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  1. I’m not angry. I’m disappointed. I am simply voicing disappointment at something I know we all had hoped for.
  2. It’s been three years since the Warners reconnect and the big announcement of physical mixed media reissues and curated deluxe editions and yet, we still have very little. Anniversaries of her best work come and go and all that seems to happen is a release in digital format. It’s kinda been a massive disappointment if I’m honest. But not surprising.
  3. Those deluxe box sets would be a dream.
  4. Yes. It is a masterpiece of work. It still blows me away that she ever did that record. It crossed many musical boundaries.
  5. I’m realising I’m old school and I prefer my Madonna - Madge classic style. I’ve never been a big RnB fan and don’t much care for Abel. I did like Blinding Lights but that’s about it. She does look good and it’s good to see her have fun…apart from the teeth thing going on. …back to my classics 😀
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