Alex JLR

    Fake ! With a mistake like that in the title, it can't be true ! "I'm" is not "i`m"...
  15. Alex JLR

    It takes less than 5 minutes ;)