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  1. It's all simpler than you make it seem: 1) Surprise! She is getting more clumsy with age - it is perfectly logical and normal and it will happen to all of us, if we grow old. In the case of Madonna it is more difficult to accept because we have seen her being a superwoman her entire life and seeing her decline hurts us. 2) She has put on weight - it's not a scary thing, but being accustomed to her athletic body from the last few decades, the new one draws attention. 3) Styling doesn't do her any favors. She's gained weight (so what?) and now has a fake ass. Not every garment suits her. Because it is one thing to wear a risky model and another to make you look like a circus tent. 4) It is not ageism. But that obsession with rubbing her ass on Maluma in every chorus of the song is ridiculous. Yeah, he's sexy, but it's not transgressive, it's not provocative and it doesn't look sexy. And with this I'm not saying that you can't be sexy at 64, I'm just saying that it's not necessary to put your partner's ass in the package every 30 seconds. But to make short a long story... The real problem here is that Madonna has given us 35 years of flawless performances and we're not going to accept anything less than excellence coming from her. The question is; What do you prefer? To see her lower the bar or stop perfoming altogether?
  2. No, I haven't! However, that doesn't change the fact that they appear to be on their way to a colonoscopy.
  3. I can't stand the completely disinterested faces of these modern rappers she now colaborates with. You're in the presence of music royalty, man! Make it look like you care about the woman next to you!
  4. Damn, the video looks promising! But I don't understand why now he appears smoking everywhere. Anyway, I hope we got plenty of solo images and as least as possible of the fireman!
  5. Because he's only 16 years old and shouldn't be in the spotlight yet. Also, I don't think he should be commenting about her mother's next career steps. Another thing would have been to ask him about the Madama X tour screening - which, obviously, he attended and he must have an opinion - but about the biopic ... I don't think he is the right person. Hope it makes sense!
  6. She's gonna delay the release until september, just like she did with the MDNA tour DVD. Mark my words.
  7. Forget about a different edit for the DVD, man. They will add the missing songs and that's it. It's not a concert broadcasted live so they would make changes for the commercial release; they already spent months editing it.
  8. I can totally see her team using some highlights of the show in the Making of the tour doc, whilst Madonna's voiceover talks about the feud with Rocco and how she used that pain to create TOAC.
  9. The Rebel heart era is gone for good. They are talking about the DVD.
  10. It's great to see Rocco in Africa with her! He is currently living with Guy in London, isn't he?
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