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  1. I loved the days when I got to hear an album after the first single, but times change. Adapt or get stuck in the past. Edging is overrated.
  2. The Same Parts

    Or on drugs while we masturbate at the sink in the club toilet while trying to make eye contact with straight guys in the mirror.
  3. Classism then. Please tell us more about how those people aren't civilised like you.
  4. The Same Parts

    I don't know how you people can keep going on about the stupid vocal performance, when the upside down church clearly proves that Lady Gaga murdered Lina Morgana!
  5. The Same Parts

    Neah, she should add more. It's hilarious to see people react to them.
  6. The Same Parts

    Yeah, I didn't mean tacky as in the actual object. I meant the concept of the "illusion" is tricky with today's gender issues and how under attack women's rights are in the US. I for one applaud most young drag queens for giving up on it.
  7. The Same Parts

    They became tacky. I think it's wise for drag to adapt instead of sticking to its guns and dying out.
  8. Enough with the piling on. It's something fans of pop stars do all the time. I don't agree with the sentiment and won't participate, but there's no need to keep posting this negative stuff aimed at @Régine Filange I think they got the idea that most people here are not into it after the first few comments.
  9. The Same Parts

    That's pretty cool. I still don't understand why she didn't support MIA for the Superbowl performance, when she made the statement Americans deserve*. It’s not like she wanted to preserve a future relationship so she could sing there again. It was a purely selfish act imo, done so she wouldn’t end up boycotted by gammons like Janet, and it still didn’t help. She ended up ‘boycotted’ for her age anyway. *I mean their colonialism has fucked the lives of hundreds of millions of people
  10. The Same Parts

    I really like that it was focused more on a creative (theatrical performance) than on her usual dance stuff.
  11. The Same Parts

    I just hope there won't be any technical difficulties tonight.
  12. The Same Parts

    That entertainment influences a lot of young minds.
  13. The Same Parts

    We're defending Maluma now? Maybe you forgot/never knew about how so many consider him misogynistic.
  14. The Same Parts

    The switch back to Bravo was the best move to keep this show alive. It was hard to see how much it had degraded on Lifetime before being snapped back to a version that actually cares about creativity. Season 17 is amazing. Are you watching it?
  15. The Same Parts

    They don't really make a lot of costumes anymore.