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  1. I remember Shirley singing "erotic, erotic, put your hands all over my body" in the intro of # 1 Crush in her concert. Maybe she was aware of that and used something similar.
  2. I read the title too fast and I understood "songs that make you touch yourself" (english is not my first language) ok... definitely: Time stood still, To have and not to hold, Falling free, The look of love and Live to tell.
  3. Totally necessary in my opinion even if they just use the promo cover just like finally enough artwork. I hope for GHV2 Megamix and Broken singles as well. That would be an amazing gift!
  4. She could go with less dance hits. Love Profusion, The Power of Good-bye, American Pie, Rain, Angel, Borderline and Get Together (bloodshy and avant demo) Or she could revive MTV Unplugged as well.
  5. I made a playlist to push her 90's singles. It's time to get these songs to the 100M mark! You could have it on repeat on the background with low volume 😅 https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5yLJjLwELZbFtcycvY7Nzs?si=rg6rDMROTzqnnwU74uGfAQ&pi=u-nNljrZ6kTOCL
  6. So glad to see her song featured in a movie. It's always welcomed to have this kind of "appearance" in new proyects for new audiences. Stranger Things could add another song from her in their last season as well.
  7. So excited to see her for the very first time. Even though I may end up 3km away from her but still super excited!!
  8. They're always changing but now Express Yourself Bedtime Story God Control
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