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  1. The Same Parts

    And let's not forget Madame X is also a director. Why not direct one of her own videos?
  2. The Same Parts

    Then why are we giving it clicks?
  3. The Same Parts

    It's "ay ay ay", she's not a 16th century sailor.
  4. The Same Parts

    But she can't get rid of the corsets, coz that's all she packed. And it's not like she can crank out a different dress every week when she can barely sew.
  5. The Same Parts

    I honestly don't understand why anyone would pre-order multiple formats without the final tracklist. The boxset, sure, but what if all those bonus tracks (on top of the 15 songs) from all the different versions end up remixes that are gonna be released anyway?
  6. The Same Parts

    After sleeping on it, I like it a lot more. I can see myself listening to this for 6 hours straight without getting annoyed and turning it off.
  7. The Same Parts

    Fucking epic! WEEEEERK! Please post the link to the final mix when it's done!
  8. The Same Parts

    It makes me feel like a netural woman.
  9. The Same Parts

    If Despacito took a quaalude, slipped and hit its head?
  10. The Same Parts

    Björk chose the blandest and least interesting song as her first single off Utopia. Hoping Madonna did the same with Madame X.
  11. The Same Parts
  12. The Same Parts

    She also said she doesn't see herself doing pop videos at 50.
  13. The Same Parts

    Yep. Just reacted to Frank's post above, and the pic was gone.
  14. The Same Parts

    I love the Community Calendar btw. Awesome idea!